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Published on December 17th, 2008 | by Babar Bhatti


Review Of SMS Email Service From Telenor


Telenor has launched a new service for email users. I think this will work for those who don’t use smart phones but are comfortable with technology and who usually send/receive relatively short e-mail messages.

Telenor’s SMSemail service is a new mobile e-mail solution that supports all popular e-mail accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, any other POP mailbox). All mobile phones are supported and you don’t have to install anything on your phone! All new e-mails will be pushed to your phone instantly as e-mail alerts; you can read these e-mails in detail and reply to them immediately! You can access this service via website, SMS or the WAP browser on your handset!

A reader sent me a review of this service.

This is something I have been waiting for a long time, and before switching to Telenor from Mobilink, I was using the Mobilink email2sms service which almost does the same thing but is not that easy to configure and use.

The charges are Rs. 30 + tax for 1500 e-mail alerts and a 30 day subscription to SMSemail service. But what Telenor ignored to mention is that you don’t receive the complete email, it is truncated and to receive the complete email you have to send a SMS reply which counts as an international SMS for some reason (I tried two times but did not get my complete email). For activating the service you logon to the website and specify and give details of the email account you want to use for this service, there cannot be more than 5 email accounts which in my opinion is pretty decent. You have to specify the email service which you are using e.g. Hotmail, Gmail etc. and you have to give your login/password. You will receive a SMS soon after you get new email in that account.

To get around International SMS charges, I received the alert and then instead of replying “1” to get the complete email using SMS service, tried to pop the email directly from the email server by using my mobile. But for some reason I was not able to do that and as soon as I disabled the same account for the SMSEmail service I was able to pop the new email from the same account again. The easiest way around this (for Gmail users) is to forward the emails from your primary account to another account and use that account to pop the emails.

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32 Responses to Review Of SMS Email Service From Telenor

  1. shammad says:

    ap ke packej or rates problem bht ziada han or sijnal ka to bht masla ha or ap na smart tunes ke cod send krten han or na guid krte han sai ap se to ufhone achi ha

  2. mshahid says:

    telenor par convat hoi ha ma boht khush ho

  3. Bobby says:

    couldnt agree more. you hit it right on.

  4. David says:

    couldnt agree more. you hit it right on.

  5. shahab ullah says:

    i m not satisfied telenor now a days is going down bcz of its bad service providing

  6. shahab ullah says:

    me aap ki service se na khush hon q k aap customers ki care nahi krte

  7. Jafar Imam says:

    well……i think the service very useful and its working for sure……..i think its just Great except the the problem that its quite slow…….takes a lot of time to push ur email from domain to ur cell……….it can be more than an hour as well……..if they overcome this problem then i think its quite Superb!

  8. Taskeen( says:

    i have activate this service but i havnt recive any email in my numbar to all plz dont use n dont activate this survice totaly wrong choice telenor

  9. Taskeen says:

    telenor ka ye package full dhoka hai if u want to waiste ur money then activate this package smsemail its nothing plz to all dont use telenor more

  10. Taskeen says:

    same problem to me i have activate this packagae but 0 result i dont know the proccess damm network for all plz dont use telenor belive me

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  12. SriMa says:

    Anyone where I can start my own blog.

  13. Alishashroff says:

    Have you checked out Airmail service offered by Valuefirst? The software allows users to send emails to mobile phones as sms. When emails cannot be accessed during travels, Airmail converts received emails to sms, and sends them to the intended recipient’s mobile phone. Great way to stay connected to your office even when you are on the move.

  14. Nicholas says:

    Hey, do you wanna exchange links with me? I have a good network, let me know

  15. Nasir says:

    It’s a good service. For those who are using Gmail account for this service, first of all you have to force your POP option to “Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on” incase your POP is already enable.
    I had this problem earlier but when I force it, I start receiving the emails properly.
    I am receiving emails from Gmail from Telenor smsEmail service as well using my local phone service. The difference is that I use IMAP for local phone service while Telenor service uses POP.

    One annoying thing is that it didn’t send the complete subject of email. Which they should include. I agree that due to sms character limitation they cannot send complete Email but atleast they can send complete subject of email.

    Indeed you can’t complain much for just Rs. 30/month

  16. zeeshan afzal says:

    telenor sms email is a great serive.
    although there are certain issues like sometimes we reply to an email and we a Failure msg again and again. and complete email is not shown.
    but good thing is, emails are pushed to mobile which only iphone, blackberry and nokia E71 are providing just for 30Rs.
    if you have a good handset which have outlook or web browser (not wap) use it with unlimited GPRS. because attachments are not shown, longs mails are difficult to receive and send. and we are charged if we try to get complete mail and send mail. by the way, charges are 50paisa tax for sending email or receiving complete email. alert msges are free. monthly line rent is 30rs for 1500 mails which is enough.
    have fun
    zeeshan afzal

  17. fozia_ahmad14 says:


  18. Bilal says:

    Because no one sending you any emails. Duh.

  19. ir says:

    telenor sucksssssssssssss……. i did activate this service…but im not receiving any mails………. wasted my money for nothing. telenor is a third class service provider.

  20. usama says:

    hi dear frnds

  21. Uknown says:

    Hey, it’s working alright for me. I get every email on my phone, I’d suggest you guys to use it.

  22. armish says:

    heyy all the viewers,telenor ka packaga sms email koi bhi mat activate karwaye falto ke 40 rupay cut jayenge believe me….even mene khud ye package karwaya hai lekin koi bhiiiiiiiiii email nahi aaai…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont waste your money…… armish

  23. J says: is incorrect :( Is there some other link?

  24. Antique Ring says:

    I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

  25. In searching for sites related to web hosting and specifically comparison hosting linux plan web, your site came up.

  26. Directory says:

    Very informative article, which I found quite useful. Cheers ,Jay

  27. kamran says:

    hi, i signed up to this telenor email service but i never received any email in my sms, why?

  28. Ali Khan says:

    The reply “1” to the email alert does count as a International SMS, I checked my bill on Web Self Service provided by Telenor, othetwise its a great solution.

    Ali Khan

  29. Omar Malik says:

    Its actually much more powerful than a simple e-mail reading solution via SMS. You can reply to the SMS with “Forward ” to forward the e-mail to another address. You can reply to the SMS with “Reply ” and your reply will be sent back. There are blocking and filtering features available as well as a complete Web and WAP portal to manage your account.

    Btw the website and your post itself clearly lists that the complete e-mail will not be sent via SMS (character limitations)

    “All new e-mails will be pushed to your phone instantly as e-mail alerts”

    Replying with 1 to the alert sends you a WAP link to the complete e-mail from a local number (and is NOT counted as an international SMS)

    And the best for last – this solution has been developed COMPLETELY by a local Pakistani company. Who says we suck at IT?

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