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Published on October 29th, 2008 | by Babar Bhatti


How Mobile Technology Is Changing Journalism


Mobile and related modern information and communication technologies are making a big impact on how you and I receive information. Whether its breaking news, some interesting piece of information, a consumer tip or opinions and views, we are no longer dependent on the large media organizations.

I have written previously about activism through mobiles, blogging and other new media. There is a common thread in all of these: empowering the common person on the street in ways which were not possible before. Anyone with access to nothing more than a mobile phone can be a reporter, thanks to solutions provided by interersting startups such as See n Report.

Some of the high profile reporting has been powered by evidence captured through mobile phones. For example, see this report about Kashmir on BBC. It is obvious that this trend will only grow and there will be more formal processes and tools to incorporate this user generated content to the existing media. the growing popularity of social networks and location based services will serve as another catalyst for this trend.

Of course there are plenty of details which need to be figured out – such as validation, trust and verification of the content. For those who have captured important footage and reported it, it can be the start of a lifelong activity.

Chasing events on mobile phones have now become an obsessive hobby with these young men – they charge their phones regularly every night and hit the road next morning looking for some action.

A young journalist says the mobile phone chroniclers are usually internet-savvy students, who shoot clips and upload them on the internet. 

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  2. nudaa says:

    well ! i think that the mobiles in a way r curse as well because jouirnalists see n report and upload such videos which are promoting yellow journalism and black maling as well .

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