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Published on October 14th, 2008 | by Babar Bhatti


BusinessWeek On The Battle For Mobile Web Dominance

BW has an article on how “Nokia Aims to Be No. 1 on the Mobile Web”. Well, so does Apple, Google and to some extent Blackberry. Microsoft is out of the race. It will be interesting to see the numbers after one year. Let the race begin.

Nokia will sell nearly half a billion handsets this year—50 times the number of iPhones Apple hopes to sell. The Finnish company already is well entrenched in the chaotic streets of Lagos, the rice paddies along the Ganges, and in factories and schools from São Paulo to Shanghai. Its phones are ubiquitous in areas where people have never heard of Apple.

Last year, Nokia posted a prototype of Sports Tracker, a free application for runners and other athletes that uses a GPS phone to record their training. A million people downloaded the program, which quickly morphed into a way for users to create online diaries and share photos of their whereabouts. Nokia rebranded the program as viNe for athletes and others, underscoring how the mobile Web is evolving more by user creativity than corporate decree.


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  1. Unfortunately you won’t see much reaction to your statement because Microsoft has failed to create iPhone like fan-boys for their great product.

    Yes, Windows Mobile 7.0’s usability will be very interesting but I believe they should rely on others for presentation and sell their core OS and mobile apps rather than bundling everything on their own. This strategy accidentally worked very well in case of HTC’s new phones (Tytn II, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro etc).

  2. I have a gut feel that RIM will soon be bought by Microsoft . Microsoft has been trying hard to enter the community space with a discrete affinity for the Mobile web.

    What an option but to buy RIM where the stock price has seen a crash from $142 on June 25 to $60 now.

    In a market where handsets manufacturing is going up and the content players are getting fierce by the day, it looks that RIM should better join hands with the likes of Microsoft lest it meets the fate like Palm.

    I think they should have made this decision earlier but I can see its is coming. The new wave of Bold and Storm are to get the best price from a prospective buyer.

  3. Babar Bhatti says:

    Sharjeel – I added that statement to see the reaction :)

    Windows mobile is not bad and HTC has done a lot to hide the winodws UI from end users. Lets see when windows mobile 7.0 will come out and how well does it address the usability issues.

  4. I think it is way too early to say that Windows Mobile is out.

    Microsoft is known for making poor quality products until they have a competitor. But Windows Mobile is a big exception. They’ve been in the market long before anyone else was and so far they’ve done well. They just need to get a transition from good, to great.

    And recently, HTC has produced some great Windows Mobile based phones with great user interfaces. For instance TyTn II outperforms iPhone in many aspects (you can get some comparisons by Googling “tytn ii vs iphone”). Also, in my opinion the upcoming HTC Touch Pro is going to be iPhone killer provided the somehow match they market it well.

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