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Published on April 21st, 2008 | by Babar Bhatti


Djuice.Pk Goes To Telenor


The Djuice.Pk blog is no more. Telenor asserted its rights to the .pk domain name associated with their brand and took it over from PKNIC, the registrar for .pk domains.

Some of you may have seen the mobile and entertainment oriented blog Djuice.Pk. When I first came across it the first thing which crossed my mind was – where is Telenor? At that time, Telenor’s official Djuice site was at Recently it was reported at TGP that Telenor filed a case against Imtiaz Shafiq of Pakpoint Network who had registered the domain . The Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center issued its decision against Pakpoint (see full document). This is one of the high profile domain name dispute.

Domain name conflicts has always been full of controversy. In this case Telenor had a valid case. However the way this case was handled was debated at Telecom Grid Pakistan with many good points from each side. I hope there is a lesson learned here that companies need to be diligent about their brand.

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20 Responses to Djuice.Pk Goes To Telenor

  1. Kashif Zia says:

    My cell num are.

  2. Kashif Zia says:


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  4. owais says:

    For all the Telenor Users there is a recent update ..Comment here if you have any queries in this regard…

    Dear Telenor Family,

    Effective 1st of Feb 2009 all new prepaid SIMs (which are not First Call Activation till 31st Jan) will be activated once the subscriber dials 789 (from the new SIM purchased) & verifies his CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). All activations for subscribers who do not have CNICs but carry passports and other documents will be carried out at Telenor Sales & Service Centers.

    This is an industry wide step, initiated by PTA & implemented by all telecom operators to ensure subscriber security. Together all cellular operators have already launched an advertising campaign to communicate this important news to the market.

    Telenor S&D , CRD and IT and along with many other teams have also made special arrangements to make this new process as smooth as possible for all our new joining customers.

    A Telenor specific media campaign will also go on-air on the subject from 1st Feb.

    Kindly feel free to share this very important development with all your teams and business partners.

  5. ZAHID says:

    Dear ALL

    Good day

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    Zahid Khan
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  6. waqar husain says:

    bicoott using telenor

  7. ZAK says:

    Totally agreed with MANSOOR,

    I think every body should go to all the Pakistani Forums and should convery this message, so that maximum people can aware to this situation.

  8. Mansoor says:

    What I do not understand is that who is incharge of PKNIC and why it is not under Pakistan Government Control.

    Network Solutions had to shared the registry with other domain registrars so how come one man show in Santa Clara California has full control over a whole countries TLD?

    Problems with PKNIC

    1) No Contact information for people or phone numbers
    2) No SLA for support
    3) Has a policy to rip off customers. When the whole world allows 1 yr registration, they force 2 year registration.
    4) Only discloses one email address which is for support. Sending emails to this address does not provide you with any ticket number so that you can follow up with your requests or complaints.
    5) It takes them weeks to answer their emails
    6) They expect you to send cheques to Lahore with no real way of following up if the payment rec’d

    Basically it looks like some guy sitting in Santa Clara California is holding on to the balls of the entire country’s TLD.

    I would like to start a petition with Government of Pakistan to take away the .PK registry system and implement it within country and have checks and balances with open community monitoring system.

    The domain registry prices should be fair since $15.00 is unfair for a poor country like Pakistan when a rich country like US can offer it for only $7.00. People should not be forced to register for two years min. A proper SLA much be provided by PKNIC and PKNIC should have to make public all complaints and resolutions.

    Who is with me on this?

  9. Dear Faried Nawaz

    Thanks for your comments

    “”I’m pretty sure that the the composition of PKNIC or DNDRC has nothing to do with Telenor launching djuice as a brand months before you registered””

    Well the composition of PKNIC or DNDRC does matter. As I said earlier I fully respect the ICANN and PKNIC rules. But in this particular case PKNIC and a so called organization DNDRC have violated their own rules to decide an illegal transfer of the doimain

    In PKNIC terms and conditions it is written

    “””PKNIC reserves the right to cancel, or transfer the domain to the claiming party as per the ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute”””

    But no dispute have been started with me. No ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute procedure have been followed.

    DNDRC by itself is not listed at ICANN Approved Providers for Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy

    So how can you expect a judicious decision from them. Well In my case I am sure that I had registered before telenor got a approved trade mark. Otherwise they would have defiantly registered this domain during the Sunrise Period of PKNIC .pk domains. During sunrise period only Trade Mark owner are given an opportunity to register a domain.

    For me it does not matter what would have been the result of the Domain Dispute I would have fully respected the decision if this have been followed legally and as per rules.

    Anyhow I would thanks every one for their comments especially to Baber Bhatti and his comment

    “Your readers will follow you regardless of the address change, its just a matter of time.”

    Yes you are right I have shifted my site to and all my readers have already approached this new address.

  10. Faried Nawaz says:

    I’m pretty sure that the the composition of PKNIC or DNDRC has nothing to do with Telenor launching djuice as a brand months before you registered

  11. Before answering any question or to explain any thing above,

    I have few questions for which I am looking for answers.

    1. What is actually DNDRC (Domain Dispute Resolution Center) ? Is this
    a reality or just a myth

    2. Is this an Organization (non-profit base) or a private company?

    3. What is the actual composition of the DNDRC? i.e is there any
    supervisory from the Govt. of Pakistan?

    4. Is this an ICANN or IANA approved body?

    5. Here is a list of Approved Providers for Uniform Domain-Name
    Dispute-Resolution Policy, I wounder why
    this so called Domain Dispute Resolution Center is not there in this

    I am very surprised to know that PKNIC is being control by Mr. Ashar
    Nisar and DNDRC by Mr. Jamil & Co?

    This all seems to be one man show in both organizations/companies.
    Please correct me if I am wrong

    With Regards

  12. Babar Bhatti says:

    Faried has made valid points.

    Imtiaz – I hear what you are saying. I agree that the way this case was handled was not right. However given all the details, I do not think that the end result would have been different. Your readers will follow you regardless of the address change, its just a matter of time.

  13. Umar says:

    This is what I think, PKNIC did.

    Telenor approached them with their demand. Instead of following procedure, they simply ignored Mr. Imtiaz Shafiq and went on with their action.

    Considering the law and order situation in the country, they don’t expect Mr. Imtiaz to be taking legal action against them. And they thought that whoever Mr. Imtiaz be, probability of him filling a suite against Telenor and PKNIC is quite low, so therefore its alright to let go of procedure and do as they want.

    Mr. Imtiaz himself agrees to the fact that he would respect PKNIC’s rules and regulations, but taking his blog away without notification and procedure is simply law of the jungle.

    @ Mr. Imtiaz. I seriously suggest you to file a suite against PKNIC. As soon as higher ups of Telenor find out about this hitting the media, they will come running to you to find an amicable settlement. We do not have a very strong judiciary at the moment, but we do have improving media and it might just help your case. Therefore, my suggestion would be, if you think you have been wronged, don’t leave everything on Allah before you have tried your 100% and first fought for it yourself.

  14. Faried Nawaz says:

    What’s with all the boycott nonsense? Check out the verifiable facts:

    1. and (as well as,,, and several others) were registered by Telenor in July 2004. Visit and do a domain lookup on them.

    2. Telenor applied for the djuice trademarks in June 2005. See the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center’s decision, section 5A. If you still doubt it, have a lawyer pull up their trademark registration details.

    3. Telenor launched djuice in Pakistan in March, 2006:

    4. The site with the blog was registered in July 2006. Read the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center’s decision, section 1. I can also provide raw dumps of the entire pk zone file for July 2006, and you can see when it went live (July 19). I’ve given away the zone file in the past:

    I see no evidence that Telenor did anything wrong here. If the owner of wasn’t contacted, that’s PKNIC or DNDRC’s fault. If you want to boycott someone, boycott PKNIC.

  15. Imran Yousaf says:

    I also bycot to Telenor and moved to ZONG

  16. Pakistani says:

    This is not first time DNDRC and PKNIC did this biased unilateral decision. Just go to DNDRC blog at ICANN website or type

    Just Google This


  17. Saeed says:

    We should boycott this norwegian company. They are working against Muslims all over the world.

    Shame on Telenor, Shame on PKNIC

    Bycott Telenor

  18. Shy says:

    Djuice.Pk was register before the Djuice Brand coming into Pakistan…….So it was illegal.

    I protest against it.

  19. Dear Baber Bhatti,

    “Domain name conflicts has always been full of controversy. In this case Telenor had a valid case. However the way this case was handled was debated at Telecom Grid Pakistan with many good points from each side.”

    You have not mentioned the link to the Telecom Grid so that people can have a look at my views.

    Actually PKNIC and DNDRC have stolen this domain without notifying me.

    Here is a copy of my e-mail sent to PKNIC, DNDRC and TELENOR

    Regarding my domain what ever had happen is not good. Today
    this domain have finally been transfer to Telenor Pakistan even though
    I have proved that no prior contact either from PKNIC, from DNDR or
    any of you assigned arbitrator have been made with me. I am really not
    surprised on this unilateral and biased decision and ultimately
    transfer of my domain as in Pakistan
    where Chief justice of Pakistan (Honorable Iftikhar Ch.) by himself
    is fighting for justice how come an ordinary domain owner can expect
    any justice or a judicious decision.

    Just as a matter of information to keep things clear I would record
    some of my observations which may or may not satisfied you for my
    claim on this domain

    1. The Domain Djuice.PK was not registered with any Bad Faith
    2. The time when this domain was registered as per my knowledge
    Telenor was not having this as a approved trade mark.
    3. Telenor have never made it public that it have applied for Djuice
    as a trademark in the media
    4. On my website it was clearly written that Djuice.Pk is not
    affiliated with Telenor
    5. I was not running it as a mobile company It was a blog
    6. I have never used term Djuice for my website but it was called as

    7. As per my knowledge having a trade mark in one country does not
    automatically qualify for all other countries that is why still many
    variants of the Djuice are not owned by the Telenor


    8. The time when i registered my domain the Djuice Trade Mark in the
    USA Patent office was expired.
    9. In any case if this was legal right for the Telenor to have this
    domain this should have been done amicably through rules and
    procedures of the DNDRC and PKNIC by properly notifying me on my email
    address listed at domain record held by the PKNIC and not on a self
    assumed address ad…
    10. I fully respect ICANN rules and PKNIC policy but in this
    particular case it have been implemented wrongly
    11. PKNIC and other registrar always give a first opportunity to the
    Trade Mark owner to register a domain during sunrise period since by
    that time it was not an approved trade mark in Pakistan Telenor did
    not applied for the same.

    12. Many domains which are listed at and owned by a
    PKNIC partner websoul are real trade marks why these have been
    allowed by the PKNIC? Is this not against the PKNIC rules and term and

    Well I have left my case with Allah Almighty as in Pakistan courts by
    them self are seeking justice from the Allah. There is no rule of law
    in Pakistan. The best thing what i could do was to left my case with

    And I will defiantly refrain myself from registering any .pk domain in
    future and will prefer .asia instead.

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