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Published on November 24th, 2009 | by Babar Bhatti


Reboot – Must Read Book For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship looks so glamorous and noble when you are about to start on that great idea. With all the excitement of creating something big, failure is not something that a lot of entrepreneurs want to think about. If you are a typical entrepreneur you make a lifestyle choice: you  live from hand to mouth, spend all/most of your savings, work hard for many years and sacrifice your relationships with friends and family.  So what is an entrepreneur supposed to do when all of that effort ends up as being a grand failure? Well, if you are Jawwad Farid, you write a book about the lesson learned AND start another venture.

Fast forward a few years. Jawwad’s book, Reboot is now being taught as a text book at a number of business schools and  his second major venture Alchemy (got to love his choice of names!) has grown to be one of the major success stories to come out of Pakistan in the last decade.

reboot1How is this book different from the other startup books? Jawwad takes a bold step and demystifies the secrecy which usually surrounds a failed business venture. And he then tells how to learn valuable lessons from it.

Jawwad tells the story as it happened – the mistakes, the pain, the lessons and the key take aways for readers. His is a powerful writing style that gives you a glimpse into his work style, personal life, decision making process and how he and his team dealt with uncertainty and the pursuit of capital and customers. Writing a book about your own failure is not easy. Jawwad takes the interesting approaching of presenting the time line through emails. As I went through the book, I felt a deep connection with his struggles. I could see the events happening in my mind’s eye.

Another very interesting and unique value of this book is that it presents 2 different experiences. First, as a Pakistani trying to setup a business in the US he and his wife had to deal with the all the pressures faced by a typical family who is trying to survive there. Second, after Jawwad moved back to Pakistan, he had to settle back and start all over again. There is very little literature about entrepreneurs who go through such major shifts in such a short time and are resilient enough and determined enough to get back on track.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or you are already on the path to entrepreneurship,  whether you are based in Pakistan or living abroad  – this book is a must read for you and your team (see other reviewers who have raved about it). As for me, I keep it on my desk to keep me inspired.

I’d encourage you to see this presentation at Jawwad’s blog, watch his interview on CIO Pakistan and to visit his Facebook page. Jawwad Farid is also very active with startups in Pakistan and has been a key participant in the business case acceleration programs about which I have written in the past.  Jawad – thanks for your brilliant work and for and shaping the thinking of entrepreneurs.

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  1. Babar Bhatti says:

    Found this very relevant tweet to this post: RT @davemcclure: “if you can’t #FAIL you can’t learn” @ericries #vlab

  2. FaizaK says:

    I am looking forward to reading this book! I can so totally relate to the part of his life when he was trying to set up his first business in a foreign land.

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