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Published on July 8th, 2010 | by Arsalan Mir


Government Fires Top ICTRDF Directors

We have earlier reported on the tension rising between the government and officials of USF and ICTRDF. This has reached its limit today with six top-notch officials of the ICRTDF being fired by the Minister incharge for IT and Telecom Mr. Latif Khosa.

As mentioned in earlier posts the dispute was about the fate of a huge fund of more than Rs 20 billion available with these companies and Mr. Khosa trying to appoint his brother-in-law Mr. Azhar Manzoor as the Chairman of ICTRDF. It merits mentioning here that the degree Mr. Azhar Manzoor has produced with application for the said post is reportdly found FAKE by the HEC.

Those fired include: Mr. Sikandar Taqi, Mr. Wahaj Siraj, Mr. Zafar Usmani, Dr. Amir Mateen, Dr. Sohail Naqvi, and Dr. Mansoor Sarwar.

In his views on the subject, blogger Ammar Faheem says:

Amid sheer frustration, the government is now attacking Technocrats for their failure to comply with government wishes. In separate incidents, 6 top men for the ICTRDF have been fired including HEC Executive Director Dr. Sohail Naqvi. Pressure is also mounting on Dr. Javed Leghari to resign amidst the bogus degree saga.

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

20 Responses to Government Fires Top ICTRDF Directors

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  2. Dr. Aamir says:

    I believe the fired ICTRD directors (esp. Mr. Siraj Wahaj) and CEO Dr. Qasim were the most corrupt people. Doing corruption on the name of R&D. I just had bad experience with Mr. Siraj Wahaj, who I believe call him himself Pakistani and religious person but very corrupt. Following is his email:
    Dear Dr. Aamir, AoA,

    Thanks for your mail and sorry for not replying to you earlier.

    We have taken up this matter seriously from ISPAK’s platform and have issued a press release which is now on web side by side with Foxnews story

    Your ABlocker proposal seems interesting. This seems a hardware addition to the customer’s PC. I’d be glad to get more information under an NDA and I’d appreciate if you could send me one for execution.


    I sent him all my confidential information and the NDA, and after that have never received an email or signed NDA. Shame on people like him, who call themselves Pakistani muslims, and I believe it is Azad elahi on Pakistan due to these corrupt people!

  3. Insider says:

    The bureaucracy won. What is the good reason of appointing Secretary IT, Joint Secretary IT admin and Joint Secretary Development all Rtd army (Signal group) men. All of them were together in the army. It is a shame for the nation of Pakistan that they have no civilian for IT Ministry after destroying every department and Organization these retired army Col and Gen are now given the charge to destroy the IT Sector. What is their contribution for IT. The executive directors snacked by the Minister were the most corrupt and non IT & Telecom professionals.
    The honorable Secretary IT Rtd Col Najibullah Malik is the son in law of Gen Mujeeb ur Rehaman ex Secretary Information in Zia regime . He has served in Punjab Government and has brought bad name to the Government. He has provided services in Religious Affair (Hajjis quota) where everyone is aware of his great achievements for Hajji quota.
    There are only baseless roamers against the IT Advisor. What corruption he has done in four months, he is only trying to utilized the IT for the public services. The Minister Incharge is accused of having thoughts of placing his relative on a CEO post. Did he sack 4 Executives to get one post for his kin. He is removed from the charge on the basis that Secretary IT thinks he will do this and that what is on ground. People are accusing that he will do but have committed no crime so far in IT Ministry.
    Why the Ministry is so afraid of him, what they are hiding? We all know the progress and accusations on other Ministers. Does he has fake degree? Why the kind PM has taken action after knowing that he “might” do something wrong? What is the achievement of Ministry of IT and what is their contribution in last two years?
    We all know that IT has no share in providing services to the Citizens, the projects were to favour the big IT & Telecom companies which all failed and no services for the Citizen. Do Retd Col Secretary IT would like to tell the Nation what is his achievement in the last two years in the Ministry of IT. He is not answerable to any of you. After his retirement he is enjoying full benefits of a Secretary and what is his qualification.
    Under his kingdom the IT Professionals are working as slaves. Do they have IT Cadre, job security, medical facilities or any reason to work for IT. The position of IT professionals under the Ministry is pathetic the cleric staff has been given more facilities then these slaves. Through these slaves the Executives are enjoying full powers. These IT professional (slaves) are deprived of basic human rights to control them. Who is responsible? Why should Secretary IT care, he is enjoying every facility after his retirement from army this country is for army and bureaucracy to suck the blood out of the veins of bloody civilian.
    PM should reconsider his decision and give some time to the Mr. Latif Khosa, let him do some cleanup.
    Ministry of IT should inform the nation what is their achievements in last two years.
    The IT professionals request the honorable PM to reinstate Mr. Khosa as Minister Incharge IT. My questions to the Secretary IT are:
    Universal Service Fund Company
    1. Why major chunk of subsidized projects was awarded to those companies who had their representation on the board of the USF Company e.g. PTCL and Telenor. PTCL got projects over 7.7 billion, whereas, they never paid a single rupee, as they were required to commission 83,000 lines in rural sector in-lieu of 1.5% of specified contribution by every licensee.
    2. Why CEO USF Mr. Perviaz was appointed without applying for the job and is still holding the position after expiry of his contract and has awarded 20 Billion Rs contracts.
    3. Why CEO of ICT R & D Fund Company awarded 33 out of 37 project without the consent of board and non of its project have any outcome.
    4. Why the hiring in the ICT & D is through the private sector, the employees were siding with their favorites for positions.
    5. Why the brother of Member Telecom is in USF and his wife in PTA.
    6. Why Member IT is on his position for last 10 years and so far failed to give a IT policy and define cadre for IT Professionals and still holds the position. Is there no one suitable for this position in Pakistan in last ten years?

  4. From the Sector says:

    Regardless of Mr. Khosa theres or not, the truth is that Prevez Iftikhar had a vested interest in the whole deal, his front line operators were Salman Ansari and Salma Abbassi. If Khosa is to be blamed for F&F, Pervez carries an equal blame for his equities int he past. Most of the the USF projects (which fell below the radar) were awarded to his cronies. The directors he hired like Asif were clearly advocating his (not so clean) agenda. It is good that evil has struck down evil. Both these groups need to be expelled.

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  6. Waqar says:

    I am shocked at the insensitivity of the people in general to even allow this to happen, while making verbal protests. when will the people of Pakistan wake up and do something for real when and where it is required? This kind of injustice should be met with the kind of protest that was displayed on removal of Justice Ifthikhar Choudry. These bastards in power should be beaten in public for plundering public assets so openly. Why on earth do we even accept this injustice? what is stopping us from taking our destiny into our own hands. what are we afraid of??? If we want freedom we have to pay the price and the price of freedom is death!
    It is hard to understand but are we dead yet?

  7. Sami says:

    Its not a big story, government is habitual to do such blunders…

    and we are habitual to do what we are doing now just passing reviews and feel satisfy…

  8. Abdullah says:

    its really bad news

  9. Dr. Aamir says:

    Only firing of board members is not enough. The govt. should also recover the funds given to Friends & Family, by the CEO Dr. Qasim. A detailed report of corruption by the ICTRD managment was submitted to NAB, Transparency Int. etc. by myself. The board members are equally involved in this corruption, because they failed to fullfill their duties.

    The National ICT R&D Fund Co. (ICTRDF) was established in January 2007 by Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Pakistan, with the objective of transforming Pakistan’s economy into a knowledge-based economy. However, like any other initiative this fund is also under the control of corrupt mafia, and millions of rupees are granted to unqualified people, who are friends or family of the fund managers in the form of research grants or proposal evaluation fees. Not only sub standard research proposals have been accepted, but plagiarism and recycling of other people’s work has been wrong fully encouraged. On the contrary genuine research proposals have been either pending for years or simply rejected by biased external evaluation. The reviewers are also friends / families of the management, who give their prejudiced reviews on the proposals at the management’s will with no merit or rationale.

    There is no transparency in the proposal approval process and the final outcome of the research is never known. Therefore, the result of spending so much money is equivalent to null.

  10. Veronika Stevens says:

    is their any link for officialy announced news??

  11. Saleem says:

    The only way to save Pakistan is to butcher ALL politicians and bureaucrats (ALL OF THEM and without any exception) and then start a new Pakistan. All of them are simply {} who have only 1 agenda i.e. screw the country and just plunder as much as possible. {} them all. I look forward to the day when they all get executed!!!!
    [comment moderated]

  12. M Adnan Iftikhar says:

    Firing of Dr Mansoor Server is a very good step,these type of people are a hurdle in progress of Institutions where they are serving.

  13. Babar says:

    This is so sad. Siraj Sahib, thanks for the detailed comments. The question is: what should we do to create noise and put some pressure? I think an online movement should be started to protest this.

    @Kashif, @Qasim: What do you think?

  14. The best way to recover from this incident is to fire Khosa

  15. Such a bunch of idiots we have in our government who came here just to fill their pockets.

    They don’t want any department to deliver.

  16. Wahaj us Siraj says:

    Actually, Khosa, in line with his history of corrupt practices where he was forced to resign from the post of Attorney General, is trying
    hard to control Rs. 25 billion USF, Rs. 2 billion R&D Fund and Rs. 40 billion PTET pension fund. First he wants to appoint men (and perhaps women) of his choice from friends and family (F&F) to the top positions in these three organisations so that he could take over the funds management and do the same for which he has been famous throughout his career.

    The Independent Directors of R&D Fund were a stern resistance to Kosa’s designs where he wanted to appoint his son
    in law whose PhD degree from a Canadian School was declared unrecognized by the HEC. The six Independent Directors, three from
    telecom operators who are the actual contributor to the fund and three from Academia/Corporate Sector were selected after a transparent nomination process from all telecom operators and the Universities.

    Khosa, being chairman of the fund, has no special powers to remove any of the Director but he being a trigger happy person has issued a notification to ‘denotify’ the Independent Directors in total violation and disregard to the laws, rules and regulations. These six Directors include Sikandar Naqi, SEVP PTCL (nominee of fixed line operators), Zafar Usmani, COO China Mobile (nominee of cellular
    operators), Wahaj us Siraj CEO Micronet Boradband/Nayatel (nominee of broadband operators), Dr. Aamir Mateen, Country Manager Cisco Systems (representing IT Corporate Sector), Dr. Sohail Naqvi, Executive Director HEC (representing Academia) and Dr. Mansoor, Punjab University (Academia). The matter would soon be referred to a court of law.

    Kind regards…Wahaj

  17. Kashif Malik says:

    This is really a sad news for IT industry. It took years for ICTRDF to actually start spending billions of Rupees that it used to have earlier. And now, when ICTRDF actually started delivering, conspiracies have started against it.

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