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Published on August 10th, 2009 | by Babar Bhatti


Mobilink Helpline Delays Causes Concerns

What happens during maintenace sessions for help and customer service?  A recent discussion thread on Telecom Grid Pakistan discussed this for Mobilink. As one member shared, the issue is related to a large technology infrastructure upgrade. However many others chimed in and talked about their negative experiences with call quality and network issues. Its not just delays over getting – it goes deeper and touches the core service levels. As Badar Khushnood asked,

Shouldn’t service oriented companies in Pakistan also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with money back warranties in case of failures/outages beyond certain limits?

The important question here is how to communicate about these performance glitches with your customers. Of course, customers will get frustrated if they keep getting a message that “lines are busy, please try later”. Outages and maintenace periods should be planned with utmost care and customers should be kept informed. Note that this concept of transparency is not very common in Asia but the reality is that people will get more annoyed if you try to hide issues. The best option is to minimize the pain and be honest so that companies don’t erode trust in their brand. They can advertise all day and night about their superior network quality but its not going to matter to someone who is unable to make calls or get timely help on a critical issue.

Even though Mobilink is named here, the issues are not limited to Mobilink but apply to all the companies. There are some companies which are great at PR but fail to respond to emails. The stories such as those discussed at TGP should be a lesson for every telecom company. Please pay special attention to network quality and customer care.

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4 Responses to Mobilink Helpline Delays Causes Concerns

  1. shahzad says:

    all over the pakistan very baad serves in mobilink bicos no anser for help line n no responce for castamer caer

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  3. Arsalan Mir says:

    Why not try the latest PTA complaint service in this regard.

  4. zubair says:

    Mobilink , Telenor and Zong

    Learn from WARID thes network the best contact center and the best Quality network i have ported out from Mobilink and very much satisfied Customer of WARID


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