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Published on April 6th, 2009 | by Basit Ali


Google Maps Come To Pakistan, Finally

I have been waiting for this moment for long. Google maps mobile have finally added detailed maps for Pakistan. Now i can search for a nihari shop or a flower shop or any other business and Google maps will show me the marker. The navigation part is still missing. Google is still not offering turn by turn directions nor it gives the details like traffic, street view or driving distances, but it is a big welcome change. Moreover, I still can’t see the detailed maps on PC version. I’m sure PC maps are following its mobile counterpart but there is an obvious reason why mobile maps have come first.

Pakistan is a big market for mobile Google maps. Pakistan has more than 90 million mobile users, vast data network over GSM/GPRS/EDGE and absolutely no other street navigation system at all. Does it get any better than that?

google-map-pakistan google-map-pakistan

Actually it is a community effort using Google map maker on PC. Map maker allows users to add roads, streets, businesses, crossings and everything else for areas for which there are no maps defined yet. Then other users approve or disapprove there additions and changes. Eventually a map comes into being that is eventually supposed to be posted to Google maps and Google maps mobile. So the Google maps mobile we see today for Pakistan, has all the maps that were made on map maker and have been moved to main Google maps for mobile and I’m sure Google maps for web will be updated soon.

This move by Google will not only increase the usage of their product in Pakistan but a big number of software and hardware solutions will now spring up for the local market soon. A lot of people already using GPS enabled phone will put their GPS to use now with this free service. I think it will boost the sales of GPS enabled handsets as well.

Do try it out at from your mobile.

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31 Responses to Google Maps Come To Pakistan, Finally

  1. Plz i need a database of all locations addresses of pakistan and their corresponding GEO Locations (Latitude and longitude).

  2. BA says:


    I’m afraid that the only way you can use any of these apps is using the live GPRS/EDGE connection on your phone. I really love the idea of having the maps preloaded onto your phone, the way OVI maps do on Nokia but unfortunately, Pakistan is not mapped at all there.

    I’ve heard some people got the Garmin app running on Nokias and we do know that there are maps already available for Garmin in Pakistan. But I’m sure that will not be a cheap solution.

  3. Waseem says:

    can we save the maps in mobile?
    i have 5800 xm which has gps
    if i have database of maps on mobile then it should show the position.
    nokia maps do not give details of pakistan
    google maps ask for gprs internet to update and download the maps everytime i try to find position.
    there must be a way to have the maps in database.
    can you tell me how?

  4. aadil says:

    i like al of you if any one can el me so plz contact me.All omment are ver nice

  5. butt says:

    no wifi or 3g network availble in pakistan except wateen telecom’s wifi but it is also limited for home users. G.maps should be used on computers anymore as this is cell phones be advance and use some good cells like nokia x6,5800,n 97, etc…………..

  6. last king95 says:

    it sucks i hate such kind of websites

  7. meharzada says:

    Ithink as others are mailing is likely to adopt. Thanks .

  8. Becky says:

    Excellent post……No doubt…

  9. arslan qamar says:

    if u have gps enabled set then mail me i can guide how u can use turn by turn navigation in pk . I am using it on n97


  10. It is importance for all of us one day come when we easily find all streets and shops on roads by this servce.

  11. Hafiz Jee says:

    Except for some of the biggest streets Pakistan does not have street names nor does it have street signs, only few large streets in main city center or from airports seem to have this, therefore please do not blame Google maps or the GPS tools as these things only work on the satalite positioning and then map sits on top of this position to tell us the location or driving directions, so you can still have the positions but no directions since there are no street names. First make an effort to name and sign every single street, then comes the map.

  12. umair says:

    plz let me know ,how can i calculate distance between 2 locations on google map?

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  14. Bilal says:

    I have used this thing and it contains mostly wrong information. Just like you pressed ? instead of some other word similarly you will find info there. I don’t tolerate this kind of non sense in maps and bang my phone in the wall. Google is owned by Larry who is Jew who make rockets for you know what and hit you know who and you exactly know where. Everyone please use I wonder why they call it

  15. ?abran says:

    Hello everyone,

    Believeing that it is a very famous forum, I would still like to add this information so people don’t just fill up page space using just their own ideas.

    This BETA release to Google Mobile Maps and Google Earth based on the editing at Google Map Maker [ ] since June 2008. Only data updated till December’08 has been able to make its way to Google Maps. One of the reason is that Pakistan is very huge country in land area wise and there are very less amount of users contributing for these maps. However, In next few month’s there will more updated map data that will make its way to Google Maps from Google Map Maker.

    Many Thanks!

  16. Rehman says:

    Telenoor ka Smart share asay Hota hai..


    Plzzzzz mere Number par koi Balance Share na karee:)

  17. Basit Ali says:

    @ raza, yes it only works on mobile application that you install, doesn’t even work on the wap-site they have (google locals).

    @ Josh, well you might be correct. Can you please cite the source that it was *launcehd* earlier? I really want to know. I’m a frequent user of Goole maps and I use the Latitude” feature of this application pretty frequently. Thats why I use this app almost every day. Thee was NO street map of any city of lahore on google earlier, and the day I saw the map working, I posted this article. That’s my bit of part. I’m waiting for your input on this, I’d like to know when it was acutally launched.

    @ ChadkeSaariyaanEkBaariy….. , come on, where did Israel come into play? And I dont think Mobilink is behind google maps. Google does’nt even need mobilink for mapping streets here, does it? I need to know more how you can say Israel is involved? :) . Anything goes wrong in Pakistan has a foreign hand, and anything positive that happens also has a foreign hand and we are unhappy about it? How is that going to help?

  18. raza says:

    is this thing available only from cell phone? but anyway its nice addition in google’s Services. !!! we Love google

  19. ChadkeSaariyaanEkBaariyaanDilNuLaiyaanKiBimariyaan says:

    @ Faried: Haha Good Comedy. I hope it was comedy because I get serious over that in real life.

    @ Babar Bhatti Saab: Sir jee don’t talk to people like Josh in a good way look how they’re insulting Pakistan with Nihari shops and crtisizing our way of eating. Atleast we’re not hurting anyone, we are poor but we have respect.

  20. ChadkeSaariyaanEkBaariyaanDilNuLaiyaanKiBimariyaan says:

    @ Charlie – Yes we were sleeping. What will you pat haan? Bahar to zara nikal. Were you sleeping when Google said that this a Beta release?

  21. Babar Bhatti says:

    Josh – point taken. The title should have said something like – Google maps come of age in Pakistan.

    I did a few posts about google maps and Pakistan earlier, for example:

  22. Josh says:

    Were you guys sleeping when Google actually released Google Maps?

    It happened long lost ago and yes some of your favorite Nihari shops may have become visible lately on the map due to some Charlie tagging a nearby area to have a quick breakfast in case Mom’s not cooking!

    Also please pretty please! cite the source of this news which vets your announcement “Finally Comes to Pakistan”. Do not refer me to Basit Ali, you guys are running a very popular blog and such type of silly posts don’t suit you.

    Trust me I’m a big fan of this blog and this is the only blog to get the latest telecom info in Pakistan.


  23. Basit Ali says:

    I wish it was better but,

    Only page that works is “Features” that says it can do a lot.

    * On maps, both dynamic and static maps not working,
    * On mobile section it says : * naqsha mobile is currently not available for download. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    * Many other links on main and sub pages broken
    * rest of the links like “Your Location” and “Garmin GPS” are forcing me to send an email.

    I think even the site owner has not visited the site for long, because 6 months ago when I visited this site , it was as bad :)

  24. Faried Nawaz says:

    FUD? Check.
    Conspiracy theory? Check.
    Israel? Check.

    Sounds like a genuine kook!

  25. ChadkeSaariyaanEkBaariyaanDilNuLaiyaanKiBimariyaan says:

    For the first time home’s chicken is not equivalent to legumes. I’m glad people are liking Personally Google contains a lot of issues most of the Islamabad places fall under NWFP tag. I agree that this will not only increase the usage in Pakistan but people will also land in some other place instead of where they were trying to reach. I know Mobilink is behind this. That’s Israel’s propaganda that people get confused in different sectors.

  26. Safwan says: is way better than this.

  27. I just tried as I tried it some time ago. Weird that it asked for Login. Did I missed something?

  28. sumair says:

    Its really great to see it, Pakistan is no doubt a growing market for telecom is also great website and i was amazed that pakistan has got GPS car navigation device in just 400$ and 11 cities are loaded with complete information lets see how it goes.

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