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Published on March 14th, 2009 | by Arsalan Mir


PTCL – Itemized Billing

In discussion on PTCL Environmental Friendly Billing System many comments were not in favour of the green bill not just that it was also not accepted among the general consumers. In this regard PTA has stepped in to facilitate the consumers and have advised PTCL to start reissuing itemized bills.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has resolved the issue of non-itemized bills of PTCL and has advised PTCL to issue itemized bills from this month.PTCL has started sending monthly bills to its subscribers without itemized details appearing on the bills from the previous month.

PTA convened a meeting on this issue. During the meeting, the Authority observed that this decision was taken unilaterally and without adequate logistic support for meeting consumer demands for itemized bills. The Authority asked PTCL to continue with provisioning of itemized bills to its subscribers. PTA has taken this decision in the interest of consumers and the telecom industry.

The consumer frustration could have be addressed with itemized bills on PTCL website, but then again how many consumers use internet to access it. if we wish to go paperless, we need to increase awareness on internet and broadband not only in urban areas but also in rural areas.

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

53 Responses to PTCL – Itemized Billing

  1. ghafoor hussain says:

    idid not get ptcl internet and landline bill can you gide me

  2. Abdul says:

    Assalam alaikum , please tell me whts the problem, my dial tone has been gone, and when i call my landline number from mobile so it come number not in use, wht does that mean, did they cut my phone or wht , i pay the bill yesterday , it was in due’s from last 2 months

  3. nasir says:

    plz plz plzzz mujhay apni incoming calls maloom karni hay plzz help karain plzzz.03rd february 2011 ki incoming call maloom karni.bohat urgent hay,or bohat muhskil may hoon may plzz help me.sirf may he feel karsakta apni paraishani,paraishani may hoo may bohat.

  4. Haroon Khan says:

    open code of ptcl

  5. Tauseef says:

    is site se ap online bill maloom kar sakte hain.

  6. Raza Zaidi says:

    Please send detail of complete bills or send some address to know for it.

  7. Raza Zaidi says:

    bill details for 0606-411190 Layyah for year 1999- 2006 are required because Number was not in use since 2006 and outstanding amount is shown against the Number and the old subscriber is being asked to pay the outstanding billing amount?Please clarify the present position of details bill of the same for previous years as mentioned above. Thanks.

  8. ssdpa says: find your duplicate bill here but you should have an older bill in your hands, Thanks SSDPA

  9. saud says:

    koi kuti kay bachi bill history nai daty

  10. muzmmil says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how i got my bill history

  11. Zahid Abdullah says:

    i need itemized bill details for local calls. in my email address. how can i get????

    thanks & regards
    Zahid Abdullah

  12. zain ali says:

    hi sallam how ru?

  13. RANA FAISAL says:

    sir i can not received my ptcl bill. how can i see the ptcl bill on internet plz guide me

  14. noman says:

    sir i can not received my ptcl bill. how can i see the ptcl bill on internet plz guide me

  15. zahid says:

    i want to get on line record of made and received calls of my landline phone. how can i get?

  16. Afzal Hussain says:

    I did not received my monthly bill from last two months to now.

  17. izharbahar says:

    i didn’t recieve my ptcl bill…how can i get it from internet..plz guide me..

  18. SHUJAAT says:

    I want to see my PTCL bill.from which website i can see it.

  19. ijaz says:

    i need a cmuptr gnratd bill of my phone how could i get this?
    I know the answer that it will be “NO”.
    bhain chood lun taraqi hai aik bill be nahin online ho saka ptcl ka.lolz

  20. khurram shahzad says:

    my name is khurram i m in sudi arab my ptcl no is 2230429 i want to see my all ptcl bill records is this possible? if is plzzzzzz send me email on this id i will b very thanks full to u

  21. Jawad Karim says:

    I have the same problum about My PTCL bill. what can i do for this, to now online my due bill.

  22. mansoor says:

    i want to get on line record of made and received calls of my landline phone. how can i get?

  23. aslam says:

    i did not receive my ptcl bill how i can get it from internet plz guide me
    my cell # 03004589867

  24. umar azhar says:

    I didn’t recieve my ptcl bill…how can i get it from internet..plz guide me..

  25. Shahbaz says:

    I have not received the bill of December 2009. I want to receive duplicate bill by internet please help me.

  26. Muhammad Imran says:

    Dear i did not received my telephone bill for six months plz send duplicat copy of my no 04237530893 for the current month
    at this email address

  27. babar says:

    sir mera dsl ka pehla mounth free hay leakin bill may hay correct karwana hay

  28. Sajjad Khan says:

    i didn’t recieve my ptcl bill…how can i get it from internet..plz guide me..
    billing detail of my office no 091-2220171

  29. farjad ali says:

    sir i receive my bills on the last duedate of the bill,therefore i mostly pay the bill after duedate ,this all happens from the ptcl abbottabad,they donot send bills ontime! what is the solution of this? i cant say anything may be you can solve this problem? if u have any solution then please give me suggestion about this! waiting for reply , also please give me site from where i can check my bill online ? ok khudahafiz

  30. jahanzaib says:

    there is a billing information service number(1200)……but each time u call……u will hear…..”system masroof ha”………i wish,along wid it, they could tell for how long dere system will remain in so called “BUSY” mode…….

  31. mazher says:

    bill details 1Augustto oct & no details

  32. Mohammed Younis says:

    Dear Sir,

    Re: Telephone No. 021-2435806. 021-2432938

    this is to inforam you my telephone bill paid in 12/10/2009 HBL Ltd North napier Road branch.

    plese open my telephone number service.

    Your are request to kindly convey the order as soon as possible.

    Thanking you,
    Yours truly,

    Mohammed Younis

  33. Ghulam Haider Vajid says:

    Dear Sir,
    Re: Telephone No. 021-32236642 in the name of Fatima

    I did not receive the bill for the month of June, 2009 and so I forgot to pay the bill, however the amount was carried to the month of July, 2009, since again I did not receive the bill, I collected the Duplicate bill from Marston road area, the bill had due date of 21st August, 2009 and I paid the bill amount of Rs.10k on 21st August, 2009 later on I received the bill (without details) which showed the due date as 24th August, 2009
    However to my surprise my line was made ‘ one way ‘ on 18th August, 2009 before the first due date which was 21st August, 2009

    The bill amount sfor the month of June and July, 2009 according to me are very high, since I dont have details I cannot verify, pls. provide me details at your earliest for June and July, 2009, and inform the concerned staff to respect at least executive customers, and see the track record of customer before taking any such action.
    Thanks and regards
    Ghulam Haider Vajid

  34. ali says:

    salam sab ko..english nai aati isi lye urdu mein type ker rha hoon.
    ptcl number ki jo outgoing calls hoti hain us ki detail kahan se milay me plz

  35. SOHAIL says:

    We should have both the option of getting hard copy of our monthly bill as well as a copy should be emailed to each customer.

    I am really looking any option on PTCL site to have my duplicate bill from there but i couldn’t succeeded. I also need to have details of mobile as well as details

  36. hassan says:

    i didn’t recieve my ptcl bill…how can i get it from internet..plz guide me..

  37. sohaib baig says:

    pleace show me my bill online.

  38. Amir says:

    Asslam o alikum
    I want know my P.T.C.L billl on line
    help me

  39. fahad says:

    monthly email

  40. shafaqat ali says:

    i didn’t recieve my ptcl bill…how can i get it from internet..plz guide me..
    march 2009 billing detail of my office no

  41. sarfraz says:

    i didn’t recieve my ptcl bill…how can i get it from internet..plz guide me.and plz send my bill 0426811171

  42. nadeem iqbal says:

    Well, I did get a one page bill at my place!

    plz send my bil detail
    nadeem iqbal 0454710884

  43. waseem javed says:

    i didn’t recieve my ptcl bill…how can i get it from internet..plz guide me..
    february 2009 billing detail of my ptcl no

  44. Akiza says:

    I also got annoyed when I saw monthly bill without any details. Like all people my first perception was similar, PTCL want to earn more so they are hiding details from customers. Why in Pakistan every gov/ non gov authority wants to get more n more traffic from common people, why there all benefits are for higher societies instead of people who paid them more than services. ALLAH bless us and Pakistan.

  45. samiullah says:

    february 2009 billing detail of 0946860650

  46. Zaeem says:

    i didn’t recieve my ptcl bill…how can i get it from internet..plz guide me..

  47. Arsalan Mir says:

    @ Nasim
    Well, I did get a one page bill at my place!

  48. Nasim Raza says:

    Dear Readers
    PTCL Leadership who took solo decision not to add details of called numbers or they had in mind that new billing is environmently friendly was totally wrong. The last month bills were full of advertisement, not paperless but paper full, three to four pages long. I do not know where these so called brains come from. Trying something new without experience is called ‘TOKKA’. They think if it is successful they will be called innovator or hero in the corporate.

    It shows PTCL got weak organizational culture where policies (if any) are not being followed but order and authority is used without any board or group consutation. Consumer bodies are never contacted on these decisions. Only their reaction (if it is forceful) works and after confrontaion we learn lesson. This has become our national attitude.

    For online billing, the opportunity must be available. What PTCL got to do, just make it available online. Those who got the facility they will use and you can minimize long ques or other hurdles in billing payment. And many are already using this facility of bill payments on line through their banks. Educate people rather keeping them in dark. It will not be a waste. This step if taken will also improve PTCL IT infrastructure. I believe PTCL or related departments need to work on their recruitment policy.

  49. ShoukaT says:

    this scheme would be good if they put the bill details ONLINE..

  50. Hasan says:

    See, although this was an environmentally sound choice, the problem remains that most people like to keep track of where calls have been placed. It is very difficult to show someone on a website that they’ve made a call to a place that they “didn’t” call. However, when its on paper, people immediately admit to it.

    Secondly, if the online service needs to be perfect. It’d be nice to see the call history for a landline number, since incoming and outgoing numbers are primarily limited by the caller ID on most telephones. As suggested above, there’s a strong need to market it on the website, however, considering that many businesses and homes aren’t exactly tech savvy, it’d be a waste to launch something that no one would willingly use.

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