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Published on December 5th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti


Motorola To Deploy Mobilink WiMAX In Pakistan

As announced in various press releases, Motorola continues its bet on WiMAX. Part of the financing of this initiative is by Morotorla. See previous coverage of WiMAX in Pakistan and here. This is an interesting and expected development which puts pressure on Wateen to execute on the hype it created.

Motorola Inc. said Wednesday it has reached an agreement with telecommunications company Mobilink GSM to create a wireless network in Pakistan.

Motorola will design and set up the system using WiMax, a technology that allows transmission of wireless data over long distances.

The network will cover major metropolitan areas in Pakistan including Lahore and Islamabad and will allow Mobilink to extend its cellular service to include high-speed broadband.

This is the second such system Motorola will create in Pakistan and its fourth in the Middle East and Africa region.

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11 Responses to Motorola To Deploy Mobilink WiMAX In Pakistan

  1. Woah! І’m reallу diɡɡіng tɦᥱ tеmрlаte/thеmе οf tɦis blօɡ.
    Іt’ѕ ѕіmрⅼе, үеt effectіνᥱ.
    Α ⅼⲟt оf tіmᥱѕ it’ѕ veгу
    һaгⅾ tօ ցеt tһat
    “perfect balance” Ƅеtԝеen supᥱгb uѕɑƅіⅼіtү ɑnd νisuаl aρρеɑгɑncе.
    Ⅰ mᥙst ѕay үoս’vᥱ ԁone ɑ fɑntɑѕtіc ϳⲟƅ ѡіtɦ tɦіѕ.
    AԀdіtіօnaⅼly, tɦе bⅼοg lоаԀѕ ᥱⲭtгemеⅼy fɑѕt fοr mе
    оn Oρегɑ. Eхcᥱⅼlᥱnt ᗷlօɡ!

  2. junaid says:

    WATEEN telecom is super and well……………..

  3. Anwar says:

    I got Mobilink infinity connection on 23rd of last month. It’s fine but since the installation i am suffering in a problem that i failed to download files from rapidshare, it always asked me “Your IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is already in use” . It seems to be a network issue. I have reported this issue on 28 Sep 2008 but no feedback yet, however they consider that a lot of user is experiencing problem on those file sharing sites having restriction of multiple session of same IP. It seems to be a problem so kindly check it in your PC as well and let me know. Thanks

  4. Fareed says:

    today i have got connected with wateen wimax. good service.
    Mobilink (an Orascom Telecom Company) to deploy a WiMAX 802.16e-2005
    access network for the operator in Pakistan. Under the terms of the
    agreement, Motorola will design, plan, deploy and optimize a WiMAX
    network for Mobilink, deliver integration and support services as well
    as indoor and outdoor customer premises equipment (CPE) units to enable
    faster adoption of the operator’s WiMAX offering.


  5. M.Sohail says:

    Wateen WiMax has very poor signal profile even in metropolitan areas like Islamabad. They yet to prove themselves in this respect.

  6. Rashad Usama says:

    can anyone plese let me know how many licenses are being issued for WIMAX? any one using WImax fixed or mobile?if they are, how is it exactly different from micronet’s wireless DSL connection?

  7. Imran says:

    Most of the telecom companies in Pakistan have started to move thier network to Wimax because it is a cheap and robust technology. PTA has given licence to Wateen Telecom to operate it’s services in Pakistan and is operational now other are testing thier system in order to have licence from PTA.
    Pakistan is one of the fastestet growing country in the reagion and hence has received Telecom Award last year for fastest growth in Telecom sector. Regardless of the vendor they are still in testing phase (I belive) because they are still unable to maintain QoS(Quality of Service) of thier services PTA has not yet stated to enforce Wimax in Pakistan probably they will do it from next year.

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  9. adil says:

    But biggest question is when they will launch this product. Motrolla also has a partnership with wateen and i am waiting for their launch from last one year but i think there is no sign of any early launch of their product too. I don’t know weather they just wanted to make an hype before launching their product and when they launch we will think OH! that is what they were talking about, i am happy with my connection!

  10. Imran Siddiqui says:

    WiMAX Forum has certified Fixed system 802.16d uptil now and hopefully 2Q 2008 we will have 802.16e certified systems available in the market which supports mobility. Comsumers will get the price benefit when they will start
    offering on Large scale.

    Fixed system is expensive for consumers but attractive to corporate customers due to licensed band services.

    Intel will also come up with low cost WiMax enabled Laptops to cater end consumer market which will eventually support exponential growth of 16e systems.

  11. Sohaib Athar says:

    After being a Mobilink cell user for about 7 years, and a GPRS user since they launched, this doesn’t sound too exciting.

    I was probably one of the early applicants on their website, and have had 4 representatives call me in the last couple of months (they probably don’t have a CRM system hooked up with their website, as none of the marketers seemed to know I had been contacted before them – which leads to a waste of time (mine) and resources (their).
    The reps, btw, sounded desperate to sell, and I got the impression (from their tone) that they didn’t really believe in their product.
    Each time they mentioned their (outrageously expensive for a fixed installation) price of 3500Rs. for 128k/6500Rs. for 256k, I made it a point to ask them “So I can use a WiMAX enabled laptop to connect from anywhere, right?”, their responses ranged from “Not yet, but we are working on it and mobility should be available in the next few months or a couple of years” to “No, but you can take the wireless phone like device from your home to your office”
    So why would anyone want a fixed installation 128k connection for 3500 instead of an unlimited 1mbps DSL for a little bit more? Any ideas?
    The only reason I was holding out for WiMAX instead of a DSL upgrade was mobility… there go my dreams of working from the park :-/

    (This should have been a post on my blog rather than a comment on yours. Sorry.)

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