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Published on April 25th, 2010 | by Babar Bhatti


P(tcl) is for Pathetic Customer Service

This is one of the recurring themes in Pakistan telecom industry. Customers are given a hard time on a regular basis. On one hand we see commercials with beautiful smiling people holding phones. The reality is quite different: service levels and the satisfcation with customer service is going south. This is shown by various indicators such as complaints registered with PTA, notices issued by PTA, online chatter such blog comments and general media reports. Despite the growing number of issues, PTCL remians oblivious and issues statements which are completely out of touch with reality.

Here’s a case in point. I was trying to change the EVO broadband package. Instead of a straightforward self-service option I had to figure out what number to dial to make that simple change. I started with one, had to go through long hold time and then I was told to dial a different number. And the same thing happened 3 times. The message I heard was familiar: This is not something that our department handles, its the other “department” so please contact them. And sorry, we cannot transfer your call, you’ve to start all over again.

This is just one example. If you go through technology blogs, you will see countless other stories of poor customer service and lousy business practices. Apparently no one is listening.

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8 Responses to P(tcl) is for Pathetic Customer Service

  1. Fawad says:

    I am not fovoring them because I suffered a lot with DSL service, but have any one realised about his own level of politness when talking to any CSR. Customer pays for his services instead of paying them to run company or paying staff salaries. CSR job is considered 2nd toughest job of all categories.

    Reason for replying is that, USUALLY Customer is very harsh and feels like they own the company. This mindset or way of thinking should be changed.
    I know most of you dont agree. Its true they dont have any coordination between exchanges (or technical department) and Customer Care Center.

    These are my experiences if I dont get quick support,
    –> For DSL users if issue is getting prolong (or persists more then 3 days) go to your exchange and meet DSL officer, as mostly issues are related to line.
    –> And for EVDO, AFTER concerning CSR go to PTCL One Stop Shops (OSS).

  2. Agents must be well trained and well knowledgeable about their field. They must be able to solve the customers’ problems and they should also polite in answering calls. The Philippine Contact Center is gaining success in this field because they were able to train their agents before going to the actual work. Agents there are also polite and punctual in answering phone calls.

  3. AD says:

    Faced a similar situation with VPTCL.

    People listening to customers calls are not at all trained and don’t know what they are doing or what they are dealing with.

  4. This is the best possible explanation of one of the largest companies of Pakistan, first they offer you excellent services at very competative price and when you if unfortunately buy it, they make you punish like anything and torture your mentally thety why you have bought it….

  5. striker17 says:

    They don’t have Technical Support Staff and no coordination between there Exchanges and the Call center simply PTCL CS sucks

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  7. sunny masumi says:

    Welcome to Pakistaniat Brother !
    when i tried to chnage my package, they (PTCL) CRO says “sorry sir you cant change your package” and hangs up. There is another person named Rizwan there who dont even know what to answer to customer that em’s askin.
    PTA is another machinery which just takes notice only !
    Dont or Cant do anything about QOS (quality of service) to end users.
    On the other hand one can say Drawbacks of Democratic Government, as the higher officials are under the shadow of Much Higher Hands.

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