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Published on January 7th, 2009 | by Babar Bhatti


Demand Grows For Mobile Applications

In the early years of Internet the growth of web sites was not as fast as the later years. Same is the case with mobile sites and applications. A number of factors held the mobile sites and apps back. The recent wars between smart phones has changed that. A recent article on MoCoNews talks about the reasons why mobile apps are important for building brands.

Why an app? Because it allows brands “to engage consumers and plunge them into a branded environment in which they will be more sensitive to the brand messages,” Phonevalley CEO Alexandre Mars told MobiAd. Seaborn believes the apps represent a step forward for mobile marketing. Past efforts such as mobile banner ads, he says, were usually an attempt to copy what worked on the wired internet and slap it on the mobile internet. Mobile ad applications can, however, be created to take advantage of a phone’s specific function. For example, Carling’s iPhone app—iPint—makes use of the phone’s accelerometer and lets users pretend they’re drinking a beer. (The phone’s screen fills up with a virtual beer, and when tilted looks as if it’s being emptied). Currently, the branded app is number eight in the AppStore’s free apps, ahead of both Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Earth and Facebook.

Brands and agencies are optimistic that apps will be the way forward for the coming months, but while the number of platforms and app stores have grown, so have the number of applications, all vying for a user’s attention. So now that brands have figured out a way to appeal to consumers, the next big problem is figuring out how to let consumers find them. As MobiAd notes, “With such a wide variety of platforms, stores, and applications, discovery is actually becoming the big problem these days.”

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  1. Fareeha says:

    Are there any mobile applications specifically developed for Pakistani market?

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