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Published on December 11th, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti


Future of Paktel

Paktel has been in the news recently. Its European parent company Millicom has decided to exit Pakistan and the fate of its assets and employees is unclear. This presents a test case for PTA – can it handle the difficult task of protecting investors, subscribers, employees and ensure continuity of Paktel operations? 

Till now Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has been enjoying the rewards of foreign direct investment and the telecom growth. For the first time now it has to deal with the messy part. A lot hinges on this. Millicom owes PTA money (US$ 29 Million) for the spectrum licence it bought in 2004. The way this dispute is handled will become a guideline for other telecom companies. It so happens that PTA has it hands full because of another nasty dispute with PTCL over bandwidth tariffs.

There have been speculations on this topic in the industry. Many have commented and voiced their opinions and concerns as well – see TM’s post on this. There have been many rumours in the media about Paktel’s future but no official word as of this writing.  

It was reported that China Telecom may buy Paktel from Millicom. A brief note in The News states: Paktel, the first cellular company of Pakistan, is in negotiations with China’s famous ‘China Telecom’ for its sale. Paktel’s higher official told ‘The News’ that Millicom and China Telecom have reached an understanding on Paktel’s sale, further details will be announced in the next few days. China Telecom has shown great interest in Paktel and now only final meeting is being held to conclude the deal.

Separately a PTA spokesman provided the following comments which appeared in The News:

“There is a proper Cellular Mobile Policy, which defines each and every situation,” said the PTA official. “The situation, which is most likely to surface, is that Paktel may shut down its business or sell this out to someone but in both cases the PTA accounts must be cleared.”

He said the high-ups of Paktel and the PTA had a series of meetings to resolve the fee installment issue but the two sides failed to reach any agreement because of too many allowances demanded by the company.

It seems that it will take some more time for all these negotiations to come to some conclusion. China Telecom’s entry to Pakistan will be a very interesting event. It will be a tough decision for China Telecom administration to justify the acquistion and its associated cost. Any negative vibrations from this case will have repercussions for Pakistan’s nascent telecom industry. PTA should make sure that it takes a flexible stance and makes a wise decision. 

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47 Responses to Future of Paktel

  1. rashid says:

    i need e billing of my no. 0300-5341567 for 10 oct. to 12 oct. 2008. i cant get it help me

  2. Furrukh says:


    my name is furrukh ayaz i am a software engineer of UET taxila i live near uet the service of ur telecommunication is not good in that area…
    but the Area is now becomming important as u know the students from all over the pakistan ……………………especially from all oer the world comes to read and there is now tower here so if u want ur ……………….company popular then think…………………i have a peace of plot(5 to 7)marla where u can put a tower……in ur compny best interest…………….

    …………………………..with best regards………………………..

  3. hamza says:

    bhai Jan,

    Mujhey Paktel K Old Pakeg Ki Detail Chahiye,,

    jo k pehly tha 18 hours,12 hours….

    mujhy ye maloom karna hai k woh sim abhi bhi active hain,zong bhi aa gaya hai aur woh old pakegs bhi active hain un ka kya hoga…..

    men paktel ki pakeg wali sim use karna chahta hoon,

    woh old pakeg mery liye theek rahyga ya us sy acha koi aur apkeg bhi hai????0300-748.4.748
    plz replyyyy m very worried abt this mettar….

  4. sajid says:

    i want to check zong ebilling

  5. sajid says:

    i want to check ebilling.

  6. zawar Jafrii says:

    I am a student of BBA(Honor) in M.A.Jinnah University Islamabad Campus. After viewing the current condition of cellular comapanies in Pakistan. Specially, I want to talk about the new comer ZONG which came back with sake of new oppertunity in market. PAKTELL has changed whole infrastructure and came into the market and very sharply grab the market gap but There is an important thing should be kept in mind that what type of response come from the customers when they are getting in touch with ZONG. My suggestion is to the ZONG is that you should review your R&D, Strategies Formulator would review the strategies along the change of market trend.

  7. m. umair naeem says:

    i started with habib bank as a relationship manager and worked for two and a half years then switched into mobilink in corporate sales. after a year i jumped in warid to show up my skills in customer services. now i m looking forward to hand over my values to a rising company like chinatel.
    kindly do let me know if there is any room to prove myself.

    i will be highly obliged

  8. Syed Ali Waqas says:

    my qualification is B.A and i am intersted your company plz call me any job oppertunity thanks

  9. ahsan says:

    i hope they will giv free mobile phone

  10. Junaid Azam Khan Jadoon says:

    paktel service s not good in abbottabad before 20 days i think sub log ma chodwao behan chodoo service kia day rahay hoo logon ko

  11. hameedkhan says:

    the paktel is very fast compnay.i love paktil

  12. umer kayani says:

    I have all connections ,not only paktel ,me purchased that when I heard that chinatel purchased that,good service ,now they are financially strong and compete with others.
    m waiting for gprs and hope gprs rate will be low as compare to others,and also unlimited browsING package in prepaid .
    umer kayani islamabad

  13. yasin mahmood says:

    Aslam o alaikum,
    i am using paktel since 1994 and i hope CMPAK will beat all other competitors.but the need is to enhance its servecies and offer gprs etc i hope company will expend its value added services.Another thing is its network is not in ajk . the only a little presence is in rawala kot and mirpur, it is noty sufficent, i hope company will build its network stronger than other operaters in ajk. Another thing is to make better its call rates, they are higher than compatitors. As a loyal customer i have shown my ideas for company i hope company will try to do this.

  14. jahandur says:

    Respected Mr.Baber bhati.
    Sir i would like to say that i was using paktel talk free packge 18 hours on my number 92 0304 3215400. i was really satisfied with it. but unfortunately my package was disabled from it because i was late to charge the card. After that i actived the 12 hour packge. But i am not satisfied by this packge. So sir its my humble request that please please please help me for activing the 18 hours talk free packge for me. i will be very thankfull to you.
    I like paktel because of its lots of facilities but only due to this problem i am not able to use my paktel number. now i am using 03216633553. sir i will wait for your kindness to me. I hope you will not refuse my application.
    My prays are with you and paktel may both live longer.
    dil tu aik hay. paktel thank

  15. NAEEM from mangamandi says:

    It is very good news that China company take the ownership of paktel. When I heard this news, I decided that I should have to get Paktel number.
    paktel is grown upnow.
    paktel getting better
    thanks Paktal

  16. naveed says:

    the compitition among the 6 cel compenies of pakistan is quite intence, as far s paktell is consern i don’t think that they r going to havbe big shair in pakistan markit, because 4 to 5 months has past since the news that chaina mobile is now in the markit of pakistan but there is no signs of any improvement nither in taref reduction nor in network expention

  17. Sheraz says:

    Dear Mr. Babar,

    I have been reading your articles and find them very much intresting and updated. Could you please tell me that apart from this wesite are you working in any electronic or print media. I would like to contact you if you can kindly e-mail me you contact numbers.

    Hope to recieve a favourable response from your end.



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  19. Imran Baig says:

    paktel is grown upnow.
    paktel getting better
    there is one problam that paktel,s
    oppreators or service centre officers r not
    sofisticatetd person thay dont know how talk with customer.

  20. Umair Shah says:

    what can u say abt paktel, i had a platinum number 5341111, as i was away for studies in dubai, my sim was obviously not under use, and when i came back, to my dismay, my no was finished. d reason given was tht my sim was not in use for two months Absloutely rubbish company!

  21. NASEM.F says:

    and i like the paktel so much ,
    and i hope that if china take this company so it will be so better than millicom .we hope it will be done .

  22. nasir says:

    please give me bio data paktel job as a call center agent

  23. Shuja Khan says:

    And yeh let me mention why iam still using its service only becuase of there talk free package. This is the only reason.
    BTW i have all conections.

  24. Shuja Khan says:

    This company is a shit. Atleast for me. I am one of its very first costumer when it launched gsm service after buying there connection and start using there service, believe me i canot get signals bars more than three on nokia 1100 and even no coverage in my area in karachi manzoor colony i cannot even make or recieve calls when iam at home. There is that much noice sometime i feel i will gonna have brain tumer. And i canot even have a call more than a minute. Believe me two years have been past the problem is same like the day one and even tonight. I have also called several times on there service centre but no use and like always they gave me simple answer to my question “sorry sir we are upgrading our network” my foot. I have used paktel in islamabad and service was very good like all others. But in lahore same as karachi . Now tell me who says it is a good company. And also suggest what should i do.

  25. nooman says:

    bad company

  26. waqas ahmed says:


    It is very good news that China company take the ownership of paktel. When I heard this news, I decided that I should have to get Paktel number.

  27. asif usman says:

    proud of you china tele com. i likes chines and his country. i realy injon freepackig. my number 03049356777.

  28. 03045466721 says:

    i am user of paktel
    and i like service of paktel
    and i think of china telecome

  29. cool says:

    The news are that the china telecom has won the bid for paktel. Now as we know that the china telecom is the largest operator of the world, so its a great great news for paktel and its users…..Future looks great for paktel!

  30. mahmood ahmad says:

    paktel is company But?
    1 not good coverage
    2 no friends and family
    3 day time rate is tomuch rs 3:00 mint
    4 paktel to paktel rate is tomuch Rs 3:00 mint
    best code is 0303 or 0330
    dont like code is 0304

    friends and family rate is paktel to pktel only 0:60 pisa mint 2 paktel to paktel rate is 1:25 mint 3 other network rate is only is 2:00 mint
    best paktel talk free package but rs 700 for 24 hars and rs 500 is 12:00 am to 6:00 pm
    rs 175 for 7 days 24 hars , rs 150/ 7 days 12:00am to 6:00pm
    best comment paktel to paktel 1 one 24 hars free
    only Rs 150 month and 2ds no for only Rs 100 Month , and more no for rs 50/
    paktel easyload Rs 10 to Rs 1500/
    your and paktel friend mahmood ahmad
    my mobile no is +92 304 4076234 and +92 345 5458787 think you

  31. Babar Bhatti says:

    From the comments I see that Paktel has many loyal customers. With the introduction of mobile number portability MTC of Kuwait (or whichever company acquires Paktel) will have an opportunity to improve Paktel’s subscriber numbers – perhaps through new service offerings or reduced prices.

  32. Waqas says:

    Kindly tell me that is there any gsm lines launched in Pakistan in future???????
    I am wating for your reply!!!

  33. Safeer says:

    I am editor of an Urdu magazine that informs and educates consumers in Pakistan. I was thinking of developing a club of Mobile Users – a forum where mobile users can share their experiences and problems and devise strategies to pressurize companies into adopting consumer friendly policies. This blog is a very good place. Am happy to have visited this place.

  34. don says:

    Paktel have been the innovators. still offering services that no other company provides.. for example, Ring back tones quality is impressive, e-billing is provided by no other company, recent talk free package and double balance package is impressive, first company to lower international call rates etc..

  35. Irfan Nazar says:

    Paktel always offered unique packages e.g. the talk free package. It is very much popular in young ones. We hope China Telecom will not only continue it but also will enhance that package to 24 hours.

  36. shoukat says:

    i will very happy if china telecom take paktel from millicom because paktel is 1st cellular company of pakistan but not know how to doing business & can not doing compitition with other cellular compinies

  37. MANAN says:

    i m very happy that china take this company , i m a franchiser and i m not happy from millicom company , hope china will good company for business

  38. Babar Bhatti says:

    Thanks for all the comments, Paktel is a valuable asset and I hope that it gets a good management. From recent news I see that Kuwait’s Mobile Telecommunications is considering bidding for Paktel. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Now at this time other cellular companies are trying to take benefits on nonprofessional manners , as warid ,mobilink ,ufone are calling to paktel customers that company have been wind up their activities from pakistan & you can get same number with some extra balance.

  40. shayan says:

    Other companies have very huge threat from new investor.

  41. shayan says:

    I enjoyed all the services of paktel

  42. shayan says:

    Paktel Is number company

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am the very first user of paktel,I enjoyed it’s all the packages offered by them time to time like paktel 1st time introduce local call,International calls on local rates,missed call allerst,E-billing,Incoming Bounce,Balance Share,Paktel is actually innovators.

  44. shayan says:

    I really enjoy the paktel talk free package & I hope new company(china telecom )will continue it.

  45. Babar Bhatti says:

    I agree. After mobile number portability more people will switch. Thats why it will be initially hard for whichever company buys Paktel.

  46. Alias says:

    I doubt that most people will stick with Paktel now. I was one of its first users back when it launched its GSM service, but now everyone I know, including myself, have dumped Paktel for Warid. The call rate is less than half and the service quality is so much better. At least SMS don’t arrive the next day.

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