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Published on August 29th, 2009 | by Basit Ali


PTA to launch 3G in Pakistan to boost telecom further


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PTA has recently announced that it plans to launch 3G services in Pakistan very soon. Though no dates or time frame has been given and the word soon remains undefined. According to this news-release, launching 3G services is one of the steps it is taking to keep the upward trends in telecom growth, a sector that is already contributing 2% of the GDP and it is expected that it will grow up to 3% in the coming years.

My question is, that a country with a tele-density of 62%, mobile penetration of 94 million subscribers with a population of around 180 million, can we still expect more subscribers to sign up?

I believe we are already reaching a kind of saturation point. Please consider the following facts before answering my question:

  • There is a big number of subscribers who carry more than one active sims
  • Pakistani population between ages 15 and 64 that most probably uses phones, is less than 60%

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17 Responses to PTA to launch 3G in Pakistan to boost telecom further

  1. masood says:

    Dost rahim yar khan main 3g and 4g kab shuro ho rahi ha

  2. paki says:

    In pakistan..,

  3. rahim yar khan mein gulshan-e-lqbal mein signal nahi hai koi faida nahi hai usb mein?3g ptcl?03346554949

  4. rahim yar khan gulshan-e-lqbal mein 3g network nahi hai?
    net nahi chalta 3g ptcl ka kiya faida hua hai

  5. aftab khichi says:

    3g technology kab tak use kersakte hain? 3g pakistan ab launch ho rahi magr dosrey country mein 4g start hogai hai dosrey country ke sath chalne ke liye 4g jald launch karni chahiye .thanks

  6. faisal says:

    i m waiting 4 3g’s long time i want 3g hi speed brodband internet.
    Becoz this is wire less.
    I trust on wire less.

    Koe mujhe bata sakta hai k 3g internet ke speed kitni ho ge.or 3g k humen alag se charges denay honge kiya.

  7. Awais says:

    Oh good 3G wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wajid says:

    sir 3g sim kab rhi hai pakistan mai 3g network ki

  9. 3g or any thing advance…the question is to start or not…. i say why not..3g will not replace previous edge or gprs it will be a choice for heavy and advance users.
    if u talk about the investors.. they will make huge profit as pakistan is a big consumer market.
    look at all the possibilities it can open…video phone video tv …the possibilities are limitless

  10. Usman Malik says:

    Apart from everything else, the most serious issue is how will any investor invest in Pakistan in such an expensive technology (and license) when they are avoiding any investment even in the safest zones?

    Also 3G services thrive on value added services and sadly in Pakistan we do not have a large English affluent user base. Majority of the content is at the moment in non-Pakistani languages…so in short it means another massive investment in that side.

    I personally do not think that saturation has much to do with it.

  11. Khizar Hayat says:

    It is very, that we are still awaited for 3g svcs in pakistan.

  12. Encore says:

    Well em a ufone Franchisee and according to my monthly report almost 2000 to 2500 connections gets activated monthl on average just of my franchise!.. and abt 300 to 500 customers lost per month.. this means that still this industry is still growing .. and dere is some kinna of room still left . Not xactly saturated ..

  13. omerfarooq says:

    As for growth the previous history will repeat itself,
    Like, Just when GSM came in, Insta and Tango became thing of past,
    People will switch to 3G and GSM will see fall in subscribers. So, it would be better for GSM Companies to obtain 3G license and start going for new things like Video Calls/Mobile Broadband or Triband to see their revenues touching skies.

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  15. bilal says:

    Good news indeed, i agreed with your argument about further growth of subscribers… We can’t expect something big in future when it cames to getting more subscribers. however a little chance of increase is there. .By the way the hot debate about 3G technology is that it kills network & bandwidth, lets see what will be the situation in pakistan..

  16. Babar Bhatti says:

    3G has to do with a) economics / spending power and b) the need for data services. A good example is Apple’s iPhone. As soon as people could get a decent device and interesting services, the data usage went up the roof.

    In Pakistan the ARPU is one of the lowest in the world. We need to fix our economy first before going after 3G.

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