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Published on March 15th, 2010 | by Babar Bhatti


Billing Errors: Poll Results

Here are the results from our most recent poll on billing errors. This matches the results from PTA survey and shows that billing errors are common and a source of problem for consumers. After service quality issues, this is probably the worst that a consumer faces.

bill poll

This is definitely an area where telecom companies can strive to make a difference. Our advice is to keep the packages simple and not make it too hard for customers and also for your own billing systems.

Poll results are based on a sample size of ~150 votes.

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  1. khalida says:

    Most distressing is the fact that PTCL doesnt rectify its errors and we have to pay in any way even if their fault is obvious. No law, no business ethics can we expect from PTCL people. They are adding miseries by sending wrong bills and then not listening to change wrong entries. They only grab money, the robbers for which no court exists in Pakistan. Their complaint service is a big fraud with callers which is only to present their advertisements/ non sense explanation for not listening the call.

  2. Khurram Kalim says:

    Mr. Bhatti:

    To a layman, the pie chart and respective share doesn’t infer anything. I think it would be better if the poll result(s) should show and be reflective of the current Pakistan’s telecom player’s billings’ errors. And the same should be printed in all the newspapers for the general public information and consumption.



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