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Published on July 16th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti


Making Sense Of VOIP Choices

With so many new voip companies voip2pk.JPGit has become increasingly hard to keep track of their offerings and service quality. Since may voip providers introduce new twists, it makes it even more difficult to compare the services. To solve this problem, a number of sites have come up with comparison information. For example see this site which lists many services providers and their rates country by country. Click on the image above to see rates for Pakistan, subject to change of course. Last time I checked, this site advertised 3 cents per minute for calls to Pakistan.

Here’s an extract from a useful Information Week article which provides good summary and links to other comparison sites, like the one above:

  • Numbers that ring where you are. Telephones have always tied together service and location: You got local rates and could receive calls when you were at home, but not when you were traveling. Services like GrandCentral and TalkPlus break that link, relaying calls made to local numbers across the country or around the world to whatever phone you want.
  • Free calls . . . to the right people. Several new services are trying to win customers with free calling — even for international calls. Jajah, for example, lets you call other Jajah users free in seven countries (and hopes you’ll find the service, which lets you make VoIP calls on your regular phone without special hardware, so convenient you’ll spend enough on other calls to make them money). Talkster will connect your Web-enabled mobile phone to users of some voice-enabled IM services for free, and once you’re in the door, hopes you’ll use their service for its low rates and convenience — it lets you get around some mobile plans’ limitations on international calls and call almost anywhere in the world at low prices per minute.
  • Anonymous calling for social networkers. Jangl and Jaxtr are adding value to VoIP by connecting callers without revealing personal information like phone numbers. Jangl uses e-mail addresses to connect voice callers, and Jaxtr focuses on widgets you can put on your Web page that let people reach you without giving up your privacy.

One thing is clear – voip has come a long way and even relatively new services such as Skype face tough competition. This means that the international calling rates will keep falling. Good for us!

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