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Published on September 14th, 2010 | by Arsalan Mir


Strike Aftermath – PTCL Suffers Rs 10 million Loss Daily

We have touched the recent PTCL strike issue here and here. The on-going poll results and comments on it speak of the customer fury. We came across a Business Recorder news story talking about the monetory loss and other information from the PTCL officials.

The ongoing strike of employees of the biggest telecommunication service provider, PTCL, for the past one month has disturbed on-line banking, internet/DSL facility and business activities in the country. Besides, the company is suffering revenue loss of Rs 10 million per day as its 0.245 million telephones remain dead and sales of its products have stopped in the country, PTCL officials told Business Recorder here on Monday.

The officials, who wished not to be named, said that just in Lahore more than 0.14 million telephone are out of order and remain unattended by the PTCL linemen and workers. These dead and unused telephones in Lahore alone are causing a daily revenue loss of Rs 5 to 6 million, they added.

They said due to the prolonged strike and disturbance in on line banking in several branches of banks on account of 0.245 million dead PTCL telephones, customers specially businessmen, industrialists and organisations are switching over to other service providers for carrying on their normal business, trade and commercial activities.

Official sources said that hundreds of thousands of PTCL customers of Central Exchange Mall Road, Multan Road Exchange, Samanabad Exchange, Garden Town Exchange, Egerton Road Exchange Misri Shah, Shahdara Exchange , Ferozepur Road Exchange, Cantonment Exchange, Defence Exchange etc are suffering anguish as their complaints for repairs of telephone lines remain unattended since long especially at a time when their kith and kin living abroad desperately wanted to talk to them on the eve of Eidul-Fitr.

A whole sale dealer of sugar and other commodities of Akbari Mandi told that his telephone had been dead for past one week, however, Executive Engineer of his telephone exchange has expressed his inability to restore dead telephone connection and remove the faults as all linemen and lower staff were on strike.

“It is an irony that the government which gets substantial revenue as GST on the telephone bills was not making any effort to resolve the conflict between the PTCL management and the workers, though Advisor to the Prime Minister on IT Senator Latif Khosa was sympathetic to the workers demands,” officials added.

It may be recalled that PTCL employees in grade 1 to 16 had been on strike for past one month to press for their demand of 50 percent raise in their salaries as given by the government to its employees. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) says that after privatisation PTCL is a privately run organisation, which follows private sector practices for the betterment of its employees.

However, PTCL has offered to raise employees salaries by 30 percent on their running pay scale and 20 percent December and June performance based raise in terms of good conduct, punctuality and discharge of their normal duties and some other facilities which had been rejected by the PTCL workers union.

Representatives of PTCL workers unions said that the police have arrested 200 members of Workers Alliance under MPO (Maintenance of Public Order) 16 who had participated in the Dharna at the PTCL headquarters last week. It may be recalled the management control of government owned Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) was transferred to Etisalat International Pakistan (EIP), a subsidiary of Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat) of United Arab Emirates in April 2006.

In a written statement PTCL telecom lines staff union, PTCL Muttahida Workers Ittehad, Employees Union CBA, said here on Monday that they would not call off their strike till employees’ salaries were raised by 50 percent, their imprisoned leaders were released unconditionally and other demands were not met. They said the seven unions, Muttahida Workers Ittehad, was not a par to the PTCL management announcement on Monday that the workers had ended their strike.


The PTCL management has served a public notice warning employees to resume duties by 15th September else they shall be terminated.

Public Notice to PTCL Employees – Express News 14-09-10

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4 Responses to Strike Aftermath – PTCL Suffers Rs 10 million Loss Daily

  1. azeem says:

    very bad….it is not a loss of ptcl it is a loss of pakistan…think about this…

  2. Pingback: Strike Aftermath – PTCL Suffers Rs 10 million Loss Daily -

  3. Shen says:

    PTCL … what should i say about PTcl and its server. removing P from ptcl cuz it means Pakistan. i would like to say TCL u suck…
    now i dont care whether the strike overs or not i have changed my ISp and decided not to pay the bill.
    i dont want just little unsatisfactory adjustment in my Bill. if ptcl wants his customers back to their service (who left) they should Exactly clear our bills exactly means exactly.even not a ruppe should be left.
    PTcl DEserve some punishment for making his valueable Customers suffer.
    Please be unite if possible for any one who uses ptcl only for Net Change ur Service and dont pay ur bill its the time to teach a lesson cuz v suffered alot.and many are still suffering.

  4. Quli says:

    If PTCL is to break from its past of being a white elephant, this painful pill must be swallowed. Some will need to be fired, others moved to departments other than their liking and some even given salary cuts. Unfortunately our working class is so used to getting paid for doing nothing, that working in a goal driven private company will seem like hell for most.
    And just so I’m clear, I dont hold PTCL management in high regards either, but the same case holds for the workers too.

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