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Published on February 4th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti


Flurry: Get Free Email for your Phone

If you do not have one of those Blackberry, Treo or windows smart phones which cost somewhere between Rs. 12,000-30,000 ($200-$500), but you want quick, free and secure access to your email on your current phone, Flurry mail is for you. All you need is data/Internet access on your phone (for instance GPRS, Telenor Edge etc) and Flurry takes care of the rest. Flurry can handle multiple e-mail accounts, shows attachments and also provides search capabilities.

Another cool feature is that you can import and synchronize your contactsto your phone through Flurry and then call or e-mail from the contact list. RSS feeds are also available. Flurrymail was a 2006 JavaOne Conference Award Recipient. Flurry was recently featured on New York Times as well in an article titled: Plain Cellphones Can Overachieve, With a Little Help.

How does it Work? Here’s the explanation from the Flurry website:
The flurry server logs into your email account and checks for new messages.

New messages are downloaded to the flurry server, compressed and encrypted, to await delivery to your cell phone. If you have opted for notifications, a notification is sent to your phone.

When you open the client, new messages are encoded and sent to your phone.

When you reply to a message, forward a message or compose a new message the above process proceeds in reverse.

Flurry has users from over 200 countries. I had the opportunity to ask Flurry mail CEO Sean Byrnes about Flurry’s growing user base in South Asia. He mentioned that there are 3 main reasons for its popularity:
  1. It’s free
  2. We support the full range of phones, not just the high end. Right now Flurry is in use  on over 500 different devices, which means that almost all modern phones are supported.
  3. It’s flexible, so you can use it to track all of your e-mail accounts, news and RSS and synchronize your contacts.

Kudos to Flurry for providing these useful services!

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