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Published on September 9th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti


Pakistan Mobile Market – July 2007 Numbers


PTA has released the numbers for mobile subscribers for July 2007. The market competition is taking shape now with Ufone and Telenor moving up. CMPak is still struggling.


Graphics courtsey of TGP.

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0 Responses to Pakistan Mobile Market – July 2007 Numbers

  1. Zubair Malik says:

    Well intriguied and eventually surprised. I think thousands of mobilink subscribes (like me) just left the sims and purchased new sim of other operator. And probably thats the reason why the subscriber count of mobilink seems somewhat unrealistic.

  2. khalid manzoor says:

    Yes i do agree its impossible that mobilink is still having 41% of market shares, most of mobilink users have either have ported out from mobilink or have quit using their mobilink numbers

  3. Omer Ahmed says:

    these figures r surprising for me as well b/c beside the lead of telnor from warid, its impossible for me to believe that mobilink is having 41% of share as most of the mobilink users have quiting using mobilink n have shifted to other oprator i.e ufone n warid ……..

  4. Adil Muhammad says:

    These figures are suprizing for me because i thought warid has more market share than telenor but they have a lead of 1%.

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