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Published on December 22nd, 2009 | by Arsalan Mir


It Can Be 4G Next!

We yesterday mentioned in our tweet about Mobilink President Rashid Khan hinting on the leapfrog to 4G bypassing the 3G. He also tells about the broadband ‘infinity’ expansion plan and their plan with booming mobile banking concept. The complete story is hereunder.

Mobilink President Rashid Khan on Thursday dropped a strong hint on the launch of 4G (LTE) Technology in Pakistan in the near future saying that the country’s market could have a leapfrog to accept the new technology. “Yes, there has been a discussion about the launch of 3G technology in the country for some time. However, like some other countries, we can also go for 4G technology and we are in talks with the government in this regard,” he told APP in an exclusive panel interview.

Khan brushed aside the impression that some cell phone companies had cartelized in blocking the launch of 3G technology in Pakistan, saying the telecom operators were in consultation with the IT ministry and PTA for the advent of new technology.

“The decision has to be taken by the government and we would follow its directions,” he added. Rashid Khan welcomed the government initiative for cut in taxes on telecom sector, saying these had helped the telecom sector boost its revenues a lot.

He said Mobilink has made US$2.5 billion investment since the upgrading of its communication infrastructure and other sectors in the country. “Only this year, Mobilink invested $150 million in Pakistan. Today, we have around 8000 cell sites across country – the biggest number by any operator in the country. We have more than 2000 touch points which is the maximum number by any operator,” remarked Khan.

Rashid Khan said his company was focusing on launching value-added services for the next fiscal year. “We are set to launch Mobile Commerce (M Commerce) under which we would introduce the concept of Branchless Banking. The would enable the consumers to have the experience of paying utility bills, opening and usage of bank accounts through cell phones, and national and international remittances,” he added. He said his company was mulling on the provision of total telecom solutions through cell phones. “We are now shifting our focus on broadband services and already this service has been introduced at Karachi with brand name “Infinity”. We have the required infrastructure including fibre link and submarine cable. Orascom is helping us in this regard,” he added. He said his company has the vision of convergence of all services and in future, it would provide all services including broadband, TV cable, etc. “Still Mobilink is the market leader and we are gaining the maximum market share.


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5 Responses to It Can Be 4G Next!

  1. m.tauseef khan says:

    i think current cenario we will cover our coverage area to all over pakistan and expand the coverage of network and then we ll move on to the 4G…

  2. Arsalan Mir says:

    Definitely, ROI risk is associated with technology upgrade but it like this with all new things. Even GSM was a new things with AMPS already in place at that time.

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  4. Farhan says:

    It’s not only Mobilink , even Warid people hinted at LTE instead of 3G but licensing fees and ROI is an issue

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