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Published on February 5th, 2008 | by Babar Bhatti


Link Dot Net – Another Choice For Broadband In Pakistan

I wrote about Link dot net a while ago while reviewing the WiMAX situation in Pakistan. This week Link dot net has launched in Pakistan with the usual media blitz. Tee Emm writes at Telecom Grid Pakistan about this new player and what it means for consumers. Kashif Aziz also wroteon about this new player in Pakistan broadband market. Kashif writes that “Operating from Lahore, LinkdotNet Pakistan offers broadband Internet through DSL and WiMAX technologies for the Home and Corporate users along with the traditional Dialup Internet. “

Lets wait till the service gets operational and covers the major cities. It will be interesting to see if consumers actually benefit from this. If all goes well the broadband penetration rate may get a much needed boost.

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22 Responses to Link Dot Net – Another Choice For Broadband In Pakistan

  1. ali says:

    i like to connection for 1 mb my cell number is 0321-2887093

  2. Bilal Ashraf says:

    Hey guys if any one want to know about the DSL in Gujranwala contact me I’ll help him.

    Name :- Bilal Ashraf
    Email ID
    Cell No :-03338229341

    So guys in Gujranwala don’t worry I’ll help u i am using internet last 6,7 years and other cities guys u must try PTCL DSL. to cheap rate they have with unlimited down & Uploading speed in 1 MB u got downloading speed 123 to 127 and uploading speed i always 1/4 of downloading speed. My Suggestion is this u must try PTCL DSL.
    This is the comparing table for and companies who provide DSL in Pakistan

  3. HI,


  4. Ali says:

    Link DSL services has been started for 46 # as well.

    You can visit website for more details.


  5. Zaheer says:

    When service will be available for ptcl #a starting with 46 in Karachi?

  6. Dark Night says:

    Hi Temur,

    LDN is offering DSL packages and for this offcourse u should have a PTCL line.

  7. TAMOOR FAIZ says:


  8. Salome Khan says:

    I think LDN has changed tremendously in the recent months and also they are venturing out and have no hidden charges on their packages which is an added bonus for customers who are sick and tired of paying 1500 rupees for a 1200 rupees connection. I prefer their DSL connection, and for the rare days when my modem isn’t behaving or I have the need, I utilize their SMS4NET service (

  9. Valentine says:

    Mobilink and Orascom without brain. Also Warid tel.

  10. usman says:

    Link dot net is discriminating the Customers. Specially BAGHBANPURA. If you in such an area kindly ABUSE them, since their DSL in such area is truely SHI…..
    They dont have Card at exchange There waste your MONEY, TIME, OPPORTUNITIES….

  11. maha says:

    Did u select the package .

  12. i have required cotation for the the 1 MB Connection, and required 1 static IP with price list

  13. Usman Khawaja says:

    Hello all,

    Has any body used Link Dot Net’s DSL package for home users? If yes then I must ask you about your experience that you had with Link Dot Net speed? But if you have not tasted it then you must read this blog post
    which was written by an un-happy customer who has shared on-going internet disconnection issues with Link Dot Net.

    I am using 1 Mbps package for home DSL but the internet speed of downloading is just limited to 5-8 k and upload speed is around 4-6k. It means that people will be paying for high speed DSL connection but they will enjoy an internet speed which is equivalent or even lesser than a common dial-up connection.

    Another major problem with Link Dot Net is internet disconnection. The connection session automatically expires in two minutes and you will have to restart your ADSL device again for reconnection. My job belongs to e-commerce and I can do nothing without a high speed internet connection but my job really suffered a lot during April. In such circumstances I will switch to some DSL providing company. But I want suggesting you all not to use Link Dot Net internet services and it will be much better if you opt to use an ordinary dial up-connection. I am sure you will not have disconnection issues with it and the internet speed will also be faster than Link Dot Net’s DSL connection.

    Thanks for your attention.

  14. says:

    I’m really wishing wanting to see hope from Mobilink WiMAX setup but somehow I have the feeling that they would disapoint with their conventional burst of services focused towards the metro mainly and limited to few entertainment centered USPs.

    I know they have pretty fine team working with experience, but things like these require “exposure” to various things like advanced market setups, segement development & continious re-engineering rather than experience of working somewhere for 12 years.

    That’s one of our weak points here in Pakistan, experience takes over exposure hence the product blowups (Wateen WiMAX) and late understanding of the market innovation (understanding the market “situation” is different from understanding market “innovation”) when all skips blind in front of you and then the companies wakeup to the calls and to your point of limited awareness on the consumer end.

    Marketing strategy can we centralized to a single point. Unilever Pakistan is a seprate concern but Branding & Marketing strategy for most of their brands follows from their Regional Team sitting outside of Pakistan. In the same spirit of things OT can co-locate Marketing & Branding Strategy for Pakistan to Mobilink as their Regional Marketing Strategy Unit.

  15. Faheem Asif says:

    About OT’s sister concerns, I would like to add some part as far as I remember, the licence requirments, (as per ordered by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) the operator should have a seperate company name for different technology (I dont know the exact clause) and for such asks, it all makes sense why they (OT) introduces different brand names on each instance.
    I think OT has been the market leader and they might be fully aware of unifying their BRAND name. I’m not the part of their team but all their branding and marketing activities shows their higher and broader visions.
    LDN or Mobilink or xyz…. the thumb rule, i think is their after sale services, all the effort and resources whichever company puts in, they expect their product to be a HIT…but in technology related products specially telecom or dataservices consumer has a continous interaction with the company. So as far as I can conclude whoever can educate the target audience about their product along with assured AFTER-SALES services can be the next player specially in Data-Services.
    As I am not in PK now, so I dont know the precise situation of market players. But people atleast Pakistan has significantly developed when it comes to the number of BTS towers all across the country.
    As far as WiMAX is concerned, what i think , people might face a double-minded situation. How, If broadband services can make a good impression and on the otherhand when the facility would get wire-less… bingo… at least me with a limited knowledge will stand in middle of no where. Limited awareness can cause such outcomes, anyhow, maturity of a certain product highly depends on time and let us all hope it ends Well as we are the beneficiaries.

  16. says:

    You’re right. This I also heard from an existing corporate customer of LDN and marking his exact words “We complained on our bandwidth disturbances and we were routed from Islamabad to Karachi and the complaint got lost hence we have decided to make a move”. The customer is a well reputed name in the market.

    Mobilink’s core customer service dealing with the cellular part is excellent however the services segment related to LDN is completely ripped.

    LDN is destroying Orascom Telecom’s repute and ultimately this will penetrate towards Mobilink part, where people will soon start pointing out fingers as their sister concern an example of this can be seen in the note above.

    LDN should take these things as a serious warning and get with the program.

  17. Imran says:

    I’m sceptic about the customer service that will be provided by LinkdotNet because the customer care and services of mobilink are simply pathetic. I rang up the helpline of LDN and the representative there was not even aware of the sharing ratio. That representative told me it was 1:5, the guy at their sales outlet (Net dokaan Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi) said it was 1:3 and the person who called to confirm my information and payment said it was 1:4.

  18. says:

    LinkdotNet tells the consumers “Changing the Way you live” – I just want to put a question here for Marketing brains at LinkdotNet that would you change the way you live for an internet connection or would you rather prefer a brand that adjusts to your life and fits into your niche? Please make some sense man and go have a look at how “Brand to Niche” concepts work in technology Marketing before handing out ridiculous tags.

  19. Pingback: LINKdotNET’s unlimited volume DSL launched but don’t jump just yet! | gamerpk

  20. says:

    It’s about giving the marketing to the right people who actually do have experience of the local Marketing situatuion. If you look at the LDN print advertisment in the Daily Dawn of 06-02-2008 (Wednesday) you won’t find any differentiation when comapred to Wateen and Warid ads – the same postures and fixtures. Wateen also created the hype for WiMAX but we all see the results. “An ORASCOM TELECOM Company” has become a brand in Pakistan and strongly corelates to Mobilink; now if LDN starts deflecting from the course and imitate Warid or Wateen – there’s going to be a strong communication distress and will have a direct influence on the core Mobilink brands. Keeping that in view the Marketing for all OT brands in Pakistan should be centralized.

  21. Zee says:

    Well! One has to be a part of brand management team to bring in these changes. Not to forget that OTC has a strong presence in the market already and are well aware of the local marketing flair. They have demonstrated it at times. Only challenge is to run the service successfully with the new technology. Pakistan still has a lot of room for broadband market. People still want to experience a flash without any unpleasant delays, slow data rates and off course with an excellent customer service. I was part of team of company who launched DSL in Pakistan few years back. Things have changed a lot though, but challenge seems to be the same.

  22. says:

    LDN might make inroads into corporate and existing DC and WOL consumers, however getting new chunk would still be a challenge for them. Evaluating from the Marketing perspective here’s what I feel:

    -Marketing perspective will always be weak because of the difficult to pronounce three slice name for an average consumer.

    -The market is not ripe and not huge where everyother OT company should be fighting with each other for share.

    -Orascom Telecom should support Mobilink in coming out as 1 unit like Airtel in India with all its services of voice, internet and data from Branding & Advertising standpoint as cumulative.

    -While it may sound fun for Orascom Telecom to have multiple business ventures in Pakistan operating seprately however it will face serious penetration issues in the near future.

    -The business should be divided into three: Prepaid Services (Jazz) and Postpaid Services (Indigo) and Value Added Services (World).

    -All the products for Voice, Internet and Data should fall under these hats and the umbrella should be called none other than Mobilink.

    -The biggest advantage; it will land their Jazz and Indigo connections into the streets never gone before and as the number for e.g. internet grows Jazz/Indigo grows (this is apart from the regular connection sales).

    -They will get plenty of space into Marketing to grow the scope of Jazz and Indigo brands further.

    -In Pakistan OT’s primary aim should be to grow Jazz and Indigo as brands and design all other services to support these and Mobilink in coming as “Prefered Brand”

    -If Telenor comes into the Market it will probably or certainly come under the name “Telenor” and will have all services under one name. Business should be modeled in a way by keeping your competition in mind which is not happening right now when we talk about OT.

    -The hype should circle around Mobilink’s core brands by keeping consumer attention undivided.

    -By combining all the businesses of OT in Pakistan under one Brand Name – this will continue to make Mobilink as “incontestable brand” catering all consumer needs at all levels.

    To summarize; all existing OT companies in Pakistan should operate as Mobilink. This will build business; sperate operations will disintegrate whatever there already is and OT will soon be shuting off or handing over management control to other companies. Mobilink should push this case. Infact Mobilink marketing should raise this as a Red Flag for progress of their core brands. If I can feel this threat coming; I’m sure they can model this case better.

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