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Published on September 13th, 2009 | by Babar Bhatti


PTCL Management Responds To Union Protests


PTCL senior management, controlled by UAE based Etisalat, has been playing a careful game with its employees and union workers since privatisation. It has gone through voluntary separations, change in policies, lay offs etc. Recently there were protest by PTCL employee union and PTCL responded to that by providing some carrots to the employees, which were covered in a press conference. In the press conference senior HR executives talked about profitability of PTCL, pay increase, foreign nationals working for PTCL and the relationship with union workers. The News reports:

PTCL’s Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resource Syed Mazhar Hussain said that foreign nationals working for the improvement of the PTCL are from the UAE, Sri Lanka and the Sudan. However, some of them belonged to Pakistan as they were working with Etisalat for last several years, he added. He was accompanied by Executive Vice President of Communication and Corporate Ali Qadir Gilani.

Answering a query, he said that the Board of Directors of PTCL approved 20 per cent raise in the basic salary for grade 1 to 16 employees while 15 per cent raise was granted to officers. He said that the PTCL also granted bonus with minimum provision of Rs7,500 before Eid in order to give relief to employees.

When he was asked about delays in paying installments by the Etisalat in shape of privatization of the PTCL to the government of Pakistan, he said that this question should be asked by the Privatization Commission, and PTCL management had nothing to say anything on this issue.

Answering a query about reduced profits of the PTCL after privatization, he said that although the profits reduced, but the market analysis showed that the call rate stood at Rs48 per minute from Lahore to Karachi which now nosedived to 60 paisas, resulting into scaling down of profits.

But he claimed that the profit earned by the PTCL was much more than the collective earning of 60 to 70 players of the telecom sector, including the cellular companies.

He clarified that the PTCL management did not strike any deal with the protesting employees as they were trying to get “political mileage” for the upcoming referendum, which is going to take place after Eidul Fitr.

He said that the PTCL management had taken decision not to bow down before any effort to get blackmailed from any anyone. To another query, he said the PTCL gave its consent in the court for granting bail to those who were arrested by the police when these protestors tried to block network operation system as well as data centre where the bill software was installed.

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0 Responses to PTCL Management Responds To Union Protests

  1. shahid says:

    contract employe kab tak permenent hongay.president zardari ne announcement ki thi k contract worker permenent karygaay

  2. Etisalat should give jobs to the ex ptcl staff who have taken vss.
    ( on contract basis)

    Amjad Pervaiz Chowhan
    Ph: 0300-9842213

  3. Azeem says:

    In the light of latest technalogy , soft switch reduce the strength of employees like other cellolar companies. There are to much strength of employee in soft switch systems , these systems are controal only one person except 9 or 10 persons.
    It is progressive thing to reduce the employees. there are many people who opties vss and fill in take form but they receive no accept or reject letter. if the management leave those people who opties vss, than such employee can go out who have minimum Qualification and not know any thing about Digital (computer) world, they are the burden on PTCL , also ptcl picked Qualified people in low salary.

    i want to know why PTCL management not to relieve intake people ?

  4. fasil says:

    please please lounch the golden hand shake scheem for all ptcl employees and solve himself and workers problums this is one way is going to the favour of ptcl and his workers

  5. tayyeb says:

    PTCL management forgot something… they forgot all their contract employees who have haven’t been given any increment for the last two years.
    the reason they gave increment to the regular employees was due to the blackmailing, the contract employees on the other hand can’t afford to pressurise the management.

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