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Published on October 27th, 2008 | by Omar Aijaz


Why I Switched DSL Service From Wateen To Link Dot Net


Recently I switched DSL broadband service at my home in Defence (DHA) Lahore from Wateen to Link dot Net. I wanted to share the reasons for making the switch and my experience with Wateen over the last few months. I am quite happy with my current experience with link dot net but I had to go through a few months of pain to get there. I hope that others can use this post as a helpful guide.

The Abu Dhabi Group launched Wateen Telecom in Pakistan in the year 2007. It claims to have the most wide spread of services throughout Pakistan. This company is providing their customers (in DHA Lahore) with Internet, telephony and cable television. There are other wide spread activities that they offer such as online gaming, digital television etc. Outside of DHA they are providing their customers with WIMAX and Telephony.

In year 2008, Wateen Telecom was well established in the market and was catering to a sufficient number of customers in Lahore. But soon after their beginning this company was not providing with sufficient quality of the product that they promised earlier on. This is also clear from the comments on the previous posts about Wateen on

I signed up for Wateen’s DSL service in March. I paid Rs.1500 and got the CPE. The problem started with the billing. There was no bill for the first few months, perhaps because Wateen did not have a billing systemin place. The first bill hit me with a surprise because it was a combined total of three months. There are other hidden charges such as the modem they provide, they charge for it on the monthly basis. But the most regular complaints Wateen Telecom is dealing with are of the overcharging and details of what so ever the customer has down loaded and how has he downloaded. There is no record available to the customer how much internet is available to him, nor does the company seize the account after the download cap has been breached out of the limits for particular package.

There is a huge communication gap between the franchises and the main offices. There are number of complaints still lined up, hundreds of customers yet to be answered. Most of the customers had not paid their bills of subsequently bigger amounts, because no one is ready to accept that they have over used so much of internet. Wateen Telecom has over invested in Lahore and the time is close that it will become a major flop in the industry.

Other then Wateen Telecom if we see the other competitors in the market, such as World Call, PTCL and Link dot NET, among them all the most suitable DSL broadband Internet provider is Link dot Net. Choosing Link dot Net is surely a safe and secure investment. With the most suitable rates in the market you get unlimited downloads. Whereas Wateen Telecom is providing with download cap of 2 GBs/ 4 GBs depending on the package. World Call provides cable in internet, the money they charge at the time of the installation is not affordable for customers like students etc. PTCL has fair rates and number of packages including DSL broadband, cable Television and telephone, but the services provided is not at all up to the standards.

Among these entire Link dot Net is providing with the latest gadgetry at the lowest prices in comparison with its competition and is strongly increasing its market share. The cost is a total of Rs 1300. In which they provide you with 512kbps with unlimited downloads. The modem has a built in wireless router and can be connected to WLAN and operated round the house. There is no need of a cable connection and meters worth of cable entering the room, what you need is just a PTCL connection and on that line you can connect your modem. The performance rocks! I am completely satisfied with the customer services and my choice.

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48 Responses to Why I Switched DSL Service From Wateen To Link Dot Net

  1. Azir says:

    I recently canceled my link dot net subscription. 2 Reasons:
    1. The only provide 80% of the promised download speed.
    2. The block you connection before the month you have paid in advance is up….WTF! This screws up large downloads etc…

    After LDN I tried to subscribe to PTCL’s 4MB service with a new fire line… I canceled that due to the horrendous incompetence they demonstrated. The text of the cancellation letter is at the end of the post.

    I then tried out Wateen WiMAX with a 2MB package. I will first say what is okay then explain what is not. Prepaid billing okay, Download speed 2.3MB (when I am paying for 2MB). Sounds like it is good right? Believe me when I say Wateen has issues. To begin with, whenever the electricity goes (load-shedding) the connection disappears after 50mins (the time their backup power supplies last for). Secondly as soon as the electricity goes we lose our IP address. As you can imagine this plays havoc with large downloads(torrents,rapidshare etc….)

    If you are interested in just browsing then Wateen is the way to go. However if you want to download large files then your out of luck like me who is now looking for another ISP.

    The PTCL complaint:
    I placed the order primarily for data connectivity (optical fibre), as I already have a PTCL line (copper wire) for standard voice connections.

    Saturday 16th July 2011:
    I was finally presented with the request to pay the demand order Rs 598/- which I did. I was assured that the lineman would come and install the line on Monday 18th July.

    Monday 18th July 2011:
    No lineman came and I was left waiting for the whole day unable to go to work I complained on the 1218 helpline on Monday and was given the usual 24 hour waiting time.

    Tuesday 19th July 2011:
    After waiting the 24 hours on Tuesday, I recalled the 1218 helpline only to be given the same 24 hour deadline. I then proceeded to the exchange. I spoke to the SDO ‘Muhammad Ali Naseer’ who was surprised that my line had not even been installed. He called the lineman ‘Sarwar Ali’ and instructed him to get the line installed before the day end. Then before the lineman could come one of your broadband engineers came to install the router/modem on the line. I explained that the lineman had not come as of yet and there was no line to install the router/modem on. He however continued with his router/modem installation regardless, knowing very well that without a line there was no way to check if the broadband installation would work. After the router/modem installation he instructed me to simply plug in the line from the ADSL filter/splitter into the socket after the line had been installed. He then left. In the evening the lineman did come and install the line. After he left I checked the line to see if I could dial from the line. I could not. Every time I attempted to call from the line I was met with a recording telling me that the number I was dialling was not in the use of anyone. The only numbers I could ring off of the number was the PTCL helpline 1218. I did call them and explained that the number could not call out apart from the PTCL help lines. I deduced that until the phone line was fully functional the ADSL would not also work. Once again your helpline gave me a 24 hour window for them to rectify the problem.

    Wednesday 20th July 2011:
    Once again after 24 hours had past and nothing had been done, I re-complained, with and was informed of the 24 hour waiting time. However the voice issue did get resolved the same day. However I found out much to my horror that after connecting the router/modem to the line as the Broadband engineer had explained, that I was not receiving any broadband signal (which was what I had the line installed for). Once again I called 1218 and was told again to wait 24 hours.

    Thursday 21st July 2011:
    24 hours came and went, I re-complained again and was instructed to re-configure the router/modem which I did by using the instructions provided to me over the phone line. This did however the fault remained, and I was informed that the fault was at the exchange and a lineman would call 1st thing the next morning.

    Friday 22nd July 2011:
    I waited till 10:30am (first thing in the morning should be by 9:30am, as your offices open at 9:00am) and proceeded to make the complaint directly in the DHA Lahore exchange which is the exchange that should be providing me the facility. There I met with the engineer who was supposed to come earlier in the morning he said he would come within an hour, which he did. And he too after reconfiguring the router/modem determined that the router/modem was faulty. He replaced it. However I was only receiving a 1MB connection when I was paying for a 4MB connection. He then said that the port needed to be changed at the exchange to change it from 1MB to 4MB. He informed this should be done within 2 hours. The time was then 11:45am, and I waited till 4:00pm and nothing happened so I called the helpline who making me go through the whole modem configuration process again. Still nothing changed I was on 1MB. The helpline informed me that an engineer would need to come and check and fix the issue at the exchange. I had prior to his configuration informed her that an engineer had come at 11:45am and reached the conclusion of the port needed to be exchanged. The helpline woman still forced me to go through the whole process. The helpline gave me the usual 24 hours waiting time.

    Saturday 23rd July 2011:
    No engineer came so the next morning I went again to the exchange. I spoke to the DSL in charge who told me no ports were available for 4MB. Another engineer however said he would move me to a 4MB port which was not being used. He did, however although the router/modem said it was connected to a 4MB port it only gave me a 2MB (I checked using Once again I complained on the helpline, they once again gave me the full 24hours to wait.

    Monday 25th July 2011:
    This morning the engineer rang and said it should be resolved by 1pm. The line is now not even giving me a 2MB connection, data-wise its dead. 1pm has come and past and the issue still has not been resolved. So without wasting anymore of my time I am cancelling this line, returning the router/modem, providing my CNIC photocopy and informing you via this letter/application.

    You have successfully wasted over a week of my precious time, provided with me with stress and in the process lost the opportunity to make Rs2,250/- (Rs2,000 4MB unlimited Broadband fees + Rs250 Basic Budget no line rent Voice package) in revenues.

    Take note a copy of this letter has been provided to the revenue officer, the SDO of the exchange and your corporate headquarters in Islamabad. I will not be paying any bill for this line as I never received the required service. I should in theory be refunded the Rs598/- for the demand order for the line as well as Rs18,000 for wasting my time. However all I can expect is that you just cancel the line and end this madness.

  2. faheem says:

    plz guid me may net k liye device purches karna chata hon 03214512667

  3. aomi says:

    wateen 3rd class services ha

    link dot net best ha

    ma nae wateen ko chor kar link dot net lia ha

    visit for detail and free net services

  4. adnan says:

    salam every one,
    main wateen telecom main
    job karta hoon,agar kisi ko wateen wimax ya usb ki zaroorat
    hoo to plz call me

    free home
    only lahore

  5. naveed says:

    i have an idea that wateen is best company ,but yet it is very from dsl servics

  6. sara says:

    i would like 2 know the level of privacy while using wateen dsl….. are the sites visited and emails sent and received all monitored like an administrator in a wireless computer network?if that is true then doesn’t that make it unsafe??

  7. WIFI says:

    Hey sara,
    as you said”Wateen Wins “Best Challenging and Interesting Work Award” at PSHRM, 2008, it’s ok you mentioned, but do u think wateen is providing quality services??????

  8. sara says:

    Wateen Wins “Best Challenging and Interesting Work Award” at PSHRM, 2008

    Wateen won the PSHRM Award, 2008 in the category of “Challenging and Interesting workplace”. Wateen is the preferred organization according to the opinion of 1100 graduates from 27 universities; for facilitating employees with the challenging and interesting workplace and work opportunities. Akram Durrani; MD, Human Resource after receiving the award from Mr. Naveed Qamar; Federal Minister of Privatization, Shipping, Ports and Fishery; commented that the award was once again a testmane tthat Wateen is the preferred company! He further said that, “we sincerely appreciate positive feedback this award gives to us and look forward to working with Pakistan’s young and hardworking workforce.” It is positive attitude such as this which helps to keep Wateen’s work environment a Challenging and Interesting one!

  9. WIFI says:

    Hi Guy’s,

    I heared in Lahore , LINKdotNET started Discounted packages for the students of Selective management of University of Management & Technology Lahore,FAST-NU,Imperial College of Business Studies,

    my friend show mw this info.

    Package Actual Price Discounted Price Percentage discount
    Link 512 Rs. 1,050 Rs. 735 30%
    Link 1M Rs. 1,850 Rs. 1,650 11%
    Link 2M Rs. 3,750 Rs. 3,400 9%

  10. farook says:

    Wateen is only busy in Planning and Planning but doesn’t have quality services for their customer’s.i think first wateen should take interest for it’s wimax which is really nothing.

    even LDN is very much commited company specially for it’s customer’s .

  11. Zeeshan says:

    I heard Wateen is planning for internet via cable also in near future as wateen WImax experience is not going great. I heard wateen guys laying cable in Lahore in few areas like Canal View , TECH ,DHA EME etc. i think it is for internet purpose . the cable i was similarl to fiber optic . any body know more details ??

  12. Asad says:

    Wateen, Pakistan’s largest WiMAX provider continues to play a major role in promoting the Pakistani film community as well. Wateen sponsored Mehreen Jabbar’s critically acclaimed Ramchand Pakistani, which received great reviews from audiences around the world. Wateen Telecom always play dynamic role in such category i.e. Sports, Entertainment etc. Ramchand Pakistani received an honorable mention at the London Fiml Festival’s 13th Annual Satyajit Ray Award. This is a great honor for Pakistan.

  13. farook says:

    Hi Rock,

    LDN is too good, who said it’s not a good ISP.please don’t go for wateen it’s really a blunder.

  14. shani says:

    Hi ALL,

    wana share my experiance with LDN, LINKdotNET is a good eddition in Broadband industry,i recentely applied for 1MB connection and shifted from Wateen Telecom because of really fadeup of calls to CS dept, even i beg many times for the routine technical issue’s and now my telphony also starts problem so i left wateen and swtiched to LDN.they are ATLEAST RESPECT for their customer’s.

    i got installed my dsl in a i am happy with LDN and dont want to move for wateen,it’s really painful experiance for me.

  15. Asad says:

    Today, 31st Oct 2008 (Friday), On Pasha ICT awards at Karachi Marriott hotel at 8 p.m, Wateen is inviting bloggers to join this event. Here wateen is providing free wimax & great opportunity to meet directly their senior management where you can share your experience regarding wateen. You people also can give unique ideas How they can improve & provide better n better service. I think If bloggers join this event It would be great, here you also get your problem solved.
    For more details
    Thank you!

  16. irfan says:

    first of all wateen is not providing dsl its providing broadband cable internet and winmax broadband ie the wirless i guess!! so in OMAR’S case u were using their cable broadband buddy! 2ndly wateen does has a poor management without any doubt and has any 1 seen their billing system in detail btw?? i mean after looking at it ur like wat? how?when?did i? and by billing system i dont mean the invoice they send u..

  17. Asad says:

    @Baber Bhatti
    U know?? Wateen is providing free Wimax service at P@sha ICT Awards on 31 Oct 08 at 8 P.m.. Here you are most welcomed to join this event, share your experience with wateen’s management because they are invited bloggers to answering their questions.
    For further more details

  18. Amer Ali says:

    First of we we need to understand the difference between DSL and a Cable network.

    *DSL service is only avaialble through a phone line.
    *Net through cable network in a specific area is known as a Broadband or in wateen’s scanario it called Triple Play.

    Furthr for your information WATEEN also going to launch DSL by this year

  19. Babar Bhatti says:

    About the self care portal ( …. I tried to test it but could not find any info on the portal login page about how to access the site. There was no link to register. Did I miss something?

    My biggest problem with wateen is their lack of attention to consumer’s basic needs for online usability. Probably its the topic of another post.

  20. Itratullah says:

    I agree to it. Wateen does not have a proper billing system as such.

  21. Omar Aijaz says:

    @ Zeeshan and Saad,

    checck this link please

  22. Taimur Raza says:

    LINKdotNET,,,,,,,,,, superb,,,,,, rockzzzzzzzz, ,,, mmmmmaaahhh

  23. aayuu says:

    Well, Dear ALL let conclude on all your comments,
    PTCL being mother of all these, and u cant go without PTCL (except in Islamabad NAYATEL or Wateen Wimax) on any service Provider. Be cause all share PTCL lines, some only in last mile some in Last mile plus backbone. The only short fall of PTCL is poor management of resources whether technical or human, and in most locations its the only thing which let them down , other than that PTCL is a very very huge elephant who can surpass all others just by changing a minor policy (remeber double bandwidth and unlimited downloads). but its his employees who also messing up with things making it go good or bad.
    Regarding LDN they have there own backbone and experience of WOL best still they are new and experimenting with things so at some points they good and other they bad further more they dependant on PTCL lines so some they are just help less requesting PTCL staff for line repairs.
    Wateen has very strong financial backbone but unfortunately that all goes wrong due there poor hiring and policies and currently there services are on the sympathy of there vendors i.e Motorola.. which also have strong relations with other operators like LDN (Mobilink) and which also have its short falls in Technical and Human resources so wateen Wimax project is currently struggling and there DSL is with PTCL lines so not in there control much but they have a plus point of very solid back bone.
    In My opinion the best are currently NAYAtel in ISB but they are limited to only one city and Islamabad has a very established metro other than Lahore or Khi etc where metro have lot of cumbersomes.
    But the major players currently only TWO, PTCL and LDN/MOBILINK both have huge BAckbone Network plus international Connectivity via Sea.

  24. Saad Ibrahim says:

    So you were using Wateen’s DSL service eh? :/

  25. Zeshan says:

    Come on Wateen is not providing DSL as you wrote ” I signed up for Wateen’s DSL service in March. ” give up

  26. Aqeel says:

    I am using LDN for almost 6 months now and I haven’t faced any major problem yet. Except for the fact that they did delay my installation a month too, with the promise of compensation, which I never got.

    According to them they were undergoing some maintanance and weren’t installing any new connection those days, so, maybe Haris and I applied for connection in same days.

    Now, only if they can be persuaded to upgrade my modem to the new version (one with wireless router), I would be the happiest LDN customer ever :)

  27. omar aijaz says:

    @ omer
    its a new series of aztech. the serial number that you gave is the one which belongs to the simple modem. Aztech ( DSL605EU ).

    but this new updated modem’s serial number is DSL605EW. its aztech ADSL2 Wireless modem..

  28. Babar Bhatti says:

    This is not the first time people have complained about Wateen.

    @Bubbly: The purpose of this and other posts is to share experiences. If you do not agree with the opinion expressed here, then you are welcome to present facts but lets not get personal.

  29. Hamid says:

    Bunch of lies…..wateen rocks and the speed is super fast

  30. Bubbly says:

    @Omar – Seems like a lot of technical errors in your post. It isn’t a problem to publish a personal opinion and, as they say, “pump up the volume on your end”, but if you’re going to make it public, then you should get your facts straight. To borrow a lyric from Bon Jovi, it’s people like you who give citizen’s journalism, a bad name. YOu haven’t put anything out there that isn’t comparable to a high carbon emitting vehicle – a lot of hot air.. It doesn’t even sound whiny and certainly not worth the headache I’ve got from trying to figure out your delimited thoughts.

    Quick question – you don’t like Wateen and you can’t stand PTCL.. Is there ANYTHING that works which you could like (or could like you)? Dare I say, are you one of the people who voted Mr10% into office? You sure seem like the kind of chappie that complains a whole bunch..


  31. sameer says:

    and we have no plans of changing it :D

  32. OMER says:

    “The modem has a built in wireless router and can be connected to WLAN and operated round the house. ”

    @ Omar Aijaz so you are telling us that the DSL modem which LDN provides are usually Aztech ( DSL605EU ) has a builtin wireless router.

  33. sameer says:

    Well . Wateen is providing DSL n wimax services . who ever is using Wateen , knows it .

    wateen guys did pop up wid their billing sheet a month back or so as they were configuring their system .

    anyways , we buzzed them many times n they did came up wid helping ideas . but the last was always ” refund ur account if ur not happy ”

    anyways , for customers of any service , enjoy if its good for u .

    Wateen is going fine so far . despite of the fact we did think of changing it many times but recent update is : ” Its doing Fine . “

  34. Riz says:

    Dear Omar, you said in your post that “There is no record available to the customer how much internet is available to him”
    But in my knowledge you can see this information at
    This site also provides your each session detail and remaining balance in your account.

  35. mani-007 says:

    hi Friend,

    I am satisfied user of LINKdotNET after shifting from Wateen and PTCL too.
    i dont know why companies are not making any Stategies to retain their customer’s, they are only focusing for new offer’s /promotion etc. but services qulaity and complaints are getting increse day by day.

    although LINKdotNET services are comparitively better then wateen , i have lest wateen after using of 6 months but they never solve my problem.

  36. Salome Khan says:

    @ Ammar

    As far as the hidden charges are concerned, I am simply talking about the additional taxes that are added to your bill or any extra charges for using more bandwidth than you were allocated. Since LDN does not have a cap, there’s no need to worry about being asked to pay for something you didn’t even notice in the first place.

    Secondly: I am not working for LDN and I wouldn’t know why it took so long for an installation, but generally I believe consumer installations are deployed in bulk so it may take some time. The best thing is to keep in touch with the concerned people and keep getting updates. Ask them what is taking so long and try to work through the problem.

    Thirdly: Have you been having bandwidth issues in your place or have you run a research to collect data about bandwidth issues from the entire ISB/RWP area? If it is a problem specific to you, you should get in touch with their customer service or walk in to a customer service center to rectify the matter. I don’t believe the whole problem could be in the entire twin cities. You should get your modem and all the peripherals checked out.

  37. Omar Aijaz says:

    For Saad’s latest post,
    wateen is offering DSL services only in DHA Lahore area. There is a main fibre optic cable network throughout defence. Rest of Lahore is bieng catered by WIMAX.

  38. Saad Ibrahim says:

    ^They aren’t Offering DSL services yet!

  39. Omar Aijaz says:

    Hi every one, thanks for writing your comments. basically the whole purpose behind writing this post was to let people know about the experience i had dealing with different service providers.
    From the comments its quiet clear that wateen is not even an option. Its very much true that these companies charge extra but that is because the technical departments make errors on regular basis, but once you call them they check on you and correct them.
    Talking about PTCL there are mixed emotions among the users. Some say its the best and some of them don’t even want to hear the name “PTCL”. The Technical side of PTCL lacks alot of important cheracterictics such as installing the connection in time and repair in case of problems.

    Its not that any of the author on this site is writing for the rights of certain things and against it. In odd cases some customers have had a bad experience from one company and the others are satisfied. Also the speed is dependent on the usage and internet traffic of a specific location.

    I want to correct one more confusion. Wateen is a braodband DSL and WIMAX broadband (for home users).

  40. ammar says:

    @Salome Khan
    can u tell me what hidden charges are you talking about that other DSL providers charge?
    Can you explain the 1 month time LDN takes in installing DSL at the respected premises? Can you explain the extreme bandwidth issues in Rwp/Isd?

  41. Adil says:

    Well i don’t know why you think ptcl service is not up to that standard, i believe that their customer support is much much better than dot net plus i have not seen any problem in their service from last 8 months of usage (occasionally things go down but this is part of game)

  42. Hamid Ejaz says: & PTCL Rockzzz….

  43. Shahid says:

    MBL is not in Lahore but is the best. The best customer service of any company in Pakistan of any kind.

  44. Salome Khan says:

    @ Ammar

    I think wishing death upon the person who came up with the idea is not only crass but highly ridiculous as well. Can we say immature much? LDN Egypt has made a sound business investment and althought there may be some issues right now, they are surely coming up the ranks. I switched to LINK DSL after experiencing it in my office – which just happens to be an ‘open internet policy office’ and hence allows employees to download music or browse youtube etcetera – all the things which may put a strain on bandwidth – but we never had any issues, so I got the 512 DSL Connection. The biggest thing in favour of LINK DSL? they don’t have a stupendous amount of hidden charges, unlike some DSL providers. Furthermore, their service quality is way better than PTCL. I wonder if anyone has ever tried talking NICELY & PATIENTLY to the Customer Services people to get their problems sorted out?

    Secondly, I always was a user of WOL and still use their SMS4NET service with Mobilink for dial-up for my younger siblings, and I can get internet hours over SMS just by texting ’25’ to 965. With the merger, some bumps are to be expected but they will surely be the ISP provider to reckon with in the near future.

  45. ammar says:

    Wow what an article. Talk about mis leading. Have you any idea how bad LDN is? I’m not going to go over that but lets just say, i hope anyone who came up with the idea that LDN should operate in pakistan dies a painful death!

  46. Saad Ibrahim says:

    Was that an advertisement of LDN? if it wasn’t it surely looked like so, you need to work on your writing skills :)
    and PTCL is not that bad as you make out to be and LDN often faces bandwidth shortages which are non existent with PTCL.
    for more info about QOS of these ISP go through sticky thread of the respective ISPs on the wiredpakistan forum (google)
    and Wateen isn’t even a choice until you don’t have any other means (like a PTCL phoneline)
    btw this bumpin thing is very annoying

  47. Saad Ibrahim says:

    First off all wateen isn’t a DSL provider and second there’s a typo in the title (Servcie-Service)
    i am yet to read the post

  48. Haris says:

    LDN’s billing is not any good either, infact I would rate it pathetic. every month they keep on doing over billing and there is no way to find out why it happened. but if you call them they fix your bills but they call it compensation.

    my experience with their customer service has not been very good either, every now and then i come across a very rude person. they have got my name wrong in their records and besides my complaint every month they have not yet updated it.

    my worst experience was in the beginning when they delayed almost a month in installation and their rep. promised me to give time in compensation but later when asked for it they said that the company dont have any such policy and if someone promised then give a written proof.

    basically their process is very bureaucratic and i miss my days with multi net who have excellent customer service but expensive :(

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