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Published on December 22nd, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti


Triple Play In Pakistan

wateen_logo.gifTriple play made its way to Pakistan. Triple Play service is a marketing term for the 3 services: high-speed Internet, Video (TV, Video on Demand) and telephone service – all over a single broadband connection. Wateen, PTCL and Nayatel are a few examples for which services are already or soon to be available in some parts of Lahore and Islamabad. The important question is if these services will be affordable and reliable?

Wateen’s triple play offering was recently unveiled with its services for DHA Lahore, scheduled for commercial launch in January 2007. With all the digging work going on in DHA, it will be a relief for the public. According to the press release by Wateen:

This project will provide DHA residents access to a breadth and depth of 21st century telecommunication and media services through fiber optic and wireless WiMAX networks. Services provided will include innovative telephony calling plans for local, nationwide and international routes, video conferencing/video telephony, true broadband internet (both fixed and wireless), DVD quality TV viewing and Value Added Services such as security & surveillance and interactive gaming.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) was awarded the country’s first IPTV operating licence in November 2006 and will be an major competitor. PTCL has yet to announce a timetable for rollout of the service. “We have some exciting plans that we will be announcing soon,” was all PTCL CEO Mohammad Bamakhrama would tell local press. According to discussion forums, PTCL will use Alcatel IPTV solution which is based on partnership with Microsoft.

Alcatel (NYSE:ALA) also helped NayaTel  of Pakistan to supply the region’s first fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solution to deliver a high bandwidth triple play (voice, video and data) services to over 30,000 subscribers in the capital city of Islamabad. More on this here. Sample rates for Nayatel’s Internet service are:

Now that we have these services available to select few, let’s monitor their success rate in 2007. Price is the main factor here and the one-time cost of the equipment (i.e. ONT) is likely to be the hurdle. If companies can asborb the equipment price in exchange for a contract, it can speed up adoption.

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14 Responses to Triple Play In Pakistan

  1. moiz says:

    hi,guys i am a little confused plz help me number one i am fed up with wateen and i want to shift to other internet providers but i am confused that even my wateen is damn slow im getting speed 10mbps how come and other providers writting on their sites that as fast as 1mbps etc so is the speed showing in my pc wrong?

  2. S.Wajid says:

    “Reduce the layers of management. They put distance between the top of an organization and the customers.”

    @Waqas Akhtar
    Yes i agree with you but there are companies which are trying to go step ahead of “Customer is the King”. That is Customer Delight….

  3. Waqas Akhtar says:

    i was just reading a marketing article. what i realized is that we are still living in the “selling era” mean while the West has entered a new phase, that is of “customer experience” the companies here want to extract every paisa out of the already impoverished people, let alone the consideration on customers,
    i pakistan you cannot say what the rest of the world says, i.e. “CUSTOMER IS THE KING”

  4. S.Wajid says:

    Babar you are welcome – Yes CPE the biggest barrier for an average user to taste fiber services becasue of high price. Whenever new technologies come they associate some drawbacks with them as well, in this case Nayatel has to face a big challenge for CPE availability.

    At the moment Nayatel is out of CPE stock as they are completly sold becasue Alcatel has not yet provided them with per-ordered CPE’s and they are commiting with every customer a month of installation time.
    I don’t exactly know if FTTU network provided by Alcatel to Nayatel supports other CPE’s by third party vendors or not?

  5. Babar Bhatti says:

    Wajid – thanks for the note. The home package now offers 512kbps with 4GB for the same price of Rs 999. The ONT price range is still 15K-30K 15% tax.

  6. S.Wajid says:

    Babar, please check Nayatel FTTU website it is updated with latest prices and packages along with voice packages as well.

  7. Babar Bhatti says:

    Yes, I’m hearing the same thing from many others about wateen and ptcl: their service is horrible. These companies forget the most important part of the business: service and customers!

  8. rafay says:

    wateen dha lahore service nothing but crap. the service frequetly gets interrupted and response is simply unprofessional. if this is the start then God help dha residents

  9. Rohit says:

    PTCL announced 8 working days time for dsl installation. I ordered 11 days before; now when I call for status update; once they ask me to call another number. I called that number and found that I was talking to someone in Muslim commercial bank :-( next time they gave me another number to ask for update; when I called the operator said ‘your request is not reached here; call again the helpline. I called several times again to the 0800 helpline and they updated me that there is no request as such from me!!! I gave them my order ID (provided earlier by ptcl) they always check their system and then they ask me to submit my request again, and of course, it will take 8 day cycle again.

    PTCL DSL – Practically bullshit

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  11. AFNAN says:

    its funny that ptcl going mad too much rates for home user ……

    we peoples r always think backward although the company logo shows for future

  12. Babar Bhatti says:

    In Pakistan, companies think they can charge anything they like and they usually get away with it. Look at PTCL broadband rates … its absolutely nonsense. Samething with the broadband companies – once they start their service they want to rip off everyone. And you know what, there are many people with that kind of money to waste.

  13. Yes you idiots, you are living in the 20th century while the rest of the world will be on Mars by the time you finish installing your cable


    I do agree with you. MULTINET Pakistan offering 256kbps DSL @999/mo. I was very happy untill i was told that max data transfer rate is upto 2GB only. Duh A person like me who ‘s main work is IT related and uses Youtube and download softwares can’t be benefited with such lame offers. I am sure most of the DSL users would be the people who don’t even know the difference between notepad and an email and they get subcribed for sake of exhibition only.

  14. IHateCaps says:

    We’re being sold a steaming pile of poo. Why do they put a cap on the monthly up/down? In this day and age when countries are moving to high definition, we’re still being sold bull crap with a “light speed tag of 256kbps” What makes them think that a dvd quality movie is less than 1 gig? If thats light speed, i wonder what snail speed is? Less than 1kpbs?
    Worst of all, Im going to be moving to Lahore soon and where i am right now (holland), im sitting on an 18000kbps line. Im paying monthly 50Euros for it. In pak, im willing to pay maybe around 3000 but is this the fastest they can go for home networking and then put a cap on the traffc? Utter bull.
    Also there are no one time costs where i am. Competition is so high that they are even delivering the hardware for free and servicing it for free if there is a fault with the modem.

    A quote from Nayatel:
    “This “First Mile” or “Last Mile” is the bottleneck that needs to be address to enable customers to take advantage of services of 20th century and beyond.”

    —- Yes you idiots, you are living in the 20th century while the rest of the world will be on Mars by the time you finish installing your cables.

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