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Published on July 18th, 2010 | by Arsalan Mir


Google Denies Fox News

Google has officially denied accuracy of the search results on which Fox News based its report to call Pakistan – ‘Pornsistan’. The denial from Google official Therese Lim who works for communications and Public Affairs Southeast Asia team has once again proven Fox News as a biased media outlet reporting on basis of inaccurate and incomplete facts. After being exposed, Fox News should put down the pubslished news report from its website.

Google officially denied the accuracy of its search trends that declared Pakistan as the top nation searching for illicit material on the internet, according to Dawn sources.

In an email sent to on Saturday, Therese Lim who works for Google’ communications and Public Affairs Southeast Asia team said, “We do our best to provide accurate data and to provide insights into broad search patterns, but the results for a given query, such as those reported in this story from Pakistan, may contain inaccuracies because the sample size is too small for the results to be statistically sound.”

Internet Service Provider Association of Pakistan has also declared statistics regarding pornography in Pakistan as flawed.

There are eight million users of internet in Pakistan which makes only five per cent of the country’s total population.

—via DawnNews

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6 Responses to Google Denies Fox News

  1. Usman Malik says:

    I am sorry but living in denial wont get us too far. But again one of the reasons was lack of proper vocabulary which got us into embarrassment!

  2. mailmirza says:

    Beside negative propoganda against Pakistan…. This Fact from Fox news has some reality , if we are not the top country in accessing Porn on web …I am sure we would be among top 5 at least.

    Lets accept the facts … and realize what are we becoming !!! and
    lets try to address the issues rather denying the facts.

    The question here is not why should not we have open access.. the question is what suits our cultural and moral values…. Paksitani Middle-Class moral value has gone down in last two decades… We, as a nation , don’t deserve open access to web or portable media contents …

    The next question is … Who will decide what is good for Pakistanis…I am sorry … I dont see anyone deciding or guiding us a leader of the Nation….on the other hand, we are surrounded by hounds !! the role of government has been very disappointing during last two decades …

    I am not hopeless yet… Someday someone will rise and will save Pakistan … the only nation of world made in the name Islam !!

    Allah!! Please help us , forgive us and bless us with true leader before it gets too late!! (Amin)

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  5. Yasir Imran says:

    Thank you for adding a bit more realism to the story.

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