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Published on June 28th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti


Unlocked iPhone in Pakistan and More


How much would an unlocked (or liberated as some call it) iPhone cost in countries like Pakistan? Expect to pay around Rs.75,000 ($1250) or more. Ridiculous, to say the least, in a world where 2.7 billion people live below 2 dollars a day. Now that I’ve finished my rant, lets talk about the availability and technical stuff.

iphone.jpgApple intends to make the phone available in Europe in Q4 2007 and in Asia in 2008. Even though official distribution channels for the world outside US may take a while to be established but the phone (and its clones) will be available soon, depending on how soon hackers unlock it. Most probably consumers in Pakistan will not have to wait long for iPhone. Unlocking is not going to matter a lot as the original network related features of the phone were not state-of-the-art to begin with. Let’s see when the 3G version of iPhone comes out.

Why would iPhone matter? There are two main areas: one is the breakthrough interface and design. Other is the data features which require a network such as WiFi.

In my opinion, iPhone makes sense for:

  • For gadget enthusiasts (and snobs)
  • For designers, developers and other professionals
  • Leaving the details to others I’ll just mention one thing: iPhone runs a full version of safari browser, which has recently been introduced for windows as well. The safari browser is an important piece here as it allows developers to create apps. According to fiercewireless at the WWDC conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs told developers that they didn’t need an SDK to write apps for the iPhone–they can start building Safari-based mobile Web 2.0 apps now. But beware: The Safari browser in iPhone supports neither Adobe Flash nor Java.

    On a related note RSS is being touted as a killer application for iPhone but in reality its not the first phone to offer RSS – Flurry already offers RSS on majority of the phones.

    Reviews and Further Information:

    As mentioned at macworld: For a product that hasn’t even been released yet, there’s sure a lot of information out there about the iPhone. To name a few: Apple’s 40-plus minutes of marketing videos, early reviews and at USA Today, and Newsweek.

    I’ll finish this with a quick review of how competitors are handling this threat from Apple.
    - pointing out iPhone’s shortcomings
    – touting their better network features
    – introducing their own rival phones: – See this WSJ
    - Nokia was forced to do a whole re-organization due to iPhone!

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    1. syed naveed Haider says:

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    2. I love Apple iphone. Nice post thanks for sharing it.

    3. Umair says:

      what will happen if a buy an iphone with a contract for $99,and come imediatly to pakistan and unlock it?

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    27. kashiq says:

      Well i think apple should be the product of the century. It has changed the concept of mobiles and many companies tried copying it but failed and not even one has managed to compete with it. Nokia has come up with N97 which is nice but i do not think that its better than iphone. Well i am just waiting for NOKIA AEON ( ) and i think this phone might be the best phone of the future.
      Other than that apple is going to launch their TABLET PC ( ) next month and i think they are going to make bare money out of it as well.

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    31. dilawer says:

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    36. honey says:

      yup u can buy it from there but u ve to chk one thing b4 buy this phone the baseband or Modem firmware it shud be 2.80 or less then that it will work otherwise u wll use rebel sim ok… and unlocking is not a big deal even u can unlock it

    37. Sunny says:

      Iphones that r mnfctured before sep 2008 r unlockable.cuz they have 5.08(5.8) version bootloader.there r easy ways to check ur me if u need the details@ ( remember !!!! never update ur iphone through itunes.cuz it can update ur bootloader n u wont b able to unlock iphone cuz till now there is no way to unlock bootloader 5.09(5.9).)

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    41. hamdaan says:

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    57. cliford says:

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    58. Munib says:

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    66. Babar Bhatti says:

      Shahid – ask your brother to find first generation iphone (not 3G) because that has been unlocked successfully everywhere in the world. -Babar

    67. shahid says:

      Dear Friends:
      My brother is on a short visit (2-3 days) to DOVER, USA. I want him to buy Apple iphone for me, to be used here in Pakistan. If its locked to some US gsm operator, its available on cheap prices, relatively. BUT i am afraid, if he brings one for me and that is locked, will i be able to get it unlocked here in Pakistan for use with u-fone!! How much will it cost? Can you please advise/help me to get it unlocked. What particular model of iphone should i ask him to bring, so as to get it unlocked easily? please convey me at my contacts below……its v v v urget, please!! I’ll be obliged for your help.


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    74. Salman says:

      Hi Lucy

      please tell me that can ziphone unlock the iphone UK version I mean Iphone with UK connection and can i use it in Pak?

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    91. KAMRAN says:

      dear all suppliers….
      i wan’t brandnew xbox360 prenium 2008 for not more than 180-200 usd
      any company interested may reply


    92. alee sha says:

      ne1 wana bUy iphone 8gb . . . ????
      leme knw on ma email adres its:-

      i’ve bought it 4m dubai in 2200dhs 400dhs fo softwares which u dun find newhr ere in pakistan . . .

      leme knw if ne1’z interstd


    93. Dave says:

      Jerry Smith and Celebrity Mobile Stores is a complete scam who will steal your money. He will pretend extra units have been packed by mistake and want you to pay for them. He will never send you anything. Stay clear of this evil man.

    94. magz says:

      when is 3g iphone expected in Pakistan?? by any means … is there a way we can buy it from any source in Pakistan? and for how much ? please leave infos..cheers

    95. Salman Saleem says:

      Dear Selling Concerns,
      Kindly provide price and sales channel from where i may buy this attractive product offering by you. If you send me an email,it would be more convenient for me to have your products/services.

    96. sir i wwant to get i phone as soon as new model is launched .and plan to sell it to if i get more pieces from karachi so pplspls let me know of good deals i can buy ten of them at good price.

    97. sajjad says:

      i have apple iphone but its have some problem its back button do not work i want reaper please tall me about this broblem

    98. sunny says:

      slam laikum ,,,,,,,if anybody want to buy unlocked i phone just call me ,,,,,my # 1519 679 6622 #1519 6972882 8 gb iphone $650 canadian shipping ,
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      prism wireless
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    99. Asad says:

      How Much Will It Cost…?

    100. Iman Lucas says:


      We have in stock the geunine 100% unlocked apple iphone 16gb,8gb and also the lastest 16gb 3g apple iphones and other mobile phones..

      It comes with it complete company accessories along other manuals and a year warranty..If you need any kindly contact us below..


    101. Salam @ All!

      I m also intrusted in buying Apple iPhone ( 8 Gb ) or any If available at reasionable price.

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      Tauseef Malik

    102. muhammad waqas says:

      hi i am interested in buying any iphone 4 gb

      contact me for instant sales

    103. jj says:

      i bought a 16gb iphone with ver 1.1.3….the prob is with its display……it is showing a reflected display……the wordings are all inverted…..the icons r reflected….sms icon is on right while camera is on left……when i see it infront of a shows fine…..plzz guide me if its a prob or sumkind of a setting is required???

    104. Hamza says:

      Its surprising why people can’t fnd an iPhone here.
      Dudes, just visit a good local electronics store and you will find a brand new unlocked iPhone for around 34,000Rs. This price is in Karachi, a/c to my info.

      Or you can check these links here too…

    105. Sheikh Hammad says:





    106. Khalid says:

      Dear Readers,

      I am intrested in buying an iPhone version 1.1.4, either 8gb or 16gb… unlocked with a reasonable price..

      Those of you who r willing to sell .. please contact me on

      P.S : Do mention your last price required on the email


    107. asad says:

      hi chot kaya hall ah

    108. Jerry Smith says:

      We are selling the unlock Apple 16GB iPhone for just US$450 and also the Apple 8GB iPhone for just US$350 (Including FREE SHIPPING) and guaranteed that it will work with any preferred network.

      This does not VOID your Apple warranty since you are not hacking the Firmware. You do not have to worry about it relocking when Apple comes out with a new Firmware. Its perfect! Will work with any GSM provider in the world.


      we sell the 1.1.4 firmware version


      Nokia E90…….US$400
      Nokia N95.(8GB).US$350
      Nokia N77…….US$250
      Nokia N76 ……US$250

      HTC Shift………….US$1000
      HTC Advantage X7510…US$900
      HTC P3470………….US$400
      HTC Touch Cruise……US$510
      HTC Dual…………..US$350
      HTC S730…………..US$390
      HTC P6500………….US$700
      HTC TyTN II………..US$400
      HTC Touch………….US$900
      HTC S630…………..US$320
      HTC S710…………..US$340
      HTC P3600i…………US$450
      HTC Advantage X7500…US$950
      HTC MTeor………….US$190

      Apple 2 GB iPod Nano…..US$60
      Apple 4 GB iPod Nano…..US$70
      Apple 30 GB iPod Video…US$110
      Apple 60 GB iPod Video…US$150
      Apple 80GB Ipod Video….US$200

      Mr Jerry Smith
      Celebrity Mobile Stores.

    109. Mahvish Malik says:

      i want iphones but in wholesale and unlocked 8 and 16 gb latest 1.1.4 software.if there are any dealers in pakistan of new or used iphones contact me

    110. Onen says:

      hello guys, forget about all the bullsh** on these forums my email address is email me if you want an iphone fully working as you can test all the sims before you buy it i am sending these phones to lahore from london and they are fully unlocked and there is nothing to worry about as these are sim free which means these dont need any unlocking what so ever. my cousine lives in lahore so if you are interested email me so i can arrange everything for you. as far as the price is concerened email me the best price you have had i will try my best to beat it!! peace out.

    111. Muhammad Sibtain Arain says:

      I can Unlock the iPhone on reasonable price as well as i can provide i phones 8 and 16 GB anyone would like to avail the this opportunity is welcom

    112. SALAM 2 ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    113. Adil says:

      What are the latest prices of an iPhone? Is 4GB available or does one have to get 8GB minimum? Interested in buying one in Karachi…

    114. asif aka azji says:

      if any one wants to unlock thre iphone…i can give you a free software u can unlock it ur sel contact me at

    115. naveed says:

      hi I can unlock any Iphone in 10 mins …. interested person can contact me on my on this forum

    116. ILLUSIONS says:

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    117. Pink Sagem says:

      Why not wait for the latest version of Iphone,you wont’ get these problems

    118. moe says:

      If I buy an at&t iphone from usa can i unlock it & use it karachi?

    119. Farhan says:

      Anybody interested in iPhone authentic unlocking software or buying unlocked iPhones in Pakistan buzz me… i’ve 20 units and i am willin to ship in Pakistan 10/person. or i can send a single unit too

    120. jks says:

      Being in the customer services I’ve come across a couple of Iphone users who’ve paid unbelieveable prices for their gadgets.
      Filthy rich more are but still I really won’t pay 30,000 extra for something that costs way below that…….
      Configuring the mms settings on this one is killing and to be honest I’m still working on a way to do that.
      The apps that are bundled with the gadget are amazing
      really love the ants screensaver where you can even squash the ants and actually not feel guilty about it hehe

    121. Bilal says:

      Hi guyzz
      I want a brand new unlocked Iphone in Pakistan!!
      Replay me Back on

    122. Farhaan says:

      An iPhone needs to be ‘jailbroken’ before it is ‘unlocked’. However, like the common belief it is not very hard to do both. iPhone brought in from US or Europe are widely available here in Pakistan which are unlocked meaning that they can be used with any local operator. I am perosnally using one which I have tried with Warid, Ufone, Telenor and Mobilink – and it works perfectly.

      As far as jailbreaking is concerned. I have sucessfully tried it on the iPod touch but not yet on the iPhone. Its a matter of time!


    123. Take-5 Computer Store says:

      We are selling Apple iPhone UNLOCKED – ready to use with any sim worldwide.

      8GB Ver. 1.1.4 Rs. 32500/-
      8GB Ver. 1.1.4 Refurbhised Rs. 29500/-
      16GB Ver. 1.1.4 Rs. 37500/-

      Dealers Enquires Welcome – Ex-Stock Karachi, Pakistan & Dubai-UAE.

      Contact: Take-5 Computer store
      Karachi, Pakistan.

    124. I Do have 3 I Phone in pakistan..-unlocked in use…if any one want than please contact….very attractive price.



    125. Mr Jerry Smith says:

      We are selling the unlocked Apple 16GB iPhone for just US$450 and the Apple 8GB iPhone for just US$350 (Including FREE SHIPPING) and guaranteed that it will work with any preferred network.

      This does not VOID your Apple warranty since you are not hacking the Firmware. You do not have to worry about it relocking when Apple comes out with a new Firmware. Its perfect! Will work with any GSM provider in the world.


      we sell the 1.1.3 firmware version

      Stereo Headset with mic,
      Dock, Dock Connector to USB 2.0 Cable,
      USB Power Adapter.
      Supports quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900Hz),
      Wi-Fi ( 802.11b/g),
      EDGE, and Bluetoth 2.0

      Mr Jerry Smith
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    126. Mujtaba says:

      and my iphone is 8GB

    127. Mujtaba says:

      Hey Guys I am selling an activated and unlocked Iphone (activation means it can only be used “without sim”) and (unlocking means so it can be used with any other service provider than at & t eg. telenor, warid, mobilink etc)
      my mobile number is 0344 8291901 and my email is contact me if anyone is interested in buying a box packed firmware 1.1.3 activated and unlocked brand new iphone.
      “Offer open for a week”

    128. Immad says:

      IF ANY ONE NEED IPHONE IN KARACHI, PAKISTAN. I can arrange free delivery for IPHONE 4GB @ 480 US$

      Phone will be delivered in 48 hours… and its Unlocked.. so don’t worry.. check it then pay ..

      VISA / MASTER Credit cards are Acceptable..

      92 333 2356646

    129. Dawood says:


      iPhone 16GB Rs 41,500 and iPhone 8GB Rs 35,500. anyone interested can phone me at 03332328257, 021-6994210, email is and



    130. GatesDaemon says:


      You can buy iPhone wherever you like. i.e. US or Khi. The only thing you need to do is to google the Unlocking and Jailbreaking iPhone keywords. You will be happy to know that you can easily unlock and jailbreak iPhone yourself.

      So my advice is not to spend so much money on your unawarness.

      I bought 8Gb iPhone from Zamzama Khi which was unlocked and jailbreak-ed. I intentionally upgraded the firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3. So my iPhone was locked again.

      I just spent few hours on google then i managed myself to unlock it.

    131. atiq says:

      I am interested in buying 3 pcs of iphone but how should I know you are a genuine co
      If you are a whole seller then pls let us know your Co name web site address complete address n land line phone nos as we need to pay you
      Can we send someone to pickup the Iphone from your warehouse/showroom?

    132. STEPHEN PAL says:

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    133. Daniel says:

      Hi i wanna buy an Apple iPhonE 16Gb 1.1.3 OTB Unlocked for use with Telenor Sim card i live in norwasy and will be wisiting pakistan for the next 2 weeks starting tomorrow Saturday 16.Feb

      Contact Me At:

    134. Asad Sheikh says:

      Ok this is guranteed If you guys need an apple iphone Firm Ver:1.1.3 Unlocked 8 GB my price would be $550.00 and for the newer 16 GB Ver it would be 650.00 You guys can paypal me and I will send you the product by DHL or I can email to someone in USA if you want. The Phones will only be opened for unlocking purpose meaning the physical hardware would not be touched only Software unlocking and also It will be guranteed to work or your money back. We only downgrade them to Ver 1.1.1 and only thing you have to be careful is not to upgrade them back again once you connect them to your PC / Laptop it will ask you but won’t force you.

      Now let’s see how many people are really iphone lovers.

      A. Sheikh

      In Lahore ( 042-210-2734 )

    135. Faisal R. says:


      You can buy chinese made P168 that is similar to iPhone, they come unlocked and can be used anywhere in the world on GSM network. Interface is similar to iPhone but features as not similar. Check these siets:


      Faisal R.

    136. Mian Suleman Jamil says:

      hey Babar bhai, how r u doing?

      Now, i have a concern regarding this unlocking of iphone. The matter is that i am buying an iphone in coming few days when i will be heading for a trip to England. Now, what i found on internet is that there are two different prices for the locked and unlocked iphone. And there is a dufference of alomost about 100 pounds b/w them.

      If, i buy a locked iphone, lets suppose, and its cheaper. So, can it be unlocked over here?

      If, i buy an unlocked iphone….will it work with the networks over here in pakistan? or do i have to unlock it once again for our netwroks in pak.

      Regards, Suleman

    137. Raja Zahid says:

      Hi My name is Raja Zahid and I am living in spain I have a iphone 8gb and want to sale it if any body want to buy call me or email me.End of february I will fly for Pakistan if anyone need there contact with me

    138. Daniel Malik says:

      Hi guys just tought i would keep u up to date…. The new iPhone and iPod Touch started their sele to day ….. there isn’t any different from the regular ones but the have twice the space wich means that ipod touch is 32GB and iphone is 16GB! :D if some1 got the brand new iphone 16 gb i would like to buy it

    139. hajra says:

      im am looking for an i phone……have N93i bt tired of it so anyone can help me out to know the prices of i phone….so i can sell N93i n buy an i phone

    140. SkyMobile World Inc says:

      We Sell Brand New/Unlocked Apple 8GB Iphone for just US$300 and other electronics.

      Contact us on

    141. mian umar says:

      hi every body. how r u. i want 2 buy a used nokia n81 if any 1 in pak want 2 sale so can contact me at my email id. thanks bye

    142. Daniel Malik says:

      Hi Everybody

      I live in Norway and im am going to come to Pakistan 13/02/08 I wish to buy an Apple iPhone Original. I know how to Jailbreak it (How to open it for Applications like games, emulators, and other useful stuff) but i hvae an norwgian Sim card and therefore i am going to need a StealthSim, HyperCard, TurboSim) or another Simcardfreer for my iPhone which i am going to buy in Pakistan. And if i do gat that Simfreer i am going to need a method to bypass the activation by Apple, iTunes…
      So my problem is that i want to buy a Apple iPhone 8GB with Firmware 1.1.3 And all the new apps by Apple. And unlock, jailbreak and bypass activation there in Pakistan while my stay there… if there is anybody who can help me with my problem, i am open for mail at :
      I will be staying in Islamabad, Rawalpindi so it is nice if i can find someone nearby to help me.

      – Daniel Malik

    143. Fahd says:

      I found a free solution for iphone unlock guide from this website

    144. Amer Habib says:

      MY CONTACT NUMBER IS ( 03339195095 )

    145. Dawood says:


      Any one interesrted in buying unlocked iphones can contact us at 03332348257 or or or The lowest price in Pakistan


    146. Dawood says:


      Any one interesrted in unlocking 1.1.2 phones (OTB) can contact us at 03332348257 or or or


    147. Mr Jerry Smith says:

      We are selling the unlock Apple 8GB IPhone for just US$350 (Including FREE SHIPPING) and guaranteed that it will work with any preferred network.

      please email us:

    148. Naeem Hussain says:


      i have my iPhone im using here in UAE but i want to know can i use this phone in Pakistan?

      pleas let me know if anyone knows about it

    149. alex says:

      i want it i am even ready to pay 1 lac for it but please get it to me contact no 4815729

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    158. asim ali says:

      hello i have a set of sony ericsson w200i of vodaphone
      now it is locked
      i have also its ime no can any body unlocked it

    159. mye says:

      hey there im interested to buy iphone but i really dono where to buy it from in peshawar can anyone help me ???

    160. Arsalan says:

      How much is the iphone currently going for in Pakistan ? I’ll be visiting Karachi in few days and would like to bring a few with me to sell. Any suggestions ?

    161. Muhammad Tahir Zia says:

      Dear Sir,
      I have honour to state that I am working in Myson Engineering System from Dec, 2004 in Karachi for (ERICSSON – WARID TELECOM GSM PROLECT) and from Sep, 2005 in PESHAWAR FOR (NOKIA- TELENOR TELECOM GSM PROJECT – M/W , BTS , RECTIFIRE) (Installation, Operation & Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Configuration, Commissioning and Integration) . I am EX Associata Engineer Pakistan Air Force and Graduation (Punjab University). During the tenure of my service in PAF (18 year) I was deployed in various communication-networking fields of installation, operation & maintenance, and administration/ Managerial responsibilities. I have also one year work Experience in MSC-7 Mobilink gsm Faisalabad for Installation & Shifting (TRAU, BSC, and BTS) and GSM Operation & Maintenance and Connectivity of Networking. Sir I am working with fully confidence for any assignment and I can work for any assignment in Telecom. I have to prove worth of my deployment in these fields.Sir I Looking for a challenging development career within a dynamic, progressive and professional environment that offers the utilization of my knowledge, skills and provides me the learning opportunities to keep pace with the advanced technologies. I will have no stone unturned and satisfy the superior with my work. I will give unbelievable result. I hope you will never disappoint me. Thanks

    162. Jim Harry says:

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    163. Ian Anderson says:


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    164. Sajid khan says:

      any one who want to sell iPhones in bulk or single quantity may contact me. 92-321-4425952.

    165. waqar ahmad says:

      my iphone came from usa i want unlock the set fully

    166. S.M.Ghayyur Nqvi says:

      Ineed an iphone I can’ wait I know it is available in Karachi n Lahore but where give me the outlet name

    167. Kamran says:

      Hi, if any one need an iphone, contact me via email “” I am coming to karachi on 26th of this month from London. I might have 3/4 of these. first come first serve basis. cya

    168. Ahsan says:

      After looking at the article and the comments.. I cannot come to a conclusion that Iphone is unlocked or not in Pakistan. I have a question for people who are claiming Iphone has been unlocked in pakistan and the Iphone can be used under the ufone, warid or any other company. Can you guys provide some kind of prove?

    169. Hey guys !
      i am in the heart of silicon valley “sunnyvale” where iphone has been designed created and produced and has been released for the first time. i am one of the developers working for apple here in bayarea california.
      iphone is the most reliable phone ever built for anyone who is in grapics to celeb, it goes with all.

      Here is the thing. it is working with tmobile prettygood which is the different company but GSM.

      the new unlocked phone might cost $500 for 4gb and $600 for gb with many programs that has been paid off.

      I am looking for somone who can sell my phones with little margen in india and pakistan.

      u can call me 1-510-943-2618 or my toll free # 1-800-709-8719

      or u can write me a line @

      time to make some money!

    170. amjad nawaz says:

      well all u iphone fans out here….am sending u a link click it they have the latest news about everything hackers are doing with iphone…saw a guy who purchased a 60$ kit to unlock the phone using warid on it…it is firmware 1.1 compliant and u dun need to open the ur phone for that….plus everything is fine the wifi bluetooth youtube everythin’….follow the link …

    171. Abdul Sattar says:

      Latest 1.1.1 firmware upgrading/unlocking solution available. Can repair your bricked iphone, latest iphone firmware version 1.1.1 with moblie iTune store and Tv out function is also available for sale best prices. Contact Dawood 0333 2348257.

    172. RaXa says:

      Umzzz .. u gUyz bEtta wait.. cUz f0ne nat g0nna w0rk pr0perLy tiLL da c0mpany unLocks it f0 Pakistan itsElf..


    173. says:

      u can unlock any fone got from uk or anywhere from hall road situated at mall road, lahore. her many new unlocking box have available now. ur cost will be only 500 rupees

    174. OzMaNz says:

      Hey majid, can you unlock my iphone for me?

      I am in khi let me know how you want to do this.

    175. majid says:

      well these iphones in karachi are unlocked through hardware the way geohot a 17 yrs old new jersey boy did for that they open the entire phone wat we call JOGARO KAAM. and hardware unlocked iphone`s following things wont work

      and its also include few other bugs.

      if you ppl want a batter solution contact me.

    176. Salman Munir says:

      Visit about all queries and concerns regarding Iphone!

    177. iphone is available in open market,unlock,8gb for 40 please go and buyit urselves in karachi at MINHAS electronics in KADDA MARKET in between khayaban-e- mujahid and the owner fahim,take my name maybe u will get good prices!bye

    178. hello amjad, you did not listen that now those unlock phones are shutting down, why you are selling people wrong product.

    179. amjad hussain says:

      hello guys. i have got iphones which is completly unlocked. I wana sell three phones in lahore pakistan. f anybody intrested please write me mail. its brand new with orgional packing. Most of accories with it. its 8GB and new one.
      Here is my email address. (

    180. amjad hussain says:

      hello guys. i have got iphones which is completly unlocked. I wana sell three phones in lahore pakistan. f anybody intrested please write me mail. its brand new with orgional packing. Most of accories with it. its 8GB and new one.

    181. Bad news for people dreaming to unlock iphone, because apple has updated its software which disable such phones, wanna read more about this, check this out

    182. Murtaza says:

      we have a lot of 10 Iphones and would like to ship it to Pakistan.
      Each unlocked Iphone (4GB) is 45,000 Rs only with warranty in USA.
      if anyone is interested mail us at

    183. shahzad rana says:

      if anyone in pakistan want to get original 100% apple brand new iphone.He/she may can contact with me..prise is only 55000 pakistani rupees.iphone will be available only in faisalabad,karachi and lahore for pick up.
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    184. If any of you guys are interested…i got iPhones ready for sale…
      THEY WORK…coz i worked my ass off to make them…
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    185. Abdul Sattar says:

      Unlocking service is available for $100 not $ 40. send me an email and cell # if any one interested.

      Service Charges Rs 6,000
      email to :

    186. ashvagan says:

      A friend of mine and his friend have already unlocked iPhone in Pakistan, working on Waridtel. Good luck with yours

    187. amjad says:

      how much is the charges if i have iphone with me for unlocking.
      can some one tell me how much i have to pay in ruppees.

    188. Dear All,

      I am here to announce that we “Panorama Computers” have successfully unlocked the iPhone and tested it on all Mobilink, Warid, Telenor and Ufone sims.

      If any one is intrested in unlocking the iPhone, he can contact us any time.

      See our company contact details at
      or directly email us at


      Majid Mahmood,
      Panorama Computers.

    189. Shoaib says:

      iphone is already unlocked by couple of people in Pakistan. Specifically, teams in 2 operators were done it really fast.

    190. raja faisal says:

      Hello i have got the latest apple i phone 4gb or 8gb if you are intrested let me now you can email me or or . please leave your contact number as well thank you

    191. Babar Bhatti says:

      Attique – the iPhone is locked so first it has to be unlocked for use in Pakistan or anywhere. People are still trying to find ways to unlock the iPhone.

    192. M.Attique says:

      hello if i get the i phone from USA can i use in pakistan with gsm network any body give me a advise about it
      also i want to know about its nloacked for country code in pakisan kindly give me advise as soon as poosible from any where.
      Thanks & Regards

      Muhammad Attiqe
      lahore. pakistan

    193. Kashif Hussain Sheikh says:

      From where I can buy this phone in Karachi, Pakistan …?
      Any body gives me the contact no. here …?

    194. nadeem says:

      Can’t you guys have patience ….let the phone come in market in month or so and then buy ….what the heck in buying it so early…get out of this mobile craze…can;t you?

    195. ahsan says:

      hi guy,
      suppose i get an iphone from US. Would it work wid the etisalat network in UAE?
      coz i seriously intend to get one…

    196. Umer says:

      Anyone knows anything about unlocking the phone yet?

    197. hash says:

      i spoke to a phone dealer who claims to have unlocked the phone to work with mobilink ufone or warid. He says its done. He is giving me a piece on tuesday. So he says. We will see

    198. Babar Bhatti says:

      Heard online: Hackers have figured out ways to override some of the restrictions imposed by Apple and AT&T on the new iPhone.

      Hackers are working on much more substantial overrides, according to comments on blogs and consumer Web sites. For example, they are trying to figure out ways to get the iPhone to work on the networks of other carriers. This is especially desirable overseas, where the iPhone isn’t on the market. “It will be possible in two weeks,” according to one expert.

    199. Babar Bhatti says:

      Unlocking is a question of when, not if. When I hear something about unlocking I’ll post it here.

      Assuming that you find a way around the 2-yr contract with AT&T, its a good buy for any place where GSM is used.

      You have to try it to verify the network compatibility. If I get some feedback, I’ll post it on the site.

    200. Elishba says:


      Want to buy one as soon as it is available, do you know any sources or if i ask my cousin to buy from US & bring it here in Karachi, how will the network thing work with Warid. Any reliable solutions?

      Extreme thanks if you could answer my questions.

    201. Khurram says:

      If I get an iPhone from US. Can it be unlocked here in Pakistan? Who can do it and how much this service will charge.
      iPhone is available in US only for $500 (4GB) and $600 (8GB)

    202. Pingback: Announcing « State of Telecom Industry in Pakistan

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