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Published on July 11th, 2008 | by Babar Bhatti


Living La' Nokia

Post previously published here by Farhan. Recommended by Saleem Khan.

I’m a Nokhead , crack head Nokia addict, I cannot spend a day without my Nokia, I start my day with checking the emails Emoze has downloaded during the night to ending my day watching latest theatrical releases via SmartMovie on it’s 2.8in screen coupled with my trusty decade old Sony MD 30 headphones . During the day it acts as my secretary with GCalSync to manage my appointments to communicate with my business associates on Fring , editing my office files on the go with QuickOffice to listening to the world on Internet Radio . It’s sensible enough to filter my calls through MobieGenie and knows not to disturb me during meetings using Auto Pofiles . It can find my favorite song even if I can only hum it thanks to Midomi and sending my snaps which I have taken using it’s 5MP Camera geotagged by Location Tagger and internal A-GPS ( Assisted GPS ) to my Flickr account via Shozu .

It’s also my perfect travel companion , on the plane I can choose from my library of some 500 + books and read them on MobiPocket Reader while on ground I can find the current currency exchange rates , five day weather forecast on Worldmate , find my way around the city with Nokia Maps and Google Maps while my family and friends can track my whereabouts on Nokia Sports Tracker .

Once in a blue moon if I forget it home , it does not let me get away from it and I can access my call data , contacts even see and send SMS in real time through my phone using Mymobilesite web server

I can go on and on about it but I think this gives you the idea how much I’m dependent on my phone in my upcoming posts I’ll further share how I’m using technology in my life and actively making myself dependent on it .

Long Live my Nokia…!


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0 Responses to Living La' Nokia

  1. Farhan says:

    Explanation accepted , btw the article was written by me originaly for The Pakistani Spectator , bro I live Karachi Pakistan and still use all the software with many extra more , those who have read my current blog ourn958gb.blogspot.com and oure61.blogspot.com knows about them .

  2. Babar Bhatti says:

    Correction made at the top.

    Now that Saleem has explained his pint of view, lets bury this matter now.

  3. Saleem Khan says:

    Dear Babar and Farhan,

    I’m sorry for inconvenience at your ends. I got this mail few months back from my friend, who is living abroad. I have no idea that from where he got this so I asked him to search source of this post. He will reply me soon.

    As far your allegation that I’m trying to get benefit or appreciation, then brother this is CYBER WORLD. Who knows who I am and who knows who are you. My objective was simply to spread knowledge among readers and this site is best for Pakistani readers. If i had ever idea that it is written by you then I would mention your name as source. But I still have big question mark that it is not original written post. Let me get reply from my friend and then I will reply the final one.

    Mr Babar, I’m sorry that you felt embarrassed due to my sent post. I do apologies for it for if you will go through mail then you will find that it is not written by guy based in Pakistan/Karachi. You have experience and good observation. Anyway I not claimed at any position that it is mine written post. Due apologies. Give this medal to Farhan…he may get incentive from it.

    “No body already knows, who I am and I don’t want to disclose by identity too on this cyber world”. I’m working for good cause and not for getting credit so my identity doesn’t matter at all for my objectives.

  4. Babar Bhatti says:

    Farhan – I have asked Saleem to clarify this and I will update the post with the right references (name/link) shortly. I apologize for the error.

  5. Farhan says:

    People Saleem copied this post from my either of my two postings one could be from my website at ourn958gb.blogspot.com or from pakistani spectater site , atleast Saleem have cortesy to acknowledge my name , readers ask him any technical question and see what he answers ,

  6. Concerned Reader says:

    Are Farhan and Saleem Khan the same person?

    I’ve been reading an active blogger called Farhan from Karachi since 2007, and this post is an exact copy of one of Farhan’s posts written on 29th February 2008 here

    If this is Farhan, then I just want to say, I love your posts. Glad to see your writings reaching even larger audiences. :) Keep it up!

    If it’s not, then the Admin should give due credit.

  7. hameed ullah says:

    hameed,i think mobile phone is to misuse, mobile phone camera most of the person use some abusive thing. we are in the poor country we dont have basic necessitybut mobile phone is very necessary for everyone. people use to talk much more phones &sms they are wating the time & money. i know that it good for essential to everyone but use just for fun. actually our society people are very concious we have that mobile its camera thats the functioning is good etc etc its not good,

  8. Saleem Khan says:

    Dear Babar Bhatti,

    Thanks for post. I feel that day by day we are getting more Dependent on technology and these smart devices. On one hand it is very good because we gets every service on one device but on other hand, we are getting isolated.

    Today, if I will ask you to please tell me answer of 9 x 5. your mind will not calculate directly. the first thing that will come in your mind will CALCULATOR. In same manner, today we can’t move without Smart Phones (specially who are working at executive level). We can not remember 3 digit hot line numbers for fire brigade, police stations etc etc.

    Any way we have to live with all technologies. the more we will use them, the more we will be efficient in life and would be having edge on others.

    Thanks for your dedicated services for all Pakistanis around the globe.

  9. Babar Bhatti says:

    Saleem, I like the flow of your story. It is amazing to take a step back and look at the ways through which mobile phones impact our lives!

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