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Published on May 2nd, 2008 | by Babar Bhatti


Mobile Marketing Companies Need To Follow These Guidelines

mobile marketing ecosystemRecently I stumbled upon Mobile Marketing Association website. I found the information there to be quite useful. One of the report on their site was about consumer guideline and best practices for marketing to consumers. The context is US market but the principles mentioned in the report are applicable anywhere. I hope that the designers and implementers of mobile marketing programs in Pakistan and Asia pay attention to these. Otherwise mobile advertising may be looked upon as another form of annoyance.

The complete report in pdf: Mobile Marketing Consumer Best Practices

Some of the topics covered in the report include:

  • Unsolicited Messages
  • Opt-in Mechanisms
  • Privacy
  • Sweepstakes and Contests
  • Free to End User Programs
  • Billing (charges related to marketing)
  • Customer Care
  • Dispute Resolution

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8 Responses to Mobile Marketing Companies Need To Follow These Guidelines

  1. branding consulting branding marketing says:

    Hey very nice blog!! This was what I needed to know. Keep it coming.

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  4. Nandini says:


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  5. Asim says:

    Hey Suhail,

    What exactly do you have in mind and what are you looking to promote? I know some people who are involved with brand promotion via SMS and WEB based interactive promotional games & contests and I am sure that they will be more than happy to speak with you in this regard. They have in the past run successful campaigns for international brands and are good peoples to speak with in this regard.


  6. Suhail says:

    Does anyone know of any Mobile Marketing Companies in Pakistan?

    We are looking to run a premium sms billing campaign either a competition or voting service.

  7. Babar Bhatti says:

    I fixed the link, please try now.

  8. Umar says:

    PDF link doesn’t work

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