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Published on December 15th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti


Wateen Announces WiMAX Tariffs

Wateen’s WiMAX has been one of the most active topic of discussion in Pakistan telecom circles. After many months of planning and early marketing campaigns, there is news from Wateen on the official launch of its WiMAX based triple play services. For those who have been waiting for the rates,  the tariffs are now available on the Wateen site.

The CPE cost presents a significant one-time investment for home users. Monthly rates are reasonable – as long as you don’t mind the caps. Overall I think the WiMAX broadband will only appeal to certain demographics, which are not price sensitive. I did not see any tariff info for business users.

For home users the following packages have been announced:



The official press release:

Wateen Telecom, an Abu Dhabi Group venture in Pakistan, launches its WiMAX and HFC services for the consumer markets today. The launch will allow Wateen customers to have voice, telephony and broadband internet.

Wateen Telecom has been working on establishing a wireless network infrastructure since early 2006, and installed the network in early 2007. Their WiMAX service is a major breakthrough in the Pakistani broadband market as it will be a fast and cost-effective alternative to existing broadband services.

The development of the network has been carried out by Motorola, and is the largest WiMAX network ever installed. The project is a milestone for both the companies, as well as the nation, as it is expected to herald a broadband revolution in Pakistan, catering to more than one million users.

Tariq Malik, CEO, Wateen Telecom, “We are providing Pakistani consumers with complete communication solutions. Services such as high speed broadband internet and voice telephony will have a direct impact on the number of broadband users online. We are contributing to the growing market.”

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119 Responses to Wateen Announces WiMAX Tariffs

  1. Ali Malik says:

    Wateen is the most expensive internet in Pakistan, keeping in view that they are still not covering all of the Pakistan cities. In my view Wi-Tribe and Qubee are lot better choice then Wateen if anyone want to choose wireless broadband. Another joke wateen is doing that they are displaying 1MB of broadband at a price of 1399 which is totally wrong actually We will get wateen 1MB unlimited at rate of Rs.1600/- per month which is too expensive then the PTCL and other wireless internet operators in Pakistan. And on the other hand PTCL is offering PTCL-EVO at 1999/- per month and at the speed of 3.1MB and covering almost all of the cities of Pakistan. So wateen is doing a big joke with the Pakistanis because its look like that wateen is not capable of maintaining huge networks. I started using wateen in 2009 when wateen was giving the connection of 1MB with 10GB limit at 1600/- per month. In 2010 they announced 1MB unlimited at 1600/- per month. After then no change occurs in their packages except 2MB at a cost of 3000/- per month wow what a record wateen has. 2MB At rate 3000/- what is wateen doing. Now i am using PTCL 4mb at a cost of 2000/- per month. We all should boycott wateen.

  2. Adeel says:

    yar wateen bht expansive hai aur speed b fazol hai ptcl k dsl ka koi mqabla nae

  3. adnan says:

    I am a Sales Executive from WATEEN
    If anyone wants a WATEEN connection please do call me on this number..
    0303 4285967
    free delivery any where in lahore

  4. farhan says:

    Wateen is not DSL its broadband wimax wireless connection email me i will tell u complete info

    setelecom @

  5. madiha says:

    i want to buy new WATEEN DSL plz tell abut dsl priz and prepaid package

  6. CHAND ARMAN says:

    hi, am a new user of wateen, actually i have in a problem and problem is that unfortunately my balance became zero even in minus just in 5 days. I am really worried about this. Can any one help me in this’s just a lootmar programme from all of the networks. Can authorised person satisfly me in this respect.
    this is my email adress

  7. Saif-ur-Rehman says:

    i have just joined the wateen but unfortunately my balance became zero even in minus just in 10 days. I am really worried about this. Can any one help me in this’s just a lootmar programme from all of the networks. Can authorised person satisfly me in this respect.


    your staff is non-cooprative in gujranwala settlite town cemtre and he is nont intrested to sale your connection please enquiary all staff member who not co-operative to the customer thanks rana akmla 0345-6406820

  9. Abdulrahman says:

    I want to Activite Student Package 1MB If Someone Help Me Please Send Me the Direction OK this E-Mail =

  10. Asad Ullah Khan says:

    wateen is toooo much expensive then ptcl and link dot net broadband.

  11. ahsan says:

    hi wateen is very good conection it gives low rates and high speed.

  12. adnan says:

    RS: 1500/- 5 GB/ MONTH 600 700 800
    RS: 1000/- 10 GB/MONTH 1000 1100 1200
    RS: 1000/- UNLIMITED 1300 1400 1500

    Plz contact 0303-4285967 free delivery in lahore

  13. adnan says:

    WATEEN Wimax Offering
    Wi-Fi Device & USB Internet
    Offerig 60% Off Buy Any Connection
    5GB downloading 1MBPS speed
    256Kbps Rs. 600 usb rate & wi-fi= 700
    512 Kbps Rs. 700 usb rate & wi-fi =800
    1 Mbps Rs. 800 usb rate & wi-fi = 900 inc tx.
    10gb & un-limited also avail
    Other Information
    Call Now adnan babar
    onliny lahore
    free delivery any where in lahore

  14. adnan says:

    WATEEN Wimax Offering
    Wi-Fi Device & USB Internet
    Offerig 60% Off Buy Any Connection

    5GB Unlimited
    256Kbps Rs. 599 Rs, 1300
    512 Kbps Rs. 699 Rs, 1400
    1 Mbps Rs. 799 Rs, 1500

    Telephoney Line Rante Rs, 120
    Device Cost Just Rs. 1500,
    15 Days Money Back Gurantee.
    Other Information
    Call Now adnan babar
    onliny lahore
    free home delivery

  15. usman says:

    Hello wateen:i am your new user .i have problem in my package. firstly you mention the using scale and other tariifs also but now whats wrong tell me?thats very difficult for me to check my status on wateen selfcare at that moment .please gave me the suggetion or what ever .every time i am log on on my web just i can only watch the shezad roy picture .so please gave the right detail web on my e mail id.

  16. Mustafa says:

    ASalam alaikom All users of Its a very Nice Company I Love this ..Pa…k. its good from another Network in east and waST Wateen is the Bast ….WATEEN.I,,love U

  17. Imtiaz Khan says:

    Buy LinkdotNet its rather better than Wateen. Ptcl Line is must. 1MB for 885 only. Free Installation nd Free Router. Contact me 0302-8559789

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  19. ibrahim says:

    hi uzdgan
    low cast rang of internet is best conection
    “wi tribe”

  20. sheraz says:

    salam!!!! if u need wateen conction plz contc this num


  21. uzdgan says:


    i want low cost internet broad band
    with 1 MB can u tell me plz ??

  22. saqi geeeeeee says:

    main yehi kehna chaha ta hun k wateen walo ka ache pakigs nhe ha is sa acha to zong ha jo 2gb sirf 200 rupa ma deta ha monthle..kuch information lane ho to ye number milaye 03345352002

  23. SHAN says:

    I want to play counter strike source online can any body tell me that is this connection is fair for it 256kbs tell me that hw much its uploading and downloading speed and its volume

  24. emran says:

    Any discount in 1mb 5 gb 699 connection. I phoned to wateen and they tell me the toal cost around 2499. Any discount from franchise?

  25. QASIM says:


  26. salman says:

    Wateen JAb tac unlimited nahi karo gi jab tac nahi chale ga i m salman from karachi net provider .

  27. Abdul Razzaq says:

    I am using wateen connection. I have 256 kbps link with 5Gb volume. I am getting highly speed and I am really Impress from wateen. But I have need to unlimited downloading , so plz give us unlimited package.

  28. SHAHID says:


  29. Abdul Razzaq Khawaja says:

    Very good for net users, but net charges is undue burdun upon only telephone users.

  30. Alia says:

    Wateen has introduced new packages and offers to treat their customers. They have recently announced their new wireless freedom package which includes the broadband internet for as low as 499 per month and the internet speed can be up to 1 Mbps with Rs 799. Along with this it is also offering Wateen to Wateen call free for life.. Absolutely free! You can visit for more details and to choose your kind of tariff and packages.

  31. raheel says:

    can any buddy temme?

    i play online games succesfully i thiz connection?

  32. billa says:

    Better not use this software.

    It may contain malware and may steal your user id / passwords or other useful information.

    See his nick is anti wateen

  33. ossama says:

    hi my name is muhammad ossama n im a new customer
    i want ur wateen wifi service so plz calll me or email m e 03212116676

  34. ismail says:

    Hi all

    I live outside Pakistan and unfortunately no voip service is available here in Pakistan for us.

    Lots of Pakistanis living abroad are using DIDs to talk to their families.

    Only braintel is providing half cooked voip and brain has also stopped selling new connections.

    I have seen some posts from Wateen and Mobilink s’ guys, i am wondering if voip kind of services could be offered to us.

    There is a huge potential for that and i think that niche has been untapped.

    Any idea of any voip related service that will be offered in near future ?

  35. Taha Jaffar says:

    Is this some different Blog? Both the links “” narrate quite different views!!!’s-strategic-mistake-in-product-launch/

  36. maan says:

    Dear All,
    Thanks for your interest in wateen srvices. if you want to inquire about packages please feel free to contact with cell no is mentioned below


  37. maan says:

    dear Hasnain

    INSHALLAh Wateen start service in port qasim after december

    thx 4 wating wateen


    EMAIL .

  38. maan says:


    hi how r u im salman from wateen telecom

    u share u problem 4 me plz e mail me

  39. kifayatullah says:

    The current package of 512 MB with limit of 4GB down load is highly expensive. Majority of potential customers will not go for wateen.

  40. Ali says:

    salam wateen is not good as they show , they r unfair they took money from my friend for every thing but the signals r not clear there and they didnt returned her money nor fixed the issue and took all the advance money frm her .

  41. usman says:

    would anyone help me about how many connections can be made from 1 Mbps wateen connection if i plugged 15 pcs to 1Mbps? will its efficency or throughput decreases or not?Whar will be its effect on the download speed and browsing?

  42. javeid says:

    helo dear sir,
    please reply me , wateen enternet service contect no : city sialkot

  43. Tayyab says:

    Wateen Package of 1 Mb/s speed costs Rs. 799 with Download Limit of 1 GB. means you only can download & upload 1 GB of DATA which is nothing. Its too expensive. Wateen customer service is very poor they even don’t know the meaning of WI MAX.

    If you compare PTCL or Mobilink DSL they cost Rs. 1200 Rs 512 Kb/s Link with unlimited download & uploads (means you can download maximum 50 GB data in One whole Month without any interruption).
    So F***k off WATEEN and go for DSL.

  44. ALI AHMAD says:

    salam all
    hey wht do u mean by the sgared line???\
    wont u be providing the speed of 512kbps????
    n on the otherhanbd how much do i have to pay initially n how much do i have to pay for the telephone???????

  45. Dear all,
    do not consider your bandwidth as 1Mbps or 512 Kbps it is a shared line we cant gurantee speed in shared line.

  46. Dear All,
    Thanks for your interest in wateen srvices. if you want to inquire about packages please feel free to contact with cell no is mentioned below.


  47. Hunain says:

    Are u guys serious? 1MB/S will give a speef of 1MB/Sec? and upload download near to each other? But distortion? ARE U DUMB OR WHAT?

    Its not 1MB, its 1Mb! Bits! not bytes, 1 Million bits per second, comes to 128kB/s downloading speed and about 60 kB/s upload speed, dont expect 1mB to download in one second.

  48. Saleem says:

    1 MB/Second will be speed. for Rs 800/- per month you will be able to download 4Gb at a speed of 1MB/sec. Download and upload speed is almost near to each other. but actually you won’t get this speed. Distortion reduces speed but anyway you ll get very good and reliable speed as compared to fixed line DSL speeds.

    Question arises, for what purpose you need such high speed?

  49. Arshman says:

    just yesterday i read on one of their franchise that the charges for 1Mb are 800 now can someone tell me what is this 1m1b supposed to be download speed upload speed or what?

  50. sabir says:

    i want to know about 1Mbps package
    i saw a signboard of rs 799 per month
    can any body help me
    kindly provide complete detail

  51. Ali Bhatti says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I hope you are fine.My name is Ali Bhatti i belong to Engineering Field but intressted on planing of bussines i am sure that my addition in your staff will show you healthy effect s so if you find any intressst of that statement you can contect me.

    Ali Shoukat Bhatti
    Cell # 03214496974

  52. Usman Khawaja says:

    I had a very poor experience of Link Dot Net’s DSL connection. Currently they are suffering by “internet disconnection issues”. The connection session automatically expires after every two minutes. So after reading comments about Wateen telecom, I will switch to Wateen telecom. I hope they will provide high speed with no disconnection issues that Link Dot Net has.

    Anyways, I have written a blog post where I have shared my thoughts about poor services by Link Dot Net. You can read this blog at

    Thanks for your attention.

  53. Saleem says:

    Dear Fellows
    Wateen telecom is giving its internet plus phone connections at amazing rates.

    The offer is as follow.
    Wimax Broadband connection 512 Kbps (10 GB Volume).
    Telephonic EverGreen Package.
    Normal customers have to give Rs. 8499 11 post dated cheques of Rs. 1350 to get this package. You can check the rates at following links.

    But if you take the connection tomorrow you just have to give Rs 1350 per month charges. No upfront payments in this regard. Just Rs 1350 per month. The above price include the Internet fee and telephonic line rent.

    If you want to take the connection on Monday you have to give Rs 1000 as connection charges Rs 500 refundable security for the Wimax device as extra charges. Rest of the package is same.

    Blazing speed
    Ever green telephonic connection line rent included.
    The device also contains a router. (You can connect 4 computers directly with the device).
    Check list
    Rs 1350 for first month charges in cash.
    11 post dated cheques of Rs 1350.
    CNIC copy
    Utility Bill copy.

  54. i am not confirmed about the exact package of wateen telecom for internet. will some one exactly tell me about the exact package

  55. Rashad Usama says:

    PLz mail me any info relating to Wateen or any other Wimax service on my email id><guyz i really need this my future(i.e graduation depends on this)plz!

  56. Rashad Usama says:

    can someone please tell me what other benefits is wateen providing with the Wimax other than interent services?like online gaming, video streaming, telephone voice services systems etc.?

  57. masood says:

    Wateen only invest in in pakistan for making money they do not want to facilitate the pakistanis. if they want facilitate and spread the customer circle they will have to cut of the WiMax Modem charges (it should be free for intract the customer) and volume limit of all speeds should be unlimited like PTCL.

    If they do not do this May be they will shut down soon.

  58. Salik says:


    Can anybody tell me about wateen service status at Gulshan-e-Hadeed.
    Or please tell me any person who can give actual status.
    We have facing the internet problem after 27 december incident.

  59. Hasnain says:

    Please tell me when wateen service will start in port qasim karachi?

  60. Hasnain says:

    I am waiting for Wateen service in port qasim.

  61. SHAHERYAR says:

    WaTeen speed down due to signals wateen need to put wimax towers on gulshan-e-iqbal karachi side in two singals on my router i get download speed 523kbps and upload 90kbps i think full signals make more speed

  62. Shazia Manzoor says:

    Dear Sir

    We are interested in purchasing a Local Loop License for Lahore.

    Kindly place your bid or contact me at my email mentioned below:

    Shazia Manzoor

  63. aziz ahmed says:

    i think any one who is thinking to take this connection he must think more than thousand times service is getting slow and many times server ask for password and id and it just stoppes suddenly
    do think about it

  64. Raja Jee says:

    WiMax is good but the initial costs are high…

  65. SHAHERYAR says:

    WaTeen signals problem i have only 2 signal fair i have 512 package 1 GB download this package i chose due to signal if waTeen wants connections so deeply look his all karachi towers on 7 or 8

    5 towers in defance side 2 gulshan lot of people i saw not interested due to signals make proper towers then show your service



  67. Umar says:

    And yes this is the largest WiMax operation to be set up in the world

  68. Umar says:


    I’ve been reading these comments and I have to say there are so many things people are not considering when judging Wateen. First of all I’d like to talk about the competing ISPs. PTCL DSL is shit. It doesn’t work and installation itself takes so long. The customer service of PTCL does not even need to be talked that we are all aware of. Of the other firms only Cybernet has a decent DSL structure. Another issue is that most of the competing firms are reliant on PTCL’s shoddy landline network to provide DSL. And this is where Wateen works so well. For example where I am from I was unable to get DSL from any company(Cybernet, WOL, etc.). The reason being that my landline network was so weak DSL could not be tested on it. Wateen provided an easy way out since no telephone line is needed for WiMax.
    The tariff plan was also reasonable. I bought Package A Option 2(512 kbps, 10 GB per month limit) for whic I had to pay Rs. 5850 as cash(this includes 3000 plus first monthly charge of 1350 plus the installation charge 1000) and 11 post dated cheques of 1350.
    While the download speed and browsing are good there are some issues that Wateen needs to address which I’m sure they will as time passes.
    I agree though with the notion that Wateen’s launch was premature and was done in fear of Mobilink’s WiMax.

  69. Shahzad Masood says:

    I would like to know that is their any planning for the induction of TV channels in wimax
    if such thing happens than it will be the major achivement of wateen and will be the biggest relief for customers.

    As we all know that the cable operators are not providing quality service for customers


    Shahzad Masood

  70. S. Waqar Ahmed says:


    I got wateen’s Wimax connection 2 days ago and man it rocks. After enjoying my 6 months of consumer experience with PTCL DSL, and before that trying couple of other local DSL services, i consider myself as pretty much an authority on “whose offering the best Broadband service/package in pakistan” topic. The most annoying thing i expereinced during my PTCL tenor was the fact that the service is delivered through the conventional copper telephone line which offcourse is not concealed hence on average my connection used to bug me atleast once a month in terms of slow speed, bad connection and service shutdown because there is always something going on in the telephone exchange. Though the customer service (“CS”) was not as bad as i was warned about by many, infact i found the PTCL’s CS very very good. i think it could be because PTCL hired some new people (mostly young professionals) with appropriate knowledge; who were also equipped with proper manners of dealing with clients.

    After realizing PTCL’s old infrstructure at exchanges, the telephone wires which are hanging out in the air and are connected to a box (fixed on a khamba) with broken or no box cover, i concluded that the service will never gonna get better infact it will get worse especially in rainy days when half of karachi’s phones are dead, hence i planned to make the switch. PTCL people somehow found out that i was thinking about swtiching :) so they came up with this unlimited download package and also cut down there tarrifs. Man….their plan almost owned me, unlimited download and 512 kbps @ 1200……man….watelse a heavy downloader and a online gaming freak like me could ask for?…… but wait a second…its not the end of the story…..i visited one of wateen’s outlet and got blown away wat they were offering me.

    i) a phone line (with telephone set)
    ii) 512 connection

    all at 1350 per month…….i know u don’t see anything interesting with this deal …but listen to this…..i was told that their packages on their website are not updated and that now in response to PTCL’s new package, wateen is also offering unlimited download plus (yes there is more) a waiver of three 3 thousand rupees upfront payment. yep u heard it right….no upfront payment no connection charges and yes an unlimited download thingie…all just by giving them 11 post dated RS. 1350/- cheques……Wateen had me right there…. after installation i found the service best of all those that i have so far used in pakistan…no delays….no poor connection….simply amazing….anyways i would stongly recommend everobody go for wateen…as someone also mentioned earlier….WImax is the next big thing…..i also found out the wateen with the help of motrolla have installed world’s (not one of the but “THE”) LARGEST wimax network in pakistan…hmmm…..these guyz r gonna give PTCL a tough time……i also think this price cutting thing is just a beginning….i expect more of it down the round…..hope within a year or so we’ll be getting around (or more than) 1.0MB connection for same amount….good for us consumers :).

    Waqar Ahmed

  71. Saqib Khan says:

    An Excellent competative opportunity for other telecom compaies in Pakistan. Though at initial level the proces or the packages are too high but as soon other compaies compete each other, definitely the price will be down. Just take the example of Internet in year 2000 where its about Rs.50-60 per hour and with the passage of time and the emerging of new technologies/devices the prices fall. So, I think that Wateen too have to low down their prices too else they were unable to sell their packages to home users. Lastly, they have to taarget to multinational companies to sell their packages. Thanks!

  72. hassan says:

    ptcl DSL package through HEC much better

  73. waqas says:

    @Muhammad Khan
    Thank you for your concern. But I think I’ll stay in Pakistan :)
    Yes, there are indeed a lot of problems. But I also see a rather large number of good things.
    We have a very competitive telecom sector here, and things are changing. Competition means while companies may be able to exploit people in the short term, we would get some good winners in the end. Slowly maybe, but things are changing. I see interesting times ahead :)

  74. Muhammad Khan says:

    Hi my pakibro & sis..i came here after two years and what i found that pakistan is going down man i am not talking about bizness men talk about the poor man i dont know man WATEEN , PTCL , Mobilink they all suck even i am planning to launch my own broadband…What i do …..Good Marketing …Good Speed only for two months and than speed will be slower than dial up ….Pakistan no laws for consumer so who give a fuck if i charge you for broadband and give you dial up…….But being a nice person i just want to advice every one leave pakistan coz they govt people making pakistan worst place to live.

  75. Waqar Saleemi says:

    There are disconnections again and again! Even after paying such a high cost if there is no reliability at all, why one should go for it.

    Maintain reliability and hence credibility first!

  76. Faisal says:

    Dear friends its not good connection for the people who play online games or for the people who work like forex and buying and seling share becouse this connections usually gets stuck and you have to keep waiting like girl friend with out knowing that she is already gone with some one else .so plz save your money . your business . and your girl friend as well

  77. sadia says:

    very very high charges…….. package ki to muje samaj a gaye he.. leken ap ka yeh teriff koi accept nahin kare ga…… ap package me sab se bara problem he 8,400 rupees jo ap ne pehle charge karne he.. aur yeh koi nahin de ga…. ap please yeh advance 8400 rupees khatam kare….

  78. Muhammad Irfan says:

    Dear Sir,

    i had been study your all website, but my friends don’t satisfied with your company. because every one disheart your low speed and again and again disconnected connection. can you tell me why heavy complains in your server. If your company hav’nt any problem i was interested.

  79. nazakat says:

    Hi guys,
    yar kakh samaj nahi aai what is package and what to pay.
    Kia phone necessary hai is kay liyai.

  80. Saleem Khan says:

    Dear Salman: If its possible for you. Can u tell me in bit detail that how much was total cost and who much will be monthly charges for WiMAX Broadband and Fixed Line of Wateen. Means you have bought it now and gone through whole process and you must have full knowlegde of it.

    I’m basically living in Kuwait and want to get it install in my pakistan home for family. Wateen website is not providing full detail. that how much will be cost, how bills will be collected, will they charge extra if I ll install WiFi for Notebook in home etc.

    Thanks a lot.

  81. Saleem Khan says:

    True because future is of WiMAX. Very soon you ll find their mobiles also. Wateen has also installed that latest technology so they ll offer that service soon. Althought initial investment is high but for long term its better than PTCL.

    Example: Minimum Package of PTCL DSL is of 1000 plus Taxes. If a person like me who want good speed but hardly uses 1 GB then I’m wasting approximately 700 per month on that Package. Wateen’s packages are starting from Rs 250 for 1GB. On other hand, you have to pay fixed line rent of PTCL i.e 210 plus taxes also if you want only DSL at home. DSL speed through conventional lines gets very slow on user end. where as WiMAX speed cant get as slow due to direct link with User end equipment and Service Tower.

    Overall I will give vote to WIMAX. Its good change is Pakistan.

  82. salman says:

    Finally i got it Last Night,
    Its home package is around 18k with 512 and 10Gb,
    using it with temporary password gives good user experience.
    around 300k down and 120k up speed.
    I think it will be more better once they will be having more acces points on nearby towers.
    But so far so good

  83. adeelghani says:

    wateen is good but it costly for home user ? the mager cost is wateen hardware device plz reduce the device rate so any get the wateen ?

  84. I think ptcl is cheaper than wateen because, their rates are low and they charge nothing for installation and service, and the speed they provide is really good comparing to wateen. Being a Pakistani we should promote our products , except dat, knowing all the facts would u still want to use wateen telecom broadband? no way… try PTCL broadband and peace your mind … here is the link you can see the charging rates of PTCL


  85. Salman says:

    I wanna go for their Corporate Package,the only need i have is for Static IP to go for Corporate Package,

    Does any one in RWP/ISB Region can tell me about their speed and connectivity with 512k line and Home package
    I really dont want to make a mistake again like Wireless PTCL, it was a totally flop program by PTCL, rather it is like giving more cars on lease with no roads to handle them…….

    Happy BroadBand

  86. usama says:

    hi , i will say that packages r confusing and the initial fee is much higher , they should consider abt the downpayment otherwise i think it will b difficult for them to survive.

  87. Wasique says:

    dudes…..this package is just shit, who z gonna accept this package for so much bugs?? and the most ridiculous part is that upfront cost………..
    No body will goona give that 8000 just for nuffin….
    I think wateen should start any other business…….you spoiled our expectations!!

  88. jin says:

    what do say is wateen has a unique. If its different than only bcoz its made us confused. Otherwise we have better option than the wateen……:)

  89. jin says:

    very nice very bad log

  90. Atif says:

    hi can any body tell me how is their 512 kbps speed? Is it good,average or bad?Any one u recommend me to buy this as im already using 256 cyber net which is working excellent since 4 months ,no dropage and a very good downloading speed.

  91. Ehtesham says:

    hello every body . Asalm o alekum

    my dear brother and sisteres the rates are droped now , now the conection charges is Rs- 3500 and the 512 kbps is on 1350 , now u people can enjoy all years with 10 gb download limit , enjoy now, may download limit increase, after some time , buy

  92. Bilal says:

    well, my friend just told me last day about the wateen offerings(offcourse not 8000rs), i was just mad to hear that. But now when i read this article and the initial costs, i think wateen marketing strategists r just enjoying prince’s money, Keep the bullshit ahead u at wateen telecom!!!
    I hate DSL coz it restricts downloaders like me>>
    I m happy with my dial-up at home and i ll keep on downloading at incredible speeds at uni(more than 100kbs/sec download rate)
    take care guyz at wateen!!!

  93. GenreX says:

    8000 opening cost? You got to be sh1tting me!!!!

    950 for WOL Home DSL with 256Kbps and 4GB download. Modem and installation is for free! This sounds better. Btw… I thought WOL and Wateen were related!

    What a pile of crap your tariffs are. Please read the cooments here:

    Wateen should fire their marketting team. Nobody is going to pay them Rs.8000 for installation! I’d rather go for Home DSL by WOL 256Kbps with 4GB download at 950 per month. Coz I dont pay anything in the beginning and modem is mine for free forever!

    Also they should fire their technical staff who do not know the difference between Wi-Fi and Wi-Max! The technical persons at their UAN dont know ANYTHING! They are providing a WIRED connection to my laptop even though I have Wi-Fi built in! Whats so good about this kind of “Wireless”?

    I thought they were bringing a change. All they brought was corporate money hungry sh1tload bucket of lies.

    I dont want Wateen. Thank you. May they rest in peace and go brankrupt.

  94. Rizwan Khan says:

    It seems like Wateen (UAE Prince Owned company) will be taken over by Etisalat (UAE State owned company).

    Wateen are posing as a major competitor against PTCL. Arabs are playing games on expense of Pakistan. So, far complete payment of PTCL has not been done. Wateen will charge high $$$ for their outlets. Therefore they are opening outlets in major localities.

  95. asim says:

    i think in these rates of internet, PTCL more better then wateen.

    wateen doing great job but for what?

    who use these connection?

    im graphic designer and 3dsoftware user i need trainings to do some.
    i have Acceptations to wateen but they gave me this broadband bullshit
    what the fucking hell is this?

  96. khurram says:

    can anyone tell me, what is the strategy of wateen………… to me they are confused and making confuse others……………. N what is the latest news of mobilink’ wimax…….. when they will be ready to hit the market…..

  97. Siamu Rathka says:

    Finally it’s been launched! I hate the tariff though. Caps = no-no. They day they start giving uncapped connections, I’ll get one. Uncapped 512k @ 1500 /month with a yearly contract is what I’m looking for. That would do. (right now it’s 1350/month for 10GB)

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  100. faheem says:

    tariff is high i was expecting them to promote cheap rate broadband.should b unlimited in 700 or 800.

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  103. Bilal says:

    finally tariff is much higher than excpectations.

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  110. Madman says:

    Let’s summarize the points up till now…

    1. Their call center representatives aren’t sure of the company’s policies (which isn’t something new, those call center people are like this from day 1)

    2. They are charging around 8000 rupees as an initial cost for their equipment (obviously, I would go for MAXCOM instead, free connection).

    3. Most people think that their tariffs are too confusing… ( what’s the problem?, the Volume- column shows the total data limit you can use per month, while the other columns show the speed of your connection… the greater the line speed the higher will be the rates )

    4. The only mistake I see in their plan is that they’ve set a download limit. Suppose you opt for a 256K or 512K line…. it means you can download huge volumes of data in a few hours. So if your package limit is of 2 GB. You’ll realize that if you start downloading a movie or game, you’ll run out of limit in just one day…. so what will you do for the remaining 29 days of the month?

    5. The Rs.8000 fees is a sly marketing plan, which usually most companies do, they charge you a high fees initially so that even if a user isn’t satisfied with the service, he’ll think thrice before switching to another service.

    6. The probability that Wateen will shut down is out of the question, because:

    a) They’ve got a pretty good financial backing
    b) Internet for household sector isn’t their only service; they are here to provide services to the corporate sector as well.
    c) They are also offering data and telecom solutions

    So even if they fail in the internet field they aren’t leaving, because they are here to stay as they have invested a lot.

    7. In the end, if you exclude the Initial Rs.8000, you’ll realize that their rates aren’t that high. 4 GB limit on a 512k line will just be Rs.1050/month.

    8. Treat the 8000 rupees as an investment in good speed internet service rather than an expense; it doesn’t seem so bad keeping the current internet service providers in mind.

  111. Sibtain Seraph says:

    Umm, interesting! Well, I have been going through whole of the comments hurled by different people on different spots and upon different anecdotes… but sorry to say even none of them spoke as per a marketing plan what a company may strategize. I admit, there are few disorders what Wateen’s central management has shown so far, nonetheless I’ll still say their marketing did adequately good hitherto. Most critical lack they exposed is, misjustification with time… in only 45 days’ they lost subscribers touching the mark around least 10,000 in just Karachicity. I am sure, Wateen’s central marketing personnel getting my point quite competently.. Now whatever Wateen’s marketing has done have been done. It’s gonna be on technical staff of them how they facilitate the remnant users.. coz what I do see for future of Wateen’s survival will just depend on their technical effectiveness. Incase they cover this area; there is no doubt that they will find subscribers more then their expectations.

    On Tariff; I have nothing except to laugh on… Well, dears why are you doing the same mistake tht have been experienced by MTC–Vodaphone earlier this mid of the year in Bahrain. You can see the situation they are facing there, and if you want to continue this in a way you are doing, then all the best for next year! Allah may Bless WATEEN for its ongoing operations.


    Sibtain Seraph
    Marketing Analyst

  112. And one more thing, i also commented on some post here that wateen is just making some hype and at the end it will be nothing and it is clear now, its packages are good but that 8000 initial cost is just crap.

  113. Yah i also read this in todays news paper and also call them. But Biggest question is who will pay them around 8000 rupees upfront .

    Plus today i ask their call center representative that if i pay them 8000 rupees the equipment will become mine and he has no answer to this question.

    If they wanted to compete in the market where ptcl is offering 4GB in 1200 (256k), they should have to consider this initial cost, otherwise i am afraid they will be shut down in few months.

  114. Fatima says:

    I just stumbled upon this horrible mobile phone misuse story and wanted to share with you;

  115. S.M.NOMAN says:

    At last the good days come for those who want to enjoy high Internet speed lwith the latest technology 802.16e

    Thanks to Wateen

    Congrats… the Wateen Teem
    Mr Abdu Sammad ,I am agree with you that the pakages are quite confusing but not as much as you think brother
    they are offering actually two kinds of extra charging
    1 with respect to speed
    2nd with respect to download limit

    so if you want more speed then the Rate is Rs 50/= per 100MB
    & if u wana more download limit the rate is RS 200 /extra GB

    now I think you will be cleared

    ThinkAgain !

  116. Babar Bhatti says:

    You are right Abdussamad, it is quite confusing.

  117. Mohammad Usman says:

    Thanks God finally they are in town now but tariff is much higher than excpectations i think they are afraid of mobilink which is also going to launch same serivces with the help of same hardware supplier motorola.

  118. abdussamad says:

    Man their packages are confusing. I can’t make head or tail of the CPE costs. Also why do they say additional data rate is Rs. 50 per 100mb and also Rs 200 per GB? Which is it?

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