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Facebook Blocked In Pakistan - TelecomPK

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Published on May 19th, 2010 | by Arsalan Mir


Facebook Blocked In Pakistan

Facebook has been blocked in Pakistan till 31st May on directives of PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). This move has been taken in wake of clear discrimination from Facebook Admin for not banning the blasphemous fan-page. Earlier the particular URL of the fan-page was restricted by all ISPs on directives of PTA. Excerpt from the Geo News gives more details.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked Facebook over a competition encouraging its users to post caricatures of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on the social networking site.

Earlier in the day, the LHC ordered authorities to block Facebook until May 31.

The depiction of any prophet is strictly prohibited in Islam as blasphemous and Muslims across the world staged angry protests over the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in European newspapers in 2006.

Controversy erupted in the conservative Muslim country last month when a Facebook user set up a page called “Draw Mohammed Day”, inviting people to send in their caricatures of the Muslim prophet on May 20.

The move angered thousands of young people and Muslim faithful in Pakistan, unleashing an online campaign and isolated protests that grabbed the government’s attention and the controversial page was blocked on Tuesday.

But a group of lawyers went a step further Wednesday and petitioned the court to order a blanket ban on Facebook in Pakistan.

Justice Ejaz Chaudhry of the Lahore High Court directed the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to block Facebook until May 31, when the court will open a detailed hearing into the case.

The PTA Director told the court the government has already blocked the particular link. About complete ban, he said internet services could face problems if the complete website was banned.

However, the court ordered complete ban till May 31.

A large number of religious clerics, students and lawyers were present in the courtroom.

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About the Author

is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

49 Responses to Facebook Blocked In Pakistan

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  4. fawad says:

    it was a correct move on PTA z part , freedom of expression doesnt mean that any one can humiliate someonez religion or personalities they follow …
    moreover we lll appreciate if the same freedom of expression idea is adopted on the holocaust ,
    such freedom of expression would only flare anger and hatered ,
    lets promote peace and harmony and skim out the scum wich is working to promote this hatered !

  5. Khurshid Ahmad says:

    i would say plz banned it totally for the rest of life.

  6. Ahmad says:

    ghlami ma na kam ati hain shmsheerain na tedbeerain
    jo ho zoq e yeqeen peda tu ket jati hain zengeerain.

    zinda hain muslim zinda hain
    apny nebi k ashiq zinda hain

  7. Babar Bhatti says:

    I am thankful to everyone who has commented on this topic. It is a tough situation and we have to be careful about our words and action. We certainly don’t want the trouble makers to benefit from this. Unfortunately people like to exploit situations like these to push their agenda.

  8. Asad says:

    I was also of the view that banning the facebook website is correct decision and would affect miraculously someway to bring down the multimillion business of FB owners. But the truth is completely opposite: By banning FB, Youtube , Wikipedia we have RESTRICTED OURSELVES from information and we also lost the opportunity to post Protesting Messages on FB. On the other hand there is no affect of not using FB in Pakistan as we are only 2M users out of 400M users of FB. The ban orders from LHC has triggered great deal of popularity of Pakistan in western media and (Non-Muslims)people are getting to FB Page to see what is inside that caused the ban.
    I believe we should write for as many blogs as possible and should protest against the inhuman act.

    PLZ POST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE on blogs and PROTESTS against this cruelty!!

  9. Shahid says:

    AOA to All of the Ummah, I just want to highlight that the situation is the same as it was when Prophet (SAW) was amongst the people of Makkah. does anyone know how much degradation and humiliation they were used to show to him. What are his teaching in Makkan period and waht are the practices of Companions in Madinan period? Just explore.

    ONe more point is that this will never stop and will always come again and again. What We Muslims need to do is to show the TRUE LOVE of ours for our Prophet (SAW). I remember on companion was used to serve prophet (SAW) all the time incliding some late night (i.e. water for Wadoo etc). One day Prophet (SAW) asked him what reward do you want from me for this duty. He replied that I just want to have the same duty assigned to me when you will be in Heaven. He (SAW) replied to him, its granted, and ask me is there anything else you want. He replied no Ya RAsool Allah (SAW), that enough for me.

    THen Prophet (SAW) replied to him and said you will be to help me as well, and he said that help is only by doing many more Sajood in the court of Allah.

    NOW THIS IS the moment that I want all of our brothers and sister to contemplate and then do something that will not damamge Paksitan internally and externally. MEDIA is such a power that will become ulitmate power for any person, country or organisation in future. We need to have power and influence in this area of work.

    How may of us send DAroosd and Salaam to Prophet (SAW)? you can count them, but Quran says to send to him every moment and time.

    Please protest to those who voilate and practice for Ummah of the Sunnah.

    May Allah Guide us for the sake of beloved Rasool Allah (SAW).

  10. maham says:

    a very intelligent decision and appropriate at the moment.a slap to the blasphemous elements.

  11. Umer says:

    hey SOnia Its Not freedOm Of Speech …What dA [] Are yE ThinK yE are Saying Ity ……

  12. Sohaib Khan (Shobi) says:

    Well done !! At last some thing has been done RIGHT. I was reading all comments above, there were only 2 ladies mesg who are AGAINST blocking of facebook and other sites.. I mean seriously if you look @ these sites nothing but BULLSHIT is going on and on and ON …………………

    There are many other wayz to connect to your loved ones execpt facebook and every 1 knows it.

    There was waste of time in using facebook and same other sites … Finally some thing has been done BEST..

    and this should remain FOREVER !!!

    Peace out.

  13. Junaid says:

    Well I appreciate that the protests are going on all over the country against this disgraceful act but the point here is that why someone would want to do such stuff??

    By doing all this that person would never be able to put Our Prophet(P.B.U.H) down, not even 0.00001 percent… It is just to make Muslims isloate from the whole world, thats it.. I agree to the fact that we should register our strongest protest at the National level and our Government should be doing it at the international arena but blocking something is not the solution to any issue…

    At this point of time we should our nerves in control, protest in the best possible manner without making ourselves cut off from the whole world….

    Pak Zindabaad…………..!!!

  14. abdaal ahmed says:


  15. Brooke says:

    I think blocking Facebook, YouTube and other sites is not the correct or appropriate response to the link against your Prophet. At a minimum it was an over reaction and just another way for the extremists in this country to flex their muscles.
    A better response to the most disrespectful link would have been to make a link against the pictures of your Prophet and to use this opportunity to rise above the preconceptions of Muslims in western countries. Whatever preconceived notions and ideas the western world has of Pakistan is just going to be reinforced by the action PTA and Lahore High Court have taken.
    Not to mention the direct and indirect effects this is going to have on businesses and people in Pakistan.
    I’m really saddened at the reaction of the people and the government here. By blocking these sites you’ve just given the person(s) who did the Facebook link against your Prophet more power and more feelings of importance. There are much better ways to raise awareness about what happened, but leave it to Pakistan to take the most severe, hurtful only to themselves way, of dealing with this situation.

  16. Hanif Khan says:

    mujhe fakhar hai keh main aek pakistani hoon ajj mera dill bohut khush hai in sab wibsite ko band hona chaye ajj Facebook aur youtube na hone kitne log burai bachyee gaye Pakistan pihli par koi acha kaam howa

  17. shahjhan khalid says:

    i would say plz banned it totally for the rest of life.

    Great Job, Good Decision,
    Proud to be a Pakistani

  19. jawwad says:

    Goood Goood Goood So Goood iam so happy Damn the f***g facebook sites………………………

  20. Amjad says:

    Its really really good to see the unity of muslims.

  21. Hamid Sarfraz says:

    Acha hoa PTA nay facebook ko block ker dia. Aap logo nay vo images daikhay thay? Agar vo images aam tasaveer hoti to oor baat thi, lekin us contest may hisa lainay valay mazaak mazaak may gandi tasaveer bna bna k upload ker rahay thay sirf dosray members say daad vasul kernay k leay. Un logo k leay yah khail hay or isay vo Aazadi-e Izhaare Rae kahtay hain.

    Agar yahi aaazadi hay to mera khyal hay k insaan ko aazad hona he nahi chaheay.

  22. Gulraiz says:

    It is very happy to see that the facebook is bloced immediately after that aweful incident. [edited] Facebook

  23. Faris Qureshi says:

    this is a very great step and i am very very happy

  24. Salman says:

    at last some thing the courts have done right ……
    may they have the power to make right decision like all ways ….
    pakistan zindabad.

  25. M.Mustafa says:

    its a right step.there should be limit of press freedom.no one should have right to hurt other people.

  26. Athar says:

    Well i completely agree on with Sonia. see the solution is not to ban it instead of not giving attention to it and protest on it coming on the media and register your anger… but banning a website and all you have made the person felt more important … which should not had been the case…

    People around the world should not be able to ignite our feelings but should be more controlled… i completely agree on the point that the cartoon that was made is completely wrong.. but instead of banning people should have thought of more likely ways like pulling that person to an international court of law or something like that…

    I would have gone in more detail over here on this subject… but keep in mind that people should now realize that you should condemn it with full force but dont make them feel that they can play with your emotions and sentiments..

    I hope to make the message across…

  27. asif says:

    Its realy a good news for the Muslims of the Wrold and for Islami Ummat and for the lover of Hazrat Muhmmad (S.A.W.W). Its very hard time for those people who trired such ugly thing, they realy are mently ill and selfish people. Allah has SAVED the name of His Beloved Prophet(S.A.W.W). it is a direction for the muslims to be united.The way our youth reponded and and our Governament blocked the facebook is marvilious. i hope our youth will do more and more good deeds for Islam and for our pakistan.

  28. AQEEL says:

    It is ofcource a quick and relevent step taken by the court but only bloking the site would not reflect the real pain and the feeling the muslims of all the world are going through with there is a need to take immidiate and concreate steps by all the muslims all over the world first by diolougue and if it becomes assential some aggresive steps should also be taken by the individuals and the govs fo the muslims contries. The issue is insulting and interfearing in the religion and playing with the core values of individuals. The issue should be condemn not only by the muslims but every individual of any religion who beleives in respecting other religions.

  29. Muhammad Zaid says:

    well done, bohat acha kia, Pakistan mein porn or dosri social networkin ki websites bhi block kerni chahiyay

  30. duaa says:

    first time pakistani government has done such a great work and now i feel lucky to be a pakistani…..

  31. Irfan Sarwar says:

    A very good decision, I apeal to court to ban this type of websites permanentaly.

  32. Khawaja Jawad says:

    Very Good decision by Govt of Pakistan to blocked this site…..

  33. Fatima says:

    I would just like to say, I’ve been getting some revenge related texts. Don’t do this. This terrorist and cyber crime is exactly the kind of things those hate group people want us to do. It will prove them right, and it might make matters worse for Pakistanis and muslims internationally. So we should think about this.
    In addition, if you do not want to view those images, don’t. Have some self control. Don’t block the whole thing. Some people have friends and family on facebook that they need to keep in touch with. We have been ordered not to view those images so that we don’t unconsciously start worshiping the prophet (PBUH). They were never ordered not to make them.

    Jahil log Jahil kaam he karte hein, you know you are right so take the high road and ignore them. If you stoop to their level, you make them right.

    Do not let the government gradually take your different freedoms away in the name of blind rage.
    There are worse websites out there than that one page. Let us use enlightment, knowledge and polite words to make our point. Lets make a good impression and show the world what Islam really is.

    Whether you like it or not, they do have the freedom of speech…and it is *our* ideology not theirs. We should act maturely and control our anger. This ban is proving them right, if you read their comments in other blogs. We are being linked to “little school girls whose feelings are hurt at the first sign of gossip”. We just need to harden our hearts.

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  35. Farhan Khan says:

    I appreciate this decision and appeal for a lifetime ban on facebook by ISPs and its users

  36. Atif says:

    Very good decision. I hope it gets a lifetime ban in Pakistan and other Muslim countries as well. I also hope that Muslims will not use facebook in future as a protest that Facebook Admins have ignored and in fact hurt the sentiments and feelings of Muslims.

  37. Adil says:

    I’m really glad to know that pakistani government has taken the relevant action and has banned the facebook.I personally suggest a complete ban over the facebook so that in future no other social networking site may go for such low level stupid and abnormal acts.For our success,for the prosperity of Pakistan we don’t need any facebook,we don’t need any orkut we don’t need ANY KINDA SOCIAL NETWORKING site,what we need is to unite,is to respect each other,is to follow the teachings of Islam,is to be sincere with our jobs.This is what we need alot.SHAME ON FACEBOOK!!! We really dont need FACEBOOK at all…

  38. Ahmed says:

    its a good decision taken by Lahore high court.. May ALLAH give them Ajar.
    but very sad……….where is our media? Geo, AAJ, Express, Dunya, Sama, ETC
    where is Dr. Shahid Masood, Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, Talat, Asma Shirazi, Kashif, Moeed, Mushtaq, setti and many more host………….
    where are our Leaders………… Zardari, Gilani, Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif, Imran ????
    rn’t they muslim?
    is it not their duty to protest against this big sin.?

    do they sold their EEman??


    Facebook ke sath iss media, polititions, pe bhi hamesha ke liye banned laga do, kisi kaam ka nahi jo media itni AZEEM Hasti ki gustakhi karne walo ko malamat na kare unka boycott na kare wo media, wo leader, wo siyasi party kafiro ke agent hain..

    Ab ALLAH ke azab ko dawat di ja rahi hai………..
    wait and see….

  39. Farooq says:

    Right decision

  40. Muhammad Hasan says:

    I really appreciate for ban of face book because it’s a matter to safe our ideology. It’s about respect and loves our HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H). Our HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H) is not only Rehmat-ul-Muslimean but Rehmat-ul-Aalamean (for whole man kind) unfortunately they don’t realize today but they will INSHALLAHA. So it’s deeply and hearty request to all my brothers and sister please support and boost this step taken by government. Please this is not a big deal for you guys because face book is not running your business, not your studies but face book was only for your fun or say time kill. This is a little step from your side which wills strength your faith. If we didn’t appose them today believe me our next generation will do same thing in front of us what are they doing now and we have nothing except shamed. Save our children save our Ideology.
    Face book have ruined our youth not only Students but all teen agers of Pakistan have ruined their routines just because of Face book.

  41. Sunny Masumi says:

    i think i am happy with that, people should know that once Orkut was launched and it began to decay due to its low privacy policy.
    same thing will also happen with facebook it it dont keep an eagle eye at religious affairs and privacy policy.
    these social sites were invented to make people more social, but they also suppory Cheap Freedom of speach( just like pakistani and indian media) , also its low privacy policy to end user.

  42. Faizan says:

    i think it is the best move tht the government can take.
    but we have to go frward in taking steps against the enemies of muslims.
    pak should call a muslim conference on ths issue.and show thm tht we have the power..
    Just fuck facebuk!!!!!!!!!!

  43. aman says:

    Well Done. I appreciate this step of Pak Government.

  44. abid says:

    there is only one country in the world who can take stern action against any action taken against Islam and our BELOVED PROPHET MUHAMMAD SALLALLAAHO ALAIHE WASALLAM

  45. Zafar Iqbal niazi says:

    Great decision to blocked these like stupid sites. It again become clear that All the Yahod o Nasara are Enemies of Muslims.

  46. M Jamshed says:

    This action is very very good

  47. SONIA says:

    I mean seriously people all over the world post blasphemous material about Christianity and Hinduism and many other religions they don’t go around banning sights. They ignore such ignorance and don’t give such obscene material importance.BY BANNING FACEBOOK THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS PAGE ON FACEBOOK IS PROBABLY FEELING PRETTY IMPORTANT RIGHT ABOUT NOW. THINKING THAT HE GOT A RISE OUT OF PAKISTAN.

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  49. bob says:

    All hail [edited] pakistan!

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