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Published on January 31st, 2010 | by Basit Ali


Find your Lost or stolen Blackberry–BerrySnooper to the rescue

Let me confess, I never wanted to be a BlackBerry user and ever since I was forced to use my first RIM device, I have always been carrying one, it’s been a few years now. I’m not that forgetful in general but I do forget my BlackBerry at places at times, and am usually not sure where I left it. Was that in my car or at home? Did I drop it somewhere or is it safe or not? Calling a lost phone to ring it, itself is an invitation to a thief if you left it at a public place. Does this happen to you too?

BerrySnooper is a great software by that you can install on your BlackBerry and find the peace of your mind. I have BerrySnooper installed on my phone and whenever I forget it somewhere, I send a text or email message to my own phone to find its current location. As a response I get the address (in text) and a map showing exact location of the phone. Here’s BerrySnooper’s official video that explains its working.

BerrySnooper video

Moreover, if somebody has stolen my phone, obviously he will not use my SIM. He will throw my SIM card away and will put his own card in the phone to use it. As soon as the phone boots and finds out the change of Sim, it will start sending me location updates, at least in text if not in email format. I will have a good chance to go catch the thief.

Here is a typical use-case for BerrySnooper:

  • Lost or forgot my phone somewhere? I’ll send it an SMS or Email.
  • Phone will find out its own location
  • It will send back an SMS and Email to me with the address as well as a map of the location.

You can see a detailed walk-through of BerrySnooper here in my post.

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9 Responses to Find your Lost or stolen Blackberry–BerrySnooper to the rescue

  1. Sophia says:

    what if my phone is already stolen does it still work?

  2. Chris says:

    Surely though if all the data is wiped by the theif then it wont work!

  3. BA says:


    Not really. You need to send a tracking code to the device to find its location. Tracking code is a secret password sort of.

  4. Farigh says:

    So anyone would be able to find the location of phone? If its not stolen then its an easier method to find location of the person, not good

  5. Basit Ali says:

    @Kahif Saleem
    You can put a sim without GPRS and it will work with SMS only model. The software will send you an SMS with the link to the map that you can view on any device you want.

  6. Kashif Saleem says:

    The GPRS service is must to send the location update to the server?? If Yes than what will be the case of Stolen BB, if i put a SIM in which No GPRS service is provisioned???

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