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Published on July 30th, 2009 | by Babar Bhatti


Telenor Khuddar Initiative: Kudos For Pioneering Work For Persons With Disabilities

Telecom companies have made significant impact on how business is conducted in Pakistan. Telenor, for instance, has consistently demonstrated leadership in the area of corporate social responsibility in Pakistan. Telenor’s latest CSR initiative, Khuddar Pakistan, is a good example of how businesse0s can work together with government and civic society to champion an important issue. Khuddar is Urdu for a person with dignity, one who does not depend on others.

An important part of this program is a detailed document with resources and information for persons with disabilities. I am very impressed by the wealth of information, presented in this reference book (3.6MB pdf). Kudos to the team members who created this. Of course, there’s more to it then launching this program – awareness is the first step, after that the program has to be sustained and expanded. More from Telenor about this.

With Khuddar Pakistan, we want to make a difference in the lives of our fellow persons with disabilities by addressing the challenges they face.

We want to change the public mindset by creating awareness about their abilities. We want to help develop technologies that will give them the opportunity to actively participate in our society. We pledge to integrate persons with disability fully into our workforce.

Currently, we are the only company in Pakistan to have a formal disability advisor and a disability advisory panel. We sponsor assistive technology training labs for persons with disabilities at National Institute of Special Education, National Training Center for Special Persons (NTCSP), and Special Talent Exchange (STEP). We have the first corporate products & services/career website that is fully accessible and our staff participate in the first formal employee volunteerism drive in the corporate sector to work with persons with disabilities.

CEO and President Telenor Pakistan, Jon Eddy Abdullah, addressing the inauguration ceremony said, “Some 7-10% of Pakistanis have disabilities, and most of them face adversity at every corner, fight negative social perceptions, are turned away by lack of accessibility, and cannot get adequate trainings and assistive technologies. With Khuddar Pakistan we want to start making a difference in the lives of our fellow persons with disabilities by addressing just these issues with the help of key partners. There has to be an organized effort in this regard and we believe with our expertise in providing mobility and our commitment to empower communities, we can play a role here. We still have a lot to do.”

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7 Responses to Telenor Khuddar Initiative: Kudos For Pioneering Work For Persons With Disabilities

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  3. AL NASIR NAWAZ says:

    Commercial (Product) & Technical Office
    TELENOR ,F- 11/1 Markaz.
    I AL Nasir Nawaz MBA (Marketing ) from Philippines in 1988.Working as Assistant Manager(Planning & Development ).in National Polic Foundation (NPF).Worked honorary as Director Marketing for a Magazine known as Pakistan Special for Persons With Disabilities (PWD) . With personal efforts registered an NGO “OMANG” to fight for the rights of handicapped. Working as President for “OMANG”. I am by birth a Disable person but ALLAH gifted me a strong willpower which never feel that my disability is a bar in the way of my progress. Due to walking problem I use wheelchair. I have studyTELENOR web site your
    organization claims they a special care for PWD. See how much your company HOW MUCH YOUR COMPANY cooperate WITH ME BECAUSE I MYSELF KHUDDAR PAKISANI

    All the mobile companies not approaching directly to the client but the client is approaching to the company’s outlet . The company is in contact with the client through fast electronic media. Where as now e days it’s a public demand every thing what they need it is preferably available at their door steps.

    Computer is invention human is inventor. Analysis of inventor by eye & brain is much better then invention because it depend upon the feed data you can make the process fast but you cannot feed the behavior attitude and feeling which the human eye can only capture. I want to say that for best market analysis the human to human contact is very necessary

    My idea of CLIENT APPROACH CONCEPT make it easy for clients to access yours product and it is Human nature when access is easy use increase hence SALES Increase.

    Might be TELENOR is working on the same idea but with different approach i.e electronic media. My idea of CLIENT APPROACH CONCEPT It has a Traditional solution which is so simple that no body give attention.

    HOW TO IMPLEMENT Client Approach Hawker Concept
    There is a hawker culture in our society we can establish a nationwide Hawkers Network .The hiring of hawkers not on salary but on commission and incentives more sales Good incentives by the selling of cards ,easy load or connections.

    The hawkers who will approach the places where human contact is maximum available for example hospitals ,universities , public waiting places etc Hawkers wearing a shirt with a printed logo of TELENOR which is a publicity on very small expense. also a pocket MP3 player playing songs OF TELENOR COST ON IMPLEMENTATION
    The cost of shirt, pocket size MP3 player, plastic tray . So the Implementation cost is very less

    The following are the summary of benefits will be attain

    We can get fresh and up to date feed back of the market
    It Is a type of publicity when HAWKERS are wearing shirts of TELENOR which have long time effect.

    It will reduce the unemployment
    Public have more Easy Access To Easy Load When you approach the clients it defiantly increase the sales because when access is easy , use of the product increases
    Implementation cost is very less
    Most of the organizations govt. non govt. or private paying the salaries to their staff through banks because it is easy for govt. to recovery of income tax. One month credit facility can be given to the persons who get their salaries through bank & accounts Holders of bank . Recovery of bills though banks operating under ONE LINK
    I have give a idea of implementation if your org. want to buy it then your professional make it more better
    I am very much hopeful that your reply will be positive .
    Thank you in anticipation
    My contacts are e mail ,mobile # 092365726357 PTCL 5111793

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