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Published on December 22nd, 2008 | by Arsalan Mir


WiMAX Continues to Evolve in Pakistan

Editor’s Note: Please join me to welcome Arsalan Mir. Arsalan is an undergraduate student in final year Telecommunication Engineering at FAST-NUCES (Karachi). He is the Vice-Chairperson of IEEE student branch at NUCES. Arsalan can be reached at

WiMAX in Pakistan emerged commercially with the launch of Wateen in August 2007. Recently, Mobilink has come up with its WiMAX brand ‘Infinity” and now it looks like the competition will soon elevate with Wi-tribe and TeleCard entering the WiMAX service race in Pakistan.

Wi-tribe is a joint venture of Qatar Telecom (Qtel) and A.A. Turki Corporation for Trading and Contracting (ATCO) in partnership with Clearwire. Wi-tribe is already offering services in Jordan and in Pakistan it has emerged out of the acquisition of majority stake in Burraq Telecom that occurred more than a year ago. They plan to showcase the real world benefits of Wireless Broadband to Internet community in Pakistan.

We will be offering high-speed Internet that is simple, affordable, and a portable alternative to fixed broadband. The Motorola WiMAX solution frees customers from the fixed line services.
Mohammad Sadiq
CEO, wi-tribe Pakistan.

Motorola has signed a multi-year WiMAX contract with wi-tribe Pakistan limited. Motorola has commenced deploying wi-tribe’s WiMAX network in the 3.5GHz spectrum. Commercial launch is expected during 2009.

TeleCard, a fixed wireless operator renowned for its Go-CDMA service, will also roll-out WiMAX under their current brand Supernet which is already offering internet services.

Newest development at the TeleCard will further enhance the Company’s profitability and will be a significant contributor to stakeholder satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
Aamir Niazi

Vice Chairman, TeleCard

Augere,an European company focused on broadband delivery in emerging markets, has been selected by TeleCard as the principal contractor to design and build the network such as to position a great offering / value proposition for the growing and very quality sensitive internet user community in the country. The equipment deployment has commenced in initial phase and the company expects the offering of service commercially by next year.







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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

15 Responses to WiMAX Continues to Evolve in Pakistan

  1. Shahzad FSD says:

    Wi tribe give very cheap rate now its great

  2. mair says:

    i think its a great news for pakistani as have the great internet potential

  3. if any person need a wimax fastest Qubee connection,contract

  4. not only pakistan but also wimax will pump up all the emerging countries such as Turkey, brazil, venezuella etc.

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  8. Dipu says:

    Wi-Tribe & Augere Both fought to win the WiMAX License in Bangladesh and Augere survived at last.

    Augere is expanding their Network in Bangladesh as well. Lets see what happens.

  9. Omar says:

    I am working on wi-tribe & augere Project

  10. Babar Bhatti says:

    Ahmed – the dialup user base is huge. There are some changes to be announced soon which will make dialup easier by including the charge on the phone bill, eliminating the need to buy scratch cards.

  11. aamir attaa says:

    nice read…

    looking forward to more stuff from Arsalan!

  12. Arsalan Mir says:


    Definitely the cost of service will go down with increase in competition as new operators enter to offer broadband services.

  13. Ahmed says:

    What about the people who are still using dial-up but don’t have the capacity to buy costly DSl connections and WIMAX connections? How will this penetration help the b- and c sections of the society? I know many people who still use dial-up, and most of them have gone ahead to use services like ‘SMS4NET’ by WOL and Mobilink because to them…THAT is high tech for them!!

  14. Abdullah says:

    Good to see Telecard entering in wimax, but strange to see Augere as its vendor. Our understanding was that Augere is a JV partner of Telecard and things will improve further at Telecard with this partnership but if Augere is mere vendor than chances of product hit will be low as Telecard is considered as slow among their rival WLL service providers.
    Best of luck.

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