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Published on February 21st, 2011 | by Babar Bhatti


Why Dockable Atrix Phone is Good for Pakistan

It has been a while that I’ve seriously considered a Motorola phone (my last one was Razr). I’ve been hearing good things about Atrix. After looking at it, I realized that such netbook + phone combination would work quite well in developing countries like Pakistan where there’s always a shortage of electricity and laptops are still expensive. Of course, there will be cheaper models coming soon, most likely from our friends in China.

The dock is something like a netbook, with an 11.6-inch screen, full keyboard, touch pad, and stereo speakers. This dock is not like a computer — it has no processor, no file storage and no connectivity of its own. It’s dead until you plug the Atrix into a slot behind the screen. At that time, the phone becomes the brain of this netbook. You can see the phone screen on the netbook display and use the phone’s connectivity. It also contains a battery that charges the phone.

Are you ready to get it? I am ready to try it once its out in stores next month.

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5 Responses to Why Dockable Atrix Phone is Good for Pakistan

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  2. Mujeeb Mufti says:

    Looks rather neat! i hope the Atrix has decent specifications…this can work really well!!

  3. its awesome and has a brilliant specifications

  4. Noman Sarwar says:

    wowww its really nice, when it will be available in Pakistan?

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