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Published on February 26th, 2010 | by Arsalan Mir


Telecom Grads – All job options have dried up? Think Again!

Guest post by Ali Abbas

sign_home1It has been a long time since I have blogged which happened due to a number of factors and the most contributing one was lack of time! Well guess what? I am finally back and it is no surprise that the Telecom – Student scenario is still at the exact same spot where I left it. Upcoming telecommunication graduates are all worried and tensed biting nails and spending all their time in cursing the world for being so mean and not generating enough job opportunities! Yesterday I met a university junior after a long time and all he could talk about was the troubling thought of job shortage in Pakistan and complaining about all the options being “saturated” and dried up.

For all those who think like my junior friend, you all seriously need to wake up! If you are the one complaining about lack of opportunities in the telecommunication industry you are seriously very out of date. Change your retro thinking about the job dilemma and sort out your options. To dust of the rust (rhymed didn’t it ;) ) I will present some of the options other than the “conventional” ones and none of them are magical creatures or alien populated ideas, all are practical and industry based offers.

Lets rule out all the ideas of a great job that you normally have in mind (yeah I am talking about Mobilink, Ufone, Warid and Telenor jobs). So what are we left with? For starters you need to realize that these are not the only options the telecom world has to offer, upgrade your vision you need to look at broader perspectives of the job possibilities. It has become a rule of thumb amongst our telecom grads that a field job has got to do something with the above mentioned brands which I must say is a very wrong interpretation of a field related job.

There are several other jobs which are related to telecom and are pretty much field oriented. Car Tracking and satellite secure vehicle industry is one good example. This particular industry has just started to evolve in Pakistan and has a lot of scope as well as penetration power. This industry is not limited to the automobile sector, it in fact is growing as a multi-facet phenomena and is being implemented in all sorts of security. Talking about security systems there are two more very fresh and rapidly developing fields which are indeed in need of young active and innovative minds. The bio-metric security era has its roots firmly planted in the Pakistani corporate soil, all it now needs is to grow and evolve into a sturdy tree for which it requires man power (that means you). Not very far from this are the land security systems which involve a very wide range from RF id security to tapping mechanisms (yes its legitimate).

Then there are other areas as well which are a very good option for telecom graduates, the e-banking sector has just started to roll out in Pakistan. The domain has loads of area for R&D and has scope for young minds as well. With virtual bank accounts and mobile to mobile money transactions on the chart, this particular sector has plenty to offer and is a great deal.

Well these are few of the many available options, as always I maintain the opinion that the mind set has to be changed. Positive thinking combined with hard work always pay offs.

Ali Abbas is a graduate of FAST-NU working in Brains Pvt Ltd. as a Project Coordinator . He  likes to share his views and idea’s on a wide range of topics and believes in providing solutions not problems. He blogs for zumbeel and can be reached at

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

7 Responses to Telecom Grads – All job options have dried up? Think Again!

  1. Muhammad Zulfiqar says:

    i want a good job in karachi.

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  5. Ali Abbas says:

    re- Adil Muhammad:

    i do agree with you on the point that the job market can not cater for the number of grads being produced, but i don’t think that it is feasible or practical to reduce the number of grads being produced. I would soon be writing a blog (in cont to this one) in which i will definitely cover this topic. But just for the sake of counter argument i did mentioned RND in my post. Why is Pakistan not producing enough scientists? Lack of research and resources

  6. Hi Ali, thanks for sharing your thoughts but i am afraid the “filed related jobs” which you have mention, dont have enough jobs to absorb the number of graduates being produced from uni’s. I believe best way to go is reduce the number of telecom graduates in the market and produce more comptuer and electrical engineers who has much broader market than telecom.

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