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Published on August 12th, 2009 | by Arsalan Mir


Telecom Universities…Do We Need More?

President of Pakistan has recently called to set up a Telecom University in the vicinity of Haripur, which is already the hub of telecom training in Pakistan. The associated press reports:

President Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday called for the setting up of a Telecom University, a telecom research and development center and a plant to manufacture and assemble mobile handsets in the country. He said that the government will provide land for the Telecom Varsity in Haripur where the nucleus of telecom training facilities already existed and also offer facilities for establishing an R&D Center in Islamabad and the mobile handsets manufacturing plant. Spokesperson to the President former Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the call was made when a delegation of Chinese Telecom conglomerate ZTE called on the President in the Presidency today.

When the telecom industry in Pakistan was booming we had no university offering telecommunication degrees here. At that time the electrical/electronics graduates with some training managed to make their place in the industry. Then with the deregulation paving way for foreign investments in the telecom sector, the boom took a new form and then came the need for qualified fresh telecom engineering.

Many universities both public and private started to offer telecom engineering programs. I myself, graduated in Telecom Engineering from FAST-NU (Karachi). But now when I have the specialized telecom engineering degree the need for fresh engineers have died. Possibly due to global recession and low foreign investment coming in this sector, the companies are reluctant to hire fresh engineers and train them so they prefer the easy way, hire experienced professionals.

And then comes this recent call of establishing a new telecom university. Do we really need another telecom university?

Mr. President a better approach in my view is to use the existing resources – our unemployed telecom engineers. We have hundreds of them out here. The government should focus in realizing the core needs of the industry.

The university establishment should not be the priority. The establishment of mobile handsets manufacturing plant should be the priority. The very much delayed 3G license should be the priority; it will not only bring in more foreign investment but will also open opportunities for us. Training for the fresh engineers should be the priority, to let them have practical experience .

Invest now for a fruitful return in future. We need to understand that present should be our priority because it is what will make our future.

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

14 Responses to Telecom Universities…Do We Need More?

  1. syed raza says:

    hmmm the thing is that we the fresh un employed telecom engineers will be the teaching faculty in haripur

  2. Salman Raza says:

    yes,but more will be done.

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  4. says:

    There is a possibility that we may incur a TOT from China for the handsets. We don’t have any Telecom university in Pakistan. FAST is not a Telecom University! GIKI is an Institute where most of the students don’t have their directions set and end up going to other fields ending up in waste of acquired seat which may have been used by other deserving core-engineering focused individuals. This is why our industrial strengths stand one of the lowest in the world. In short words, we have produced failures who then opt for other fields by not finding a match to what they studied. They might excel in the other fields but obviously they failed in their first choice.

    The only university worth quoting for their Engineering skills is UET Lahore.

  5. Jawad Hameed says:

    Being a Telecom Engineer myself i had to seek job in the Software Development field…..I completely agree with you…..We already have enough engineers in market…..

  6. Ishaq ahmed says:

    Good to see this kind of activity from govt.
    Govt should also facilitate the Telecom Engineers. Who are in search of job after graduation and the situation of Telecom industry after 2008 is in front of everyone. No Jobs…..Down sizing etc………..

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  8. Pim says:

    Research and mobile-hand-set comes under Electronics not Telecom. Telecom industry is just operational.

  9. ahmed bilal says:

    well don’t oppose establishment of new university just for your future being secured. Surly R&D and mobile handset plant will be a great .

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  12. farhan says:

    ya arsalan i completely agreed with you….But how to inform him…

  13. Pim says:

    Hey, I’m in full agreement to you

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