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Published on April 8th, 2009 | by Babar Bhatti


How Cheap Can SMS Get? Talkshawk SMS Bundle Offer

I am always amazed by the uptake of SMS in Pakistan and how competition has driven the price down. Although the low cost packages are great for people who stay in touch using SMS it can be also overwhelming to get all kinds of text messages at all hours of the day.

The ad above is about Telenor Talkshawk new SMS bundle offer. You can get 1000 SMS for 30Rs. I have seen other compaines offering even cheaper bundles but I guess after some price point, consumers stop paying attention: 1 paisa or 3 paisa, is it a big deal?

With the new offer our Telenor Talkshawk customers can send SMS messages to any one across country for just 5 paisa. Moreover, with the following three exciting SMS bundles, customers can avail the SMS facility for 15 days with no hassle of daily subscription.

• To subscribe the customer needs to call 555 IVR and select 5 – the subscription price will be immediately deducted from the subscriber’s account and the SMS will be posted to his/her account
• Subscribers on all Telenor Talkshawk price plans will be able to avail this offer
• SMS can be used for BOTH On-net (any Telenor) and Off-net (any other number in Pakistan)
• These SMS bundles would REPLACE the existing 3 SMS bundles currently being offered on Talkshawk
• Subscriber can check bonus SMS by dialing *111# USSD

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4 Responses to How Cheap Can SMS Get? Talkshawk SMS Bundle Offer

  1. lisa says:

    plz tell me the sms packages of telenor n also tell me how to c0nvert telenor sim to talkshawk n djuice ..

  2. Bilal says:

    Oh No. Not her again in ad. Mom doesn’t let me watch her. She says I will spoil myself if I do. Mom let’s me watch that girl of Jazz. She thinks I won’t spoil myself by looking at her. Well…That’s what she thinks. :>

  3. Tariq Mustafa says:

    One unwelcome effect of these cheap SMS is the sudden rise in mobile spam that is being witnessed by end subscribers lately.

    Typical culprits are property and real estate dealers, for-profit medical and patient care services etc. etc.

    On the upside, K-12 schools have taken up the trends of keeping the parents informed about last minute holiday announcements (common in Pakistan) and other event reminders. Saves money and time.

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