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Published on December 26th, 2006 | by Babar Bhatti


Email on your Mobile Phone

As the price of smart phones falls the popularity of email on mobile phones is on the rise.  This is especially useful for business folks who need access to their email on the road. However the security of email and data over the phones is still flaky … and phones are also more likely to get lost or stolen. Intellectual property issues and lawsuits among technology companies are also common (see last paragraph).

According to press reports Warid Telecom in Pakistan has announced the launch of a Push Mobile Email solution for its consumer and business customers in partnership with Ericsson and Seven. This new solution is called Wand Mobile Email (WME). Wand customers subscribing to this service will have instant access to their company and personal email through their mobile handset.

This service is supported by a wide variety of handsets such as Sony Ericsson, Windows based phones, etc. Through Wand Mobile Email, Warid consumers will have secure access to their company and/or personal email. This service will allow consumers to send, receive, view, edit and delete emails or MS Office and PDF attachments instantly – just the way it is done from a personal computer.

Warid Mobile Email is a secure email solution from Seven. Leading telecom operators such as Vodafone, Hutch India, Maxis in Malaysia, Etisalat in UAE and many other leading operators around the globe are using push mail solution. Recently another e-mail technology company Visto won a final judgment in its patent infringement lawsuit against Seven Networks (see more at InformationWeek), another wireless e-mail provider. A U.S. District Court ordered Seven to pay Visto $7.7 million in damages and stayed an injunction against Seven that’s awaiting appeal.

The popularity of emails over the phone will continue to rise. The handset makers are aware of the security gaps and they are pushing for better technical standards to secure the data. More on this soon.

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