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Published on July 3rd, 2009 | by Arsalan Mir


Augere Brand 'QUBEE' – Soon to Launch

I discussed the WiMAX evolution in Pakistan earlier. The recent launch of wi-tribe has definitely elevated the level of competition in WiMAX market in Pakistan. Now the latest news is the expected launch of Qubee an Augere brand for WiMAX services in Pakistan.

Qubee is a new and exciting company providing fast, reliable and competitively priced broadband internet services to residential and business customers across Pakistan. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy trouble-free access to the internet and the world of opportunities that it brings. Our aim is to make a magical internet experience available to everyone, everyday, without exception.

Qubee is the creation of a group of global telecoms professionals who saw that a new technology called WiMAX could really change the internet experience for millions of people worldwide.

The details of the tariff and packages offered is not yet mentioned on their website, www.qubee.com.pk.

They are starting in Karachi, but quickly plan to expand thier network and cover other cities nationwide. The current coverage area for Qubee can be seen on the following link.

Qubee’s launch right after the launch of wi-tribe reminds me of the year 2005 when at the GSM front we saw Warid following Telenor’s launch. Nevertheless Qubee will bring on-air the fourth WiMAX operator of Pakistan, the other three being Wateen, Mobilink Infinity and the recent Wi-tribe. Will this start a price/data-rate war among the WiMAX operators? This will only become clear with time.

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

12 Responses to Augere Brand 'QUBEE' – Soon to Launch

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  2. Adeel says:

    Its good to hear that pakistan will have its newly fourth WIMAX operator in pakistan. The WIMAX competition is going to be more among all. Pakistan already have many vendors working on wimax tehnology such as motorola, redline communications, dancom , Wi-tribe , wateen ,mobilink, interactive group etc.

    Wimax is the easiest but not the cheapest solution & infact PTCL also launches its WIMAX network in VFONE project.

  3. if any person want the higher speed internet to Join in qubee,and here i m there to solve ur questions and provide the qubee wimax services. sm_farrukh@hotmail.com

  4. Umair says:

    good to see wimax launched by various telecomm sectors in Pakistan only…pakistan is the 1st country to have wimax technology .. and its obvious ppl investing here in this sector… they have done researches and studies .. every new technology starts with niche marketing…remember mobilink ??

  5. ssa says:

    third class response on email. and the packages are too bad. usage is cap. and they asking what is your usage and how many employee are work at a time. then there technical team decide which package is best. but they do not tell the package detail first. its a very bad thing.

  6. Another skeptic says:

    Why would anyone want to go for a 1Mbps connection when you can get 3 Mbps from PTCL?

    Qubee will have the same fate as the others….it’s the technology….

  7. Salome Khan says:

    majority of people are still using dial-up in this country (outside the larger cities) like WOL and companies investing so heavily in wimax operations sounds absurd, since the concentration and majority of tech savvy people going for these is in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad – and how many customers can they truly hope for?

  8. Taimoor Khan says:

    Hi dear All,

    wateen has uncaped the download with its unlimited package!

  9. Arsalan Mir says:

    Good point made Faizan. Lets see if Qubee comes without data caps.

  10. Faizan says:

    The main problem that wimax isn’t able to prosper in Pakistan is because of the coverage issues and data capping at such low threshold.Most of them offer packages around 5/10/15GB/month(download AND upload included) usage which is a whole lot less than what an average user requires.So the next step will be to provide Unlimited packages which are competitive with the current DSL packages in Pakistan…around Rs.1000/month for an unlimited account of 1Mbps.

  11. Ahmed bilal jan says:

    hay its a wimax company and they are doing good to cover khi on there first move. how many users of wimax you can found round the country???

  12. Skeptic says:

    Losers Option. They arn’t even covering all major cities in first move. Loser Investors like Worldcall.

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