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Published on November 21st, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti


Symbian And Smartphone OS Market

This is related to the series about linux and mobile devices / phones. I believe 2008 will be the year when linux for mobile devices will hit big, partly thanks to android. But Linux has some formidable challenges. This post takes a look at one of them – Symbian (48% owned by Nokia), which is one of the top OS makers for smart phones.

As many know, phones based on Nokia S60 uses Symbian‘s proprietary operating system. Nokia N82 is the latest phone (more of a gadget actually because of its slick camera) which is based on S60 and Symbian. Symbian is also behind Motorola (MOT) Z8 slider. The user interface of Z8 was positively reviewed by bloggers. Some of the improvements are attributed to a recent upgrade of the OS by the company.


The graphic above shows the market share of smart phone operating system (source: GigaOm) by various region. Overall Symbian is in high gears and ready to take on its competitors.

Recently Symbian posted good results with 56% year-on-year rise in third-quarter product shipments to device manufacturers and said that its revenue had increased by 30% in the same period.

Symbian’s technology has now shipped in 165 million devices. However, average royalties per unit dropped in the period to $4.8 per unit from $5.2 per unit a year ago.

Symbian reported that shipments of its operating system were up to 20.4 million units, from 13 million units a year earlier, in the three months ended Sept. 30, while revenue increased to GBP52.4 million from GBP40.3 million.

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  1. vinod says:

    actually i want to know that what is the current share of symbian between telecom company what share of nokia, what share of samsung, and any other company share.

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