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Published on March 19th, 2011 | by Arsalan Mir


Khamoshi Ka Boycott, Rip-off Ka Boycott

Concept rip-off/copy is something not new to Pakistan’s Telecom Industry. Some examples that I can recall from the past include:

Now as Telecomistan first uncovers, latest to the list is again Telenor with their Djuice’s Khamoshi Ka Boycott Launch Message for Pakistan.  Take a look at the video from the Djuice’s official YouTube channel.

Wondering what is ripped off in this message. Watch it again from start till to 0.30s. Notice the keera (insect) and the audio.

Now take a look at this TVC below:

Yes this one is by Volkswagens for its superbowl xlv (aka the black beetle). Just look at the audacity of the uncreative creatives of the Telenor’s video. I would second Ammar here, it is indeed a shocking revelation, it is not just a copy – it is an absolute rip-off. A total cut and paste job.

That’s not all, can you imagine the time and effort put in to the Volkswagen advert? The concept, set and animations.

Here, have a look at this 3 mins video of the making of a brilliant 30 second commercial. An absolute original creative job.

So what should we boycott in Pakistan; booti, parchi or ripping off?

PS. Title in English: Boycott the silence, Boycott the rip-offs


The description of the video on Djuice’s official You Tube channel has been updated following this post. The new line just added gives credits to the beetle video:

Credits: VW Beetle XLV Superbowl ad

Just in case you want to see the description before the update. See the screen-shot of the page from Google cache here.

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About the Author

is a Telecom enthusiast with engineering background based in Lahore. On professional front, he is the Director Operations at the Target Group. He can be reached at arsalan (at) telecompk (dot) net

28 Responses to Khamoshi Ka Boycott, Rip-off Ka Boycott

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  4. Pulekha says:

    Nice to see Telenor being exposed. Shehzad roy must hide his face now as he was so much proud of the Telenor campaign!

  5. Sulehri says:

    @Asheta spot on

    The problem here is that campaign has been based on high moral grounds, so a small mistake like that is harmful to image of the company.

    A simple apology and a diplomatic answer with a few smilies could have solved the issue, but some marketing rep turns out to share his vast amount of “expertise” to whip out us “noobs”…. so the situation could only turn worse …..

  6. Asheta Gonsalves says:

    Its just a small portion that has been used from the Superbowl ad. No doubt they cannot claim credit for the making of that part but it isn’t like the entire ad campaign has been ripped off and that too it isn’t a part of the original series of ads.

    The Keera concept is unique and has not been ripped off, just a portion of the film has been “borrowed”. I agree that they should not have used it at least not without citing it credit from the very beginning but the entire Khamshohi Ke Boycott cannot be defamed on the basis of this.

  7. Sulehri says:

    .. and the irony is that … I can see a TalkShawk ad at the very page where Telenor’s campaign is bisected!!!

  8. Sulehri says:

    This Zeeshan guy may be a lame marketing “chota” but he surely aint a PR expert ;)

    If u wanna engage in discussions with ppl, why dont u study some communication skills/ pr handling dude?? :P

  9. Sarosh Waiz says:

    Great post!! They just continue to do it yet again with such boldness. And the best part is.. all these social media responses hardly affect them.

  10. Zeeshan says:

    Let me put this straight – the video you are talking about is a created video for youtube, like a lot of motivational speakers create and screen at trainings, shows etc. I have never seen a blog on any of those instances – questioning copyrights and violating someone elses copyright. It is not a TVC – television commercial (in case my friends think I am using more spicy marketing jargon – whatever that means).
    Now since we are all so “goody-good” may I ask you gentlemen that how many of you are using copyrighted software from the very computers that these blogs are being written from. Original Windows 7, Office 2010, Adobe – all copyrighted I assume, would love to see this @owais and company.
    Lets not restrict creativity to marketing communications. Also please dont try to substitute the common sense that is supposed to prevail by calling it “spicy marketing jargon”.
    Let the experts dissect the communication strategy. If that is too hard to digest then perhaps all of this is said in vain and it probably is.
    This is a video on a youtube channel just like a lot of videos which exist on cricket clips which are put together with patriotic songs playing in the background. Wheres the cheating and plagiarism in those? Lets be straight forward and honest and not try to build another corner of the planet.

  11. Owais says:

    Adamant on making it a fair use of someone else’s creativity, would Zeeshan claim that this is not a violation of someone else’s copyright? And incidently, I know what I am talking about.

  12. Junaid Salahuddin Kamal says:


    “Why is it that so many telecom thematic ads seem ‘similar’ since they all focus on connecting consumers, connecting them in daily facets of their life?”

    I think there is quite a difference between being “similar” and being “copy”.

    Dear, why is it so hard for you to accept that it is a copy?

    “Kya Cheating Hamari society ka hissa ban chuki hai?”

    Yes, it is true, that is not a difficult question and definitely “Do not cheat” is not the answer here. Just accept, in my opinion acceptance is the first step towards change.

    BUT as you are reflecting OUR SOCIETY, you’ll never accept, will give HIGHLY PRACTICAL AND TECHNICAL REASONS which (you think) a lay man can not understand :P and try to justify.

    Your behavior, very similar to students who cheat

    Dear, there is much of a world outside your “Marketing World”, do try to come out of that some day and that is just a friendly advice.

    Take Care

  13. Arsalan Mir says:

    Dear Zeeshan,

    I don’t live on different planet but I precisely know from which corner of the planet these comments are coming from.

    A lot have been already said, I would just add that blackmailing strategy is something we have always kept away from and by no means this post intends to follow it.

  14. Ammar Faheem says:

    I can only smile at how you have been able to deduce and convince yourself that I am not part of an advertising or marketing function.

    The report is based on a “Letter to the Editor” email from one of my readers. I did, in fact, have a lot of better things to do than look for ways to bash Telenor, pretty much UNlike the Tabloid blogs you have already mentioned. So your argument, I hope, stands satisfied that we have not explicitly been hunting for ways to defame your organization.

    Appreciate the time you are taking out to comment here.

    I would recommend that you refer to the original post and try to understand what this is about and not complicate the audience with spicy marketing jargon.

  15. zille says:

    just reading

  16. Zeeshan says:

    Precisely – I would never make sense to a person who is not involved in the Marketing or the Advertising function. Unfortunately I can only speak that lingo and perhaps you speak your own which kind of hints at what the roles should also be.

    Also allowing people to comment doesnt count as fairness and openess – it does however mean that people are allowed to talk and debate. IF you were FAIR and OPEN you wouldnt have put across a thinly veiled threat that you did in your first post.

    Doing your job and doing your job fairly are 2 different things. The day when that is cleared up will probably be a revelation no less.

    I still hope I am not making sense – none at all which is why I shall not hope/wish for a reply which will be well-analyzed, investigative and extremely reportive!

  17. Ammar Faheem says:

    You’re not making sense, none at all. The day you do, I would love to write back to you.

    We are fair and open, precisely why you are able to comment here. We are fair and open, that is why we have written both in favour of and against Telenor.

    As journalists, it is part of our job to ANALYZE, INVESTIGATE and REPORT.

  18. Zeeshan says:

    Investigate the similarity between a VW Beetle and a Djuice communication? Perhaps I do live on another planet.
    Also have you ever worked for a an ad or a creative agency before? Do you even know what functions in a communication agency?
    Do you understand the meaning of the “communications idea”?
    Why is it that so many telecom thematic ads seem similar since they all focus on connecting consumers, connecting them in daily facets of their life?
    If you are a writer stick to your basic job of writing and not trying to analzye advertising communication, especially if that is not your forte.
    Secondly lets not use blatant threats like “push us so far” because that indicates how fair and open your blogging and journalism is.
    Did you even investigate this story by taking into account seasonded advertisers and creative people before passing on your judgement.

    Also perhaps the idea is to focus on the campaign itself rather than trying to understand if the red color in the VW ad is similar to the red color in the Djuice ad.

    Also @aliabbas, i wudnt have read the blog if the link had not been shared on Marketing 360. Fortunately I have better things to do and my personal “Khamoshi ka boycott” is against people who indulge in irresponsible journalism.

  19. Ammar Faheem says:

    Dear Zeeshan,

    Referring back to the post, it was originally broken here at >> to which Arsalan Mir, as a responsible blogger, has made reference to and highlighted an issue that needed to be highlighted.

    Is it not blatantly unfair to be advertising “Kya Cheating Hamari society ka hissa ban chuki hai” while you are cutting and pasting video clips with huge investments?

    We are ashamed at your comment of trying to make us stand in line with Tabloid blogs such as ProPakistani as both of us have had the highest standards as such.

    There are numerous letters that we get against Telenor and DO NOT PUBLISH them because of rubbish content while the other blog does.

    We were vocally against the prolonging of the Internet More campaign drama that just kept on going, even after the ad was pulled down.

    We know where your comments are coming from and we would not like to hurt our relationship with telecom operators. Irresponsible comments such as yours might just push us that far.

    Contrary to your accusations, we stand out as balanced writers who investigate before we report. It took me THREE days before I decided to break this story after THOROUGH investigation.

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  21. ali abbas says:

    @zeeshan: dude we are living on planet earth, you are from Mars or something? Tell me one thing, for how long have been you following this blog? I have been reading the posts here for over an year and the issues and news posted here are worthy of a read. Before going on a lame rampage and accusing the people please do some research. If its a rip off it is a rip off, learn to deal with the facts. If you want to discuss the issue more than welcome, if not then please don’t go on calling people pathetic. Whats not wrong here? Telenor claims to launch a campaign which is aimed to raise voice against issues, and then they go on to violate their own campaign :) Wow that so typical! and yeah if you feel we bloggers are pathetic then stop reading our posts :)

  22. Zeeshan says:

    I think you should stop the very obvious boycott of common sense that has been in vogue by pathetic Pakistani blog writers.
    So please done boycott your and our “intelligence.”
    Will probably be a bit hard to understand but at least make the effort.

  23. Zeeshan says:

    Are you guys living on a different planet?
    Its good to see such debate for very obvious reasons – you guys want advertising on this pretty useless blog which is why these non-issues are being discussed.
    Good luck with your blackmail strategy just like propakistani and apnatime etc. – which obviously wont work.
    Glorified Idiots.

  24. ali abbas says:

    there we go! Arsalan didn’t we discussed this on the launch of their campaign, it is another try to just get in a good marketing campaign. Telenor should have a good explanation for this! violating their own mandate

  25. Fouad Dar says:

    Bulu…What did he say?

  26. hassan says:

    I just sent this to their Ast. Marketing Manager on Facebook…wanna know wht he has to say abt this Rip-off ka boycott or better copy pasting ka boycott

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  28. Fouad Dar says:

    Telernor is now a Melenor :P
    Aj say Telenor ka Boycott, It’s fun to be young!

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