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Published on September 1st, 2010 | by Arsalan Mir


PTCL – The Strike Flares While The Customers Suffer

The recent PTCL employees strike still continues; the situation now has flared up with a sit-in protest (dharna) in the PTCL Headquaters. According to The News:

The PTCL administrators have decided to approach the district administration of Islamabad to arrest the leaders of the Workers Alliance to “protect its building and installations against any harm”.

The disturbance in routine operations of PTCL as a result of this strike have multiplied the customer grievances over the last 15 days and it still continues to do so. When I write this post, our poll results show more than 90% respondents affected. The majority are concerned over their DSL connections being either pending, slow or down.

The official statement on employees packages from PTCL is as follows:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) after privatization is a privately run organization, which follows private sector practices for the betterment of its employees. The current announcement by the Government of Pakistan for the raise of salaries by 50% does not apply to PTCL.

However, keeping in mind the inflation and employees’ well being, PTCL has offered the most adequate compensation package for its employees with a raise of 30% on their running pay scale and 20% December and June performance based raise in terms of good conduct, punctuality and discharge of their normal duties.

It was further added that PTCL management has decided to allow the placement of all non-management regular employees in the next higher scale as per the channel of promotion on account of 12 years service. In addition to this Eid Bonus has been announced for all employees on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

It has been said that though it was not mandatory for PTCL to raise its employee’s salary but at PTCL employees are the most valued asset of the company and their well being and benefits have always been the top most priority.

There are still some elements that are propagating and instigating employees, exploiting and staging protests for their own vested interests, ignoring the collective larger interest of all employees.

These elements are completely oblivious to the tormented times our country and nation is going through and facing widespread devastation caused due to floods, which have also grossly effected PTCL’s operations also in turn compounds the problems of flood affectees. Rather they are taking advantage of the country and PTCL situation and have resorted to exploitative tactics to gain their own personal motives. And their apathetic behavior has actually brought forward their deceitful intentions towards their fellow colleagues, company and country at large.

PTCL urges the employees to return back to their normal day to day duties in the interest of the company.

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  2. Irfan Ullah says:

    Actually all employees should come back to the company. Rather they are being exploited. We all are the nationals of pakistan. We should thnk about the devastating floods situations in Pakistan. All communication infrastructure has been damaged. Yet employees are going for a long time period of strike. Being muslim we should give preference to national priorities over the personal priorities.

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