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Published on December 17th, 2007 | by Babar Bhatti


Unfair Tactics By PTCL: Call 1236 To Deactivate Pakistan Package


‘For your convenience ptcl Pakistan Package has already been activated on your ptcl landline phone’. The default activation of the package by PTCL is unfair, unethical and inconvenient. First the voice mail and then this … what a brazen way to rip off customers! Just force these packages down the throat of consumers, many of whom will not realize or may not have time or knowledge to deactivate it. I have read and heard stories about how difficult it has become to call 1236 and get rid of this package.

Note that I am not criticizing the package, I am against the way it has been forced on each and every landline. If this package is so good people will make their own choice and get it. With this move PTCL has lost whatever goodwill it had

Is there any limit to which PTCL will not go to make quick money on the expense of consumers? How can you justify this blatant use of monopoly? Will PTA let them get away with it?

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5 Responses to Unfair Tactics By PTCL: Call 1236 To Deactivate Pakistan Package

  1. seerum says:

    im totaly agree with ainee end of the day public will use it and its no gonna efect on ptcl they will keep riping off us.

  2. Junaid Naseer says:

    PTCL has become a rip-off organization, trying to skin the poor alive …

  3. Rizwan Khan says:

    Currently double pulse rate from 4 PM – 8 AM is applicable on PTCL local calls (within city).

    Please make long calls or use mobile phone for brief messages. You will be straight charged Rs 4.00 (One hour) from 4PM to 8AM.

    PTCL should charge one pulse(Rs 2.00 for five minutes) and Rs 4.00 for (5 to 60 minutes).

  4. ainy says:

    no you can say it will effect their good will
    people will say harsh words
    but at the end they still use it
    so no effect on ptcl……either way

  5. I can only say one thing here, today USA in not a pure Capitalist country, it is we who are PURE Capitalist Country.

    Why here employer snatch the rights of employee, anyone can get rich by illegal means and any company can force its monopoly without any monitory.

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