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Published on September 20th, 2010 | by Arsalan Mir


Promoting Mobile Internet – Tips for Telenor

We have pointed on Telenor’s recent tvc as an ad giving out a very wrong message. It is also criticized at other forums as crossing the moral lines. True, the ad indeed give ideas for stalking.

Taza Hawa Ka JHONKA and Jisay Moqa Patay hi Talha Nain Kar Dya TAG are statements one cannot expect from Telenor. Read this comment below from a housewife in Islamabad.

Telenor’s new TV commercial ‘internet more” is based on disgraceful words used against women who form more than 51% of the population of Pakistan. Labeling a college girl as “Taza Hawa Ka Jhonka”, it shows the degradation of society as a whole. It is a source of resentment and an assault on sanctity of women for many believing in social values.The misuse of technology i.e. mobile internet service has been promoted unethically targeting immature minds of college and school going students. Setting aside the responsibility as a corporate entity, telenor preferred immoral language to promote its services among present and prospective users across the country.

“Jisay Moqa Patay hi Talha Nain Kar Dya TAG” is an offensive street language used in Telenor’s advertisement against women. It’s an insult to one’s intelligence and need to be condemned widely.

Multinationals are expected to follow values that show respect to individuals. Whenever they derail from this, they not only offend their customers but also the larger community they operate in. They are least expected to pick the regressive parts of popular culture and give them a lease of life.

Media’s power to influence public opinion is on the rise in Pakistan. The spread of a message has been increased drastically with the coming in of private TV Channels. At this point of time commercial entities promoting goods and service must work with the highest sense of responsibility. Can Telenor avoid letting down those who are struggling for better gender sensitive society in Pakistan?

Mrs. Mehvish Imran (a house wife from Islamabad)

In their Karu Mumkin campaign they shared the idea of internet penetrating into every home and village. Is promoting like in the internet.more tvc the way out to reach those homes and villages?

Such an ad is not only a cheap attempt from the the creatives but also an irresponsible attitude from the company. It could have been done in a better way.

Here are examples of other mobile internet ads – Tips for Telenor:



They sound better. Right? An idea could also be to promote mobile internet for a good cause or to promote learning from it.

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is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

16 Responses to Promoting Mobile Internet – Tips for Telenor

  1. Great post very nice article you writing its awesome.

  2. zohaib says:

    telenor is a best mobile connetion salam telenor pakistan.
    thenk you.

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  4. Omer says:

    Strange that whenever Pakistanis are shown a mirror they throw a fit!

    What you see on TV is produced by local people, ordinary Pakistanis, a reflection of the society you/we/they live in.

    There is a lot more on TV these days which I dont see many people writing about?

    Our double standards. Excellent.

    A broken hap hazard disjointed sense of morality we have all, stuck in the ages, based on what our older generations taught us and believed in, but not a single original thought we have spat out in ages.

    And it all always revolves around women :)

  5. Jameel says:

    Jhoot, lie is very little in one sense, but it is the root of every sin. so little things matter in our whole life. try to think on little things first and cut the root of growing evils.

  6. Vicky says:

    I was not expecting this kind of comment on ad specially by a Pakistani Lady. I think the ads have more impression and power to capture the mind of Young youth rather than personally telling them to do so. when an ad which is continuously (24*7) being broadcast on all the TV channels, it will have some effect.
    You cant neglect that Fact.

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  8. Sana says:

    I guess we as a nation needs to grow up. These little ads won’t do any harm to the society then the radical mullahs have already done and are doing so.
    We need to align our moral value according to Islamic law which actually is done by the west and should not make havoc of small things like this. Calm down, let go the extremism and see a bright peaceful friendly future.

  9. Tariq says:

    Dear All,
    I absolutely agreed with you and even the first response after watching the ad was also shameful for us.

  10. Aatir says:

    The commercial is based on just stupidity all the previous commercial that Telenor present in media are also not as per standards of Telenor but this commercial make me sick….
    That the presentation of commercial is based on flirt and miss use of the technology the overall percentage of Pakistan population is illiterate and they don’t know what to do with the services and all when you provide the services the use it positive or negative but what to do when you present the service in negative sense of course the user will use in negative sense all the students now will start think that use of internet is just to flirt just to add girls and the girls will add boys just to do friend ship.
    Telenor logo is karo mumkin and all other stuff that they present in market I believe that Telenor will do some thing for the betterment of Pakistan but I am shocked with the commercial that why this add is negative what Telenor is doing is not good and its against Islam and all..
    I think Telenor marketing Team should think about it again and launch new commercial about internet and stop building hoardings and billboards or females on roads and streets

  11. azeem says:

    telenor ko chahiye k is ad ko khud hi band kr de…

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  13. Ali Razzaq says:

    It’s not first time, they delivered such a cheap quality advertisement before. They are #1 in promoting flirt. First with their Annie ad and now this one. It’s also shame for our so-called media that they broadcast such advertisements for the sake of money.
    We are so exaggerated when something wrong is done in USA against us, Hey, They are burning Quran, They are publishing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) but when something below our religion in our country is done we’re silent. Where is Jamat-e-Islami, Where are other religious parties protesting on every non-sense issue. I believe, If one strong protest is done now against this advertisement, Telenor or other telco will never make such mistake like promoting our youth for flirt in colleges or schools.

    -Ali Razzaq

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  15. Haris says:

    Highly unethical… my first response after watching the commercial… There are other ways to run media campaigns… rather than encouraging the teenagers to follow the female fellows, tag the best ones and use telenor internet to approach them for your entertainment purposes !!

  16. kashif says:

    Today i called telenor people on 345 and complained them about this unethical ad. And I told them that if they will not stop this ad. I’ll go for MNP within 15 days.
    My friends, there is no need to complain about it. Be brave, show your customer power and leave them. A company can be powerful than a government but can never be powerful than customers.
    be a Pakistani, be a Pakistani.

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