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Published on May 27th, 2010 | by Babar Bhatti and Arsalan Mir


Broadband Subscribers Survey

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is conducting a Broadband Subscribers Survey through a consultancy company Paradigm Technologies. PTA website has no mention of this survey as of this writing.

The objective as mentioned on the survey site is to gain an estimation of number of broadband users behind a business and residential connection and gain some performance  perceptions. This is a follow up to a previous announcement by PTA (see the list here) where it announced its intention to gain better insights into broadband usage in Pakistan. In short, the question is: how many broadband users are there in Pakistan?

It further discusses that the survey research has two components:

  1. The collection of data
  2. The consumer survey

The objectives of the consumer survey are:

  • To measure overall satisfaction with broadband provision, speeds and other individual service factors, and identify reasons for dissatisfaction.
  • To estimate potential broadband users utilizing a single connection. The estimation targets both business and residential users.
  • To judge primary utility gained over a broadband connection.
  • To evaluate the importance of broadband for businesses and general public.
  • To assess the average monthly spending for a broadband service.

This is a good step coming from PTA as to get feedback on the internet services in Pakistan and to regulate it in a better way. On a side note, the survey introduces privacy issues as it asks for personal information like Name, Telephone number, Email address, etc. We recommend that the survey includes disclosure of the privacy policy and makes it clear that there will be no unauthorized use of this information.

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5 Responses to Broadband Subscribers Survey

  1. vicky says:

    sir jee mere call pohne goom gaya hai jis ko mai band karwana chahta ho plz halpe me my mobile model is nokia 3110c IMei.353203036475542.

  2. Babar Bhatti says:

    @zapkid @asif thanks for your feedback and for pointing out the shortcomings. Perhaps the survey designers did not think through this.

    Unfortunately PTA/market research company did not make it easy to provide feedback. We are discussing the issues here but they may never see this. This is the fundamental problem.

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  4. zapkid says:

    Over all this is a very good step but i just don’t get it why they just focus on product innovation but with no customer oriented approach.

    For example the design of the website is pretty much cool but the options on second page {Q2. How many of them use broadband and what are their ages?} seems to ask two question in just one go , that could be simply two questions.
    Instead of using check box to make multiple selection ( multiple age group could be using the service at a single place ) they provided with a radio button huuuh.

    Is the real Data what these guys really need or just another tactic to prove that they are doing SOME THING to improve customer Experience /Satisfaction

  5. asif says:

    survey is in correct. Error in Question 2. It is asking for the number of broadband users whereas the options conains the age!!!!
    secondly they should use “check boxes” rather than “radio buttons” to support multiples selections.

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