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Published on November 17th, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti


Competitive Trends: Mobile Phone Advertisements

It is hard not to notice the mobile phone advertising campaigns in Pakistan. The mobile phone and services advertisements are  in the media, on billboards and everywhere else imaginable. The competition among the mobile phone companies is driving this trend of intense advertising campaigns. The marketing department of every major mobile phone compamy is trying their best to get attention with catchy phrases, jingles by pop artists and attractive models to represent their products and services.

The quality and aggressiveness of the advertising campaigns indicates the level of effort to gain market share. According to studies Pakistan has been adding 2 million subscribers each month in 2006. The market segments mobile companies are targeting include: 
  a) tech-savvy youth 
  b) business users (due to the their higher average revenue per user)
  c) first-time subscribers in remote and rural areas
  d) previously ignored segments, for instance housewives and women (see this post)

The ads are vibrant and colorful, conveying a sense of excitement and empowerment – but I did not find them very creative.

The pretty picture these ads paint is separated from the real world where poor cellular service has led to PTA to announce that punitive action will be taken if problems persist (more at the end of this previous post).

Take a look at some of the recent advertisements and enjoy. I found it interesting to see the way these ads convey new features or lower rates.


Telenor (TalkShawk Package)


What’s your take on these marketing efforts?

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4 Responses to Competitive Trends: Mobile Phone Advertisements

  1. Aqeel Syed says:

    I’ve seen these advertisements before. If we talk about them Telenor’s advertisement compeign is the morst boring one. No creativity, this compeign is also not intact with averge Pakistani. I have seen a few Paktel advertisements, they really express Pakistani life style.

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  3. At first I thought you are going to talk about advertisement via Mobile.

    Your telecom blog is very informative for a person like me who considers Small devices would bring a revolution in next 20 years. Keep it up!

  4. Babar Bhatti says:

    Found this interesting article about Huawei’s marketing:

    It talks about how TV shows can generate income for telecom directly and indirectly. This is a growing trend in many countries where viewers can send text messages expressing their opinion or for casting a vote.

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