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Published on July 14th, 2009 | by Babar Bhatti


Is Trafco the First Vehicle Tracking Service In Pakistan?

According to this ad, Trafco provides vehicle tracking service in Pakistan, using Warid’s data and voice technology. Warid’s site mentions a short dial code (811) for Trafco vehicle tracking customer service. Last year Trafco Tracking announced an MoU with Warid and IBM Pakistan for the vehicle tracking solution.

Is Trafco the first major vehicle tracking service in Pakistan? Has any one used their or similar service in Pakistan?

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18 Responses to Is Trafco the First Vehicle Tracking Service In Pakistan?

  1. We provide R&D Services for digital electronic devices. Among several other products, we have also developed few variants of “Asset Tracking” device. Specially a highly compact vehicle tracker with unlimited on-board polygon geo-fences within 1000km.

    About, Warid; it seems to be very difficult till Warid GSM coverage goes beyond Mobilink, Ufone & Telenor.

    We have experience with Mobilink & Telenor, and found Telenor is the best for data link.

    WARNING: To consumer, before buying any tracking device; ask for its reliability, durability and after-sales support in terms of its repairing and future enhancement plan with parts & equipment replacement plan.

    Have a nice…webcast.

  2. humayun nizam says:

    This is not the pioneer in pakistan and secondly this is the worst company here in pakistan because the tracker has been installed for the recovery of vehicle and when these companies are not ABLE to recover the vehicle or assist any body then what they are doing here they are only here to FRAUD the people because now the thieves can take only 5 to 6 minutes in diffusion of TRAFCO TRACKING DEVICES . If some body want to inquire more please contact at 03008600077: for more details and explanations . Thanks

  3. The way Trafco group is rising i congratulate Mr Tahir Malik & wish him good luck
    My last meeting with Tahir sahib was with Umer Badshah Of TELTONIKA based in Luthania in TELTONIKA Office

  4. In my opinion C Track now Tracker they are the pioneers in this field & no one, Than comes TRAFCO on No Three FALCON I

    I must appriciate product from Luthania Company Called TELTONIKA having local office in Karachi Pakistan & providing there tracking devises to the major tracking companies of PAKISTAN wish them good luck

  5. ATIF SIDDIQUI says:

    TRAFCO TRACKING is not the first comany,but without any doute its the largest company in Pakistan and the only company having the latest technology,they also have the latest dual settalite/GPRS device which they are using for fleet managment travilling to Afghanistan.
    further the comments about warid they are increasing the net work on the feed back of TRAFCO TRACKING.

  6. aa says:

    i just happened to get a chance working with trfaco so its very helpful comments to make my mind firmly for this job every thing has competition in its field so we must think and consider the quality of this product if they r fine in quality and good service then its existence gets worth meaning well

  7. Philips says:

    Falcon-i is another company which is providing vehicle tracking services for individuals and fleet management.
    They have grown pretty good in a short span of time with a huge customer base almost all over pakistan.
    Their pricing is affordable as compare to the market.

  8. syed ahmed arsalan jafri says:

    i am employe of v-tracking pvt ltd in operation designation senior base attd

  9. Ahmed Rauf says:

    Megatech Trackers is one of the best companies in the market for vehicle tracking and fleet management. They have a state of the art infrastructure and technology which is the reason behind their satisfied customer base which includes Lackson group, Pakistan State Oil, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital, Express News, Efu Insurance, Citibank and Pak-Saudi Insurance

  10. vik says:

    do u guyz think r/f is solution for vehicle tracking.
    radio frequency

  11. Ahsan Ali says:

    there is an other office of trafco in Lhr
    it on canal bank road near Jail raod Underpass

  12. Omair says:

    VTS (vehicle tracking systems) are best only when they are backed by proper resources. The first tracking company in Pakistan was Trakker (Pvt.) Ltd. lauched in late 2000 (also known as C-track which is the product brand) who utilize South Africa based Digicore’s VTS followed by Star Track and others.

    I had a GIS related visit to Lahore last year, and was surpised to find a dozen VT companies operating in single room offices without any licences or proper resources. These companies promise the world in services and recoveries but fail to provide either.

    PTA has thankfully taken notice of such companies and is now conducting surveys and visits to validate licences and service levels.

    Comming to Warid, yes Warid’s coverage would seem inadequate as compared to Mobilink and Ufone, however they are increasing their coverage. Most of the new tracking devices are multi network based and some are Satellite data enabled as well.

    Coverage is a big factor in tracking cars in emergencies, but without proper resources on ground, one can have all the coverage but still not be able to do anything.

    On a different note, Pakistan now also has digitally mapped road network. Navigation applications available for as low as PKR 250 per month.

  13. Saleem Khan says:

    Tracking Service Provider Companies working in Karachi only as as below….


    Corporate Office
    39-K, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S.
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    Tel: (92-21) 439-0300
    UAN: 111-000-300

    Sales & Marketing
    72-B/2, 3rd Floor
    Najeeb Centre, P.E.C.H.S.
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    Tel: (92-21) 432-2555

    Installation Center
    20-B, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S.
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    Tel: (92-21) 432-4011, 432-4012

    901, Park Avenue
    Main Shahrah-e-Faisal
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    Tel: (92-21) 438-0805, 430-2071

    14-A, Main Sharah-e-Faissal
    Block 7/8, K.C.H.S.
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    Tel: (92-21) 438-4022, 438-4023

    18/E Block 6
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    Tel: (92-21) 453-7143
    UAN: 111-887-225

  14. I like Warid’s consumer services, but using Warid for Tracking is questionable due to its shorter network coverage. Warid lacks network coverage in many distant and rural areas unlike Mobilink and telenor which have a very strong network coverage all over Pakistan. Vehicle Tracking is such a service that needs very wide network coverage. Usually the stolen vehicles are taken to distant or barren areas. I don’t find Warid the best solution for this!

  15. Babar Bhatti says:


    Thanks for the information, we need to share this with more people so that they are aware that such services are available.

  16. Sheraz Khan says:

    No not at all, i am not agreed with this that they are at first, right now there are about more than 150 PTA Licences Licence holder vehicle tracking companies and 50-70 % companies are using Imported Device, devices are probably of same technology based the the difference is of operation, the company is at first whose operations and SOPs are excellence, the following companies are in market with excellence SOPs and operations,

    a. C-Track
    b. Tracking World
    c. Matrix Trackers
    d. Trafco

    and some of others


    0300 7373760

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