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Published on August 16th, 2008 | by Babar Bhatti


Braintel Users Facing Problems With Outgoing Calls


Users of the popular VOIP servcie, Braintel, are facing problems with outgoing calls. The message says: “All circuits are busy – please try your call later”. Users have experienced this since first week of August. Braintel officials have posted a note on their home page (see above). For more on this see this discussion.

This is one of the longest outage of service from Braintel. I mean, how long does it take to upgrade servers?Does anyone has some idea of when this will be resolved? Perhaps someone from Braintel can share their side of the story?

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19 Responses to Braintel Users Facing Problems With Outgoing Calls

  1. Butt says:

    some legitimate issues going on with Government, where as Service center of Brian tel are lying to people , rather now they are not responding through e-mail

  2. Nabeel says:

    There is a telecomm Cartel/Mafia backed by the support of PTA [ an independent body under no control of Gov.t of Pakistan ]. They are corrupt. Whenever you complaint to them the maximum they do is ask the telecomm company to DO SOMETHING and that is it. Whenever you call their personal only you find their PA’s or clerks and when you ask for any director then they are always out for 5 MINUTES [ 24*7 ].

    And to add that the Courts are so ignorant, old judges born in a world without phone, they can not even operate their own cell phones completely and they adjudicate matters of such high sophistication.
    No knowledge of law, no implementation of law and no deterrence of law.

    Does any one know how the incoming call charges to Pakistan went from around Rs.1 to Rs. 10 in 2008?

    GOD save the people.

  3. sana says:

    hello..m not getting e-mail of braintel..whats wrong with it?

  4. Rizvi says:

    They gave new n umber which is from UK. Now I am receiving calls from Pak on UK number.

  5. Jawad says:

    Anybody knows about the cause of braintel problem, they don’t reply to the emails also. If the PTA has suspended there license, shall we ask them to suspend my number and give back the security.

  6. Max says:

    Does anyone has any new news? Are they going to fix it again or not. I have found news on the internet that PTA has suspended their license. This is BS. They should update this on their website atleast instead keeping people in dark.
    f&*# PTA.

  7. zam says:


  8. wasim says:

    i start using brain voip in December but since then i had problem with it i hardely had this service working two or three days and now i even can not receive or make calls and even thier own CS numbers are down and can not ring them, now i ask my brother to ring brainnet to acquire whats wrong they gave some uk number that my family can ring me on that number which will cost them uk international call charges. and now they even dont bother to reply emails as well.
    now is there any justic here and where we can go to complaints about this service? if they have some issue whey they dont bother to send even a single line email or update on their site????

  9. Singpak says:

    I started this service in July 08. It was good in start. Once it was down in Aug-08, it took them too long to restore it and even it didn’t restore to full level. They have severe voice breaking issue. In a 10 mins call you have 2 to 3 sessions of voice break of 1 to 2 mins. I reported this problem to staff over there but they say every thing is OK at their side.

    Now I am am unable to make even any single call from last 20 days. I submit my complaint through emails & surprisingly even their helpdesk numbers are not connected from outside network as well.

    I am doubtful whethere they are still working or closed.

    I agree with writers that price they are charging is not in line with the service they are providing.

  10. Malik says:

    Rather then embrace and leverage new technology government organizations only seek to hinder it. While BrainTEl probably was skating on the edge of illegality PTA could have opted to find a way to continue the service under some guidelines. After all, BrainTEL users do predominantly pay for this service in foreign currency and that could have become a tidy FOREX revenue stream for the government.

    VOIP is the way the market is going and these decisions by PTA will not stop this, only cause Pakistan to fall behind even more in the telecomm technology sector.

    I remember going to PTCL asking them to change the outside cabling to our house so that there were no joints, of course, against payment. The area engineer said “Be glad you have a phone, we are not going to change the wiring”. Great Service for a revenue paying customer.

    Like always, we prefer to shoot ourselves in the foot while making loud protestations of moral righteousness. Someone probably wants money and BrainTEL refuses to pay or BrainTEL is stepping on someone else’s turf. I would not be surprised if a “new” VOIP services starts up soon in Pakistan with owners having the right “credentials”.

    It seems somewhat incongruous that all those calling cards function OK yet BrainTEL is singled out . The calling cards also use VOIP, maybe they should be “delicensed” as well.

  11. Azhar Mehmood says:

    BrainTEL Service is always down after August 2008. It was down for three month & they charged us for the period of this outage. Still they are down & never been able to restore its services till now.

    On the otherhand then are continuously increasing their calling rate.

    One year before when i start using BrainTEL it was Very Good. After Bandwidth issue BrainTEL never been able to restore its full services.

    Its Caller ID is not working.
    Voice Breaking Issue.
    Some time due to Network Conjection it goes down.
    They introduce CAD system & its junk.
    Every 2nd call goes down due to Voice Break.
    Its VoiceMail is also stopped, Even not delivering on email.

    BrainTEL Become BullShit now.

    From January 2009 they increased their rates directly 100% & they says they are going to increast it 50% according to new rate plan.

    Before it was 1.50RS per munit NWD & in Eavning its was 1RS per munit & Local was .070RS. Mobile was 2.75RS PM.

    After they extend the rates & make it 2RS flat rate all time NWD. & Local 0.90RS. Mobile was 2.75RS Per munit

    Now they Extend it more & Make it 4RS per munit NWD & Local is posibally on same rate. & Their Next plan is 6RS per munit with Local & NWD Rates.

    After all these Rate plan…Users have to pay 21%General Sales Tax…. GST for Junk & BullShit.

    Thissssssss issssss BulllllShit………….

  12. Babar Bhatti says:

    I have been told by insiders at Braintel that this is a problem with capacity and it should be resolved in a week or so. Lets hope so.

  13. Aleem says:

    ah wat a waste of a service.

    miss gud old days

  14. m jehangir says:


    It appears braintel does not have that default message anymore.
    But the service is not working either. I am trying to dial numbers and it just does not dial any number for me.

    Any idea whats the status if someone have friends in braintel.

    M Jehangir

  15. Ahmad Junaid says:

    Dear Friends,

    Like you I was also in impression that it is some PTA problem. But I think it is not. I have a lot of good friends working for Brain and they told me time to time it is a real technical issue they are facing. Like today Sep 2 2008, I made few calls from Brain tel on PTCL.


    Another BrainTel user

  16. Atish says:

    1. Please call brain tell at 210 0786 and also log in a claim in their web site and also demand a credit for the line rent they will be charging you, for the period of outage.

    2. Please call the snakes in PTA who do not allow ip telephony. one of them is Mr Sajjad Latif Awan and give thme some BS. they do not understand how mucch the communication opens new oppurtunities for Pakistan

    Brain tel user

  17. Nasir Mohammad says:

    It is now almost one year since I subscribed with Braintel. I have only been able to connect for less than 10 times with this service. It seems to be a rip off.

    When one complains, they have one standard reply that others are not facing this problem (which I do not believe at all).

    They have made their website too technical that only a telco expert can understand. This is an easy way to hide behind their disservice.

    This seems to be a BrainLess service.

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  19. Ali says:

    Hi Guys

    I know what is happening with braintel. Unfortunately PTA they block brain services because of illegal use.
    Braintel is just for pakistan but they are getting business just from overseas and its not leagl.They have license just for pakistan.
    You can undertsand how they can stop services for sucha long time.Actually they are not allowed to provide more service.
    Untill they sort out with bloddy PTA.
    Hope this will helpful for all of u guys

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