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Published on March 8th, 2009 | by Arsalan Mir


No Call Charges Summary for Warid Customers


Last week Warid Prepaid customers received the following message:

“Dear Customer, You can check your account balance free fo cost by dialing *100#. End of call notification service will not be available from 9th March 2009.”

This could be a move to reduce load on SMS servers. Lets see how the customers react to this as Warid was the network which introduced Call Charges Summary for prepaid customers in Pakistan.


About the Author

is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

14 Responses to No Call Charges Summary for Warid Customers

  1. Arsalan Mir says:

    From yesterday Warid has resumed the call charges summary. Looks like the customer response have made them change their decision. But I still wonder why did they put it off in the first place.
    Anyone from warid to clarify this?
    Anyways for those who wanted it back, you got that back!

  2. umair says:

    Hello everyone,

    Warid will loss its loyal customer becoz of third class marketing stretagies. Warid doent have any competitive advantagies over any its competitors. They have started charges to talk customer services representative.

  3. Tanveer says:

    this is done to keep the Warid customers in oblivion to their reducing balance. It is a facility to ease the pressure on the customers for again and again reading the whole messages. Instead now they will be receiving more and more of junk sms from warid for getting flleeced. don’t forget warid is in business to fleece and make money, it has to increase its profits. well done warid, keep this up and do more.

    an other example of warid service is its ever changing rates for customers, have anyone observed it??

  4. Arsalan Mir says:

    @ Imran
    But never was it notified before in such a way! Lets see if it resumes.

  5. Imran Dawood says:

    Hello Everyone,

    End of call notification in Warid is done using USSD so it has nothing to do with SMSC. In the special days like Eid festivals radio resource utilization increases many fold, to free up resources (channels) EoCN is disabled for few days. Because in that days users are more service oriented and don’t care much about balance mummeries. In this case it was done because of Eid-Milaad. Most probably it will be reverted back later on.

  6. Ali RAza says:

    The only feature in warid resonsuble for attracting me was ts Call notification Service.

  7. Arsalan Mir says:

    Such a move will definitely hurt the customer trust on the brand. Not only is this, from past few months I am observing a shift in Warid marketing policy too. They now focus a lot on SMS marketing which at times is very irritating to customers. You get a SMS about some latest offer not once, but twice. This is not limited to prepaid customers even the premier post-paid customers are also a victim of this marketing approach.
    For obvious reasons a person in some official meeting will get annoyed by such SMS.

    In my surviving recession analysis I had pointed out that at this time networks should concentrate on customer retention rather than frustrate them by taking back previously offered services that were appreciated.

  8. asif says:

    Actually this is craziest decision from Warid… I don’t know why they are closing all good service and what they choice they will leave as you can see that Warid’s packages are not charming anymore and have no good facilities!!!

  9. raza says:

    I don’t know why Warid has stopped call summery, this I was very handy feature from Warid which was distinguishing from all other networks I think Warid shouldn’t do that it’s really sad that good services are being closed my Warid.
    we loved this service hope Warid will launch some new features.

  10. fahad says:

    it will be difficult for those who r using sms craze package bcoz the sms done was showed in an call summary & there is no other option to check how much sms u have consumed or used

  11. Muhammed Salman says:

    In normal days SMSC is utilized less than 50% of it’s actual capacity (as per my experience)… i think it has nothing to do with the capacity constraints, maybe this is just a new service for Warid’s customers….

  12. zubair says:

    warid will loss the only speciality of its prepaid customers

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