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Published on April 1st, 2011 | by Absar Taqvi


Educating Mobile Users – Are We?

Many would know the first LTE network in USA went commercial last year when a relatively small operator MetroPCS launched a specifically designed network in Las Vegas with Samsung. With that, MetroPCS also became the first service provider in the world to launch the first LTE handset.

When all this was happening, a friend of mine studying in USA and working part-time as a sales representative for MetroPCS wrote to me and expressed his surprise on the way a complete education program for the introduction of LTE was launched. This practice saw even a more rigorous push when Verizon and AT&T joined the party. Good enough, you teach the use, they learn the use, they use, you benefit!

In major metropolitan hubs, small hotspots were set up where users were able to test the new network fully before deciding to switch to it or not. Here, I remember the way we have treated technology over the years. The time when our telecom operators upgraded their sites to GPRS and EDGE, nobody cared what that is. What’s the big deal if I do not waste my brain learning its abbreviation?

It was very late when we first started to advertise and tell public what they can really do with it. Nevertheless, a lay user’s mind was still blind to it. Reason was, the user was charged more than the value one was getting in return.

Assuming that 3G network will be on-air by the end of this year, do we really see the non-technical preparations? May be I am less aware but I really don’t see anything.

Remember what happened when Telenor launched its internet.more service in September last year? If you do not brand your product well, it is bound fire back on you. Recently a veteran transmission engineer from Mobilink told me that his company has not even a fraction of its access network 3G compatible; so independent of the fact that operators have sanctioned budgets for 3G, they need to have a very acutely chalked out plan for the trainings and skills Human Resource, Marketing and Sales teams desperately need.

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3 Responses to Educating Mobile Users – Are We?

  1. Babar bhatti says:

    Good point Absar. The question is, who will take the lead? PTA or the companies?

    – Babar

  2. Nazia says:

    this is my first time to visit this blog and i really find it very help full and very informative.

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